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‘Feminism Seizes’ movement attacks Patriarchy in Chile

At least 30 institutions and hundreds of protesters are calling for university directors to promote gender equality on campus.
At least 30 institutions and hundreds of protesters are calling for university directors to promote gender equality on campus.

shared via..  TeleSur           A new ‘Feminism Seizes’ movement is challenging Chile’s education system as female students march to demand a university environment free of sexism, harassment and sexual abuse.

Over 30 institutions and hundreds of protesters have picked up the call for university directors to foster programs which promote equality and mutual respect as educators from at least 35 facilities enter their third week of strikes.

For Free Spaces .. Against Patriarchal Violence

Danae Borax, spokeswoman for the faculty of law at the University of Chile, said the movement was born out of students’ concerns about the levels of physical, psychological and sexual violence they are exposed to. “An assembly with more than 1,000 women shows that this is a real problem and that is a concern,” she said.

After realizing their complaints about gender violence were falling on deaf ears, 600 students decided to launch a protest which has since spread across the nation. Continue reading ‘Feminism Seizes’ movement attacks Patriarchy in Chile


snakeSix Revolutionary Scenarios for the Year Ahead

Hey all you dreamers, schemers and expectant souls out there….

In 2012, people all over the world shook off the dust of ignorance and idleness and began to fight for a future that computes. Freedom fights broke out across the globe: student uprisings in Quebec, Mexico and Chile, Arab Spring 2.0 in Egypt, austerity protests in Spain, Greece and the UK, Pussy Riot in Russia, the tiqqunists in France, the Zapatistas in Mexico, the indignados in Spain, resistance and protests across Japan, China, Tibet, and most recently, #idlenomore across Canada.

The global wake up calls of 2012 could intensify and culminate in a Global Spring … fierce revolts, insurrections, uprisings, regime changes … stunning mind-shifts in all areas of life!

Here are six revolutionary scenarios that could unfold this year: Continue reading ADBUSTERS TACTICAL BRIEFING #40

Chile:Dictator Laws used against anarchists, Mapuches…

By Pamela Sepúlveda

SANTIAGO, May 25, 2011 (IPS) – “What is happening in Chile isn’t justice; it’s a pantomime, because under the anti-terrorism law, there is absolutely no way justice can be done,” José Venturelli, spokesman for the European Secretariat of the Ethics Commission against Torture, said on a recent visit to this South American country.

The controversial law that Venturelli was referring to has been used to try members of Chile’s Mapuche indigenous community involved in the long-running struggle for their right to land.

Ramón Llanquileo, José Huenuche and Jonathan Huillical, sentenced to 20 years in prison, and Héctor Llaitul, sentenced to 25 years, began a hunger strike on Mar. 15 in a prison in southern Chile, demanding a fair and impartial retrial.
The four Mapuche activists were not actually tried under the counter-terrorism law, which dates back to the 1973-1990 dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet and has been widely condemned by the international community. But although they were tried under ordinary criminal law, the case against them was built on the investigation carried out under the anti-terrorism legislation, and their recent conviction was based on the testimony of police officers and anonymous witnesses.

The four were found guilty of theft of lumber and attempted murder for allegedly attacking a prosecutor riding in a motorcade in 2008 in the southern town of Tirúa, 700 km south of the capital.

Ten activists arrested is the so-called “caso bombas” (bombs case) ended a 65-day hunger strike in April, held to protest an alleged frame-up and their trial under the anti-terrorism law. They were arrested for allegedly setting off 29 bombs in Santiago in incidents dating back to 2005. But most of the supposed evidence against them was thrown out by the judge.