Love and Power: The Ballad of Oso Blanco Revisited

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“It’s a long way to Nottinghamshire,
Or to Chiapas, Mexico,
But you can’t tell me that Robin Hood ain’t real
Since the Feds caught up with Oso Blanco!”
– The Martyr Index, by “Oso Blanco”

“I hope to inspire people to have courage beyond their daily understanding. As we truly have endless love and power within.”
– Letter from Oso Blanco, 6/4/2019

by Clayton P

Official sources say that Oso Blanco, to whom the State refers by his birth name, Byron Shane Chubbuck, is responsible for about 20 bank robberies from 1998-1999, all undertaken for the express purpose of aiding the EZLN (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional/Zapatista National Liberation Army) in Chiapas. Oso Blanco himself puts the number of “robberies” at closer to 50.

“The bankers got bailed out. Oso Blanco went to prison.”

There’s a satisfying symmetry—I won’t call it poetic justice—in using money from banks to fund revolutionary struggle. Banks are in the business of burying people’s hopes and of destroying their dreams. But the goals of freedom-fighters like the Zapatistas—and like Oso Blanco himself—are to keep hope alive, to nurture the revolutionary dream of a world free from oppression and exploitation. Continue reading “Love and Power: The Ballad of Oso Blanco Revisited”

Give Me Hope, Zapata ..

Reconstructing hope… from Zapatistas with Love

by Chiapas Support Committee          photos added

Photo from the EZLN Roundtable April 5-15.

By: Gustavo Esteva

How do we contend with the mood that is spreading, molded by the mixture of fear and false hopes instilled by the verbal incontinence and theater of the candidates and political parties?

The oppressive repetition of the horror seems to be accustoming us to it. Each day we learn of a new aggression in Myanmar, Palestine, Syria…. Daily we add data to the obscene accounting of our assassinated, kidnapped, tortured, and disappeared which makes Mexico one of the most violent countries in the world.

 Zapatista rebels participate in a protest against violence in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas state, Mexico

Each day we learn of new pains of our countrymen in the face of ethnic cleansing now practiced with migrants across the world: millions of those who are on the del otro lado [U.S. side of the border] no longer dare to complete daily activities for fear of deportation;

Hundreds of thousands that do not know the country they were born in discover they no longer belong to the society where they have spent all of their lives.Image result for ZAPATISTA visitors photos

This month horrific information was added to the daily news of climate change. A very respectable group of scientists warned, with very solid foundation, that the increase in ultraviolent radiation is seriously impacting all life on the planet, and of course, human beings. Continue reading “Give Me Hope, Zapata ..”

“The Zapatistas and ConSciences for Humanity.” conference update. 25 Dec-4 Jan.

ezln_1Update on the Gathering “The Zapatistas and ConSciences for Humanity.”
 Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés


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December 15, 2016

To the scientific community of Mexico and the world:

To the National and International Sixth:

We send you our greetings. We want to update you on the plans for the gathering “The Zapatistas and ConSciences for Humanity,” to be held at the CIDECI-UniTierra in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, from December 25, 2016 through January 4, 2017. Continue reading ““The Zapatistas and ConSciences for Humanity.” conference update. 25 Dec-4 Jan.”

Contrainfos video-mag 95, Tasers/Chiapas/Asfaltar Bolivia/SOS Menorca..(in Catalan)

00 Campanya Stop Taser
01 Repressió indigenes Tseltal a Cascada azulTsetzal resiste
02 Bluqueo fluvial de comunitats natives Achuar y Kichua contra Pluspetrol (FECONAT)
03 Movilitzacions a Pichanaky i Lima contra Pluspetrol (Guerrilla Audiovisual)
04 Trailer documental Asfaltar Bolivia (Alerta Amazónica)
05 S.O.S Menorca

Autonomy and the Global Revolution..We Are Everywhere! ..a must-read HERE!

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Autonomous_Roots_of_RDM.pdf    240 KB  25 pages


 We Are Everywhere!

The Autonomous Roots of the Real Democracy Movement (RDM)

Jérôme E. Roos and Leonidas Oikonomakis



The years since 2011 have witnessed the (re-)birth of a global cycle of struggles around the issue of democracy. With the representative institutions of liberal democracy in crisis, social movements appear to be increasingly moving away from claims-based and state-oriented contention towards a global project of autonomy. Continue reading “Autonomy and the Global Revolution..We Are Everywhere! ..a must-read HERE!”

Zapatista Freedom School. Day 4 and 5

More than 1500 invited students are in the Lacandonan Jungle taking part in the Zapatista Freedom school last week. The school has also gone online also with registered studemts participating by teleconference around the world. Due to demand new courses are planned for Dec and Jan.

educaci-on zapatistaDay 4: Unlike the Capitalist Mexican Justice System, you cannot buy Zapatista Justice Continue reading “Zapatista Freedom School. Day 4 and 5”

Zapatista School Day 3: Autonomous Schools, Banks… Resistance.

Day 3: Autonomous Schools, Banks… Resistance. #Escuelita Zapatista

viva Ramona
viva Ramona

“Our Weapons are Our Words, Our Thinking, Our Hearts.”

“We are the Guardians of our Mother Land – it is not a commodity, it’s our mother.”

Zapatistas Continue reading “Zapatista School Day 3: Autonomous Schools, Banks… Resistance.”