Climate Deniers defeated as key scientist defects

The Climate denier bandwagon, financed by the Koch brothers and Big Oil has suffered a big defeat.

A new report, commissioned in part by the deniers themselves has confirmed shocking and

dangerous warming using different methods of measurement.

The delay of 10 to 15 years and breakdown of international control measures caused largely by the US anti Climate Change lobby will lead to many millions of deaths as the present huge increase of CO2 releases works it way through the atmosphere over the next  20 to 30 years.

..''as the USA is ravaged by Climnate Chaos it has become taboo and unpatriotic to even mention the term 'Climate Change'''

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Protesters STOP Strip Coal Mine ..20 needed (W.Virginia)

Coal is the worse rtgan oil for spewing C=2 and destroyongpeoples health

Daring Protesters Shut Down Obama Backed Strip Mine

In West Virginia; 500,000 in Bail Needed!!!!

by Jeff Biggers

Ramping up renewed efforts to end mountaintop removal mining in central Appalachia, scores of protesters staged a daring action at the controversial Hobet strip mine today in Boone County, West Virginia, shutting down operations through a series of coordinated lock downs, tree-sits and banner drops. In a symbolic challenge to the Obama administration’s failed regulatory policies, the protest targeted the Hobet 45 mountaintop removal mine, which had been granted a widely denounced permit over two years ago.

According to RAMPS, a West Virginia-based grassroots groups that organized the “mountain mobilization” protest as part of a nationwide summer of actions against devastating extraction industry operations, St. Louis-based mine owner Patriot Coal has left behind a legacy of destruction in coal country for both area residents and miners. Patriot filed for bankruptcy earlier this month, which could also affect pension and United Mine Workers of America union contracts.

URGENT: 20 Pro-Mountain Activists Held on $500,000 Combined Bail; Your Support is Needed
For updates on the protests and arrests, follow RAMPS campaign.

“The government has aided and abetted the coal industry in evading environmental and mine safety regulations. We are here today to demand that the government and coal industry end strip mining, repay their debt to Appalachia, and secure a just transition for this region,” said Dustin Steele of Matewan, West Virginia, in a released statement. The son and grandson of union coal miners, Steele took part in one of the truck lockdowns.

2012-07-28-hobet2.pngProtesters at Hobet mine in Boone County. Photo courtesy of RAMPS campaign.

Citing the mounting evidence of the health and humanitarian crises in the coalfields from toxic mining fallout, including a rise in black lung disease and links to birth defects and cancer, the protesters also stationed banners on the mine site: “Coal Leaves, Cancer Stays.”

“The coal companies are poisoning our water and air, and they’re treating the workers no better than the land — fighting workplace health and safety protections to get the most out of labor as they can,” said Junior Walk, a former coal company employee from nearby Whitesville, West Virginia, who won the 2011 Brower Youth Award for his environmental activism.

Protesters also called on the Obama administration and regional politicians to launch more sustainable job training and coalfield regeneration projects.

Coal mining residents have pleaded for basic civil rights and environmental protection for years, with more than 20 peer-reviewed studies suggesting higher risks and links between reckless strip mining and devastating health impacts, including birth defects, cancer and chronic heart, lung and kidney disease. (A recent report noted that strip miners are even subjected to unacceptable levels of black lung disease.)

A bill, the ACHE Act, calling for an emergency moratorium on mountaintop removal mining was recently introduced into Congress.

For updates on the protests and arrests, follow RAMPS campaign.

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math

Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe – and that make clear who the real enemy is

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By Bill McKibben       also check out new CO2-free Blog HERE

Greenpeace activists shut down 74 UK Shell petrol stations
Activists protesting against the company’s plans to drill for oil in the Arctic have targeted London and Edinburgh

If the pictures of those towering wildfires in Colorado haven’t convinced you, or the size of your AC bill this summer, here are some hard numbers about climate change: June broke or tied 3,215 high-temperature records across the United States. That followed the warmest May on record for the Northern Hemisphere – the 327th consecutive month in which the temperature of the entire globe exceeded the 20th-century average, the odds of which occurring by simple chance were 3.7 x 10-99, a number considerably larger than the number of stars in the universe. Continue reading “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math”

5th May..Climate impact day..Connecting the dots..

inShare1 print

Freak weather is not climate change… up to a point..when it suddenly becomes clear fromn all the evidnce, that runaway climate change is happening.

Finally we can join up the dots.

Thousands worldwide to “connect the dots” between climate change and extreme weather this weekend Anyone and everyone can participate in this day.

Many of us do not live in Texas, the Philippines, or Ethiopia — places deeply affected by climate impacts. For those communities, there are countless ways to stand in solidarity with those on the front-lines of the climate crisis: some people will giving presentations in their communities about how to connect the dots.

Others will do projects to demonstrate what sorts of climate impacts we can expect if the crisis is left unchecked. And still others of us will express our indignation to local media and politicians for failing to connect the dots in their coverage of “natural disasters.”

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Greedy climate politicians trash the World

greedy politicians doom our children

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The latest climate Talks in Durban are set to be an obscene farce as countries vie to be the greediest, stupidest, cruelest and most destructive. We need a revolution NOW, since the Nation States  REFUSE to adopt any reformist solutions, in the name of humanity and the millions of other species threatened with extinction…lets Occupy the Environment

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Discovery Channel BANS Climate Change News

Discovery Channel has stated that it was taking out the last episode due to ‘scheduling conflicts’, but others believe the channel is cutting the episode ‘On Thin Ice’ because it deals directly with the impacts of global warming on the Arctic and Antarctic.

My bet is that Discovery and other channels were yet again quietly bought off by the Climate Change Deniers, financed by the swill of 100s of billions profit made by the criminal oil companies every year, while paying NONE of the costs to the  climate, environment and pollution caused ill health and deaths which they caused.

And the US is not alone, around one third of the networks to air the series worldwide have opted on accepting the series from the BBC without the last episode.

“It’s a bit like pressing the stop button on Titanic just as the iceberg appears,” a representative with Greenpeace told The Telegraph. “Climate change is the most important part of the polar story, the warming in the Arctic can’t be denied, it’s changing the environment there in ways that are making experts fearful for the future.”

There is a cheap, CO2 and pollution free alternative to oil, at least for transport, suppressed by the oil companies.. That’s NH3 fuel, check it out here.  note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE.. Continue reading “Discovery Channel BANS Climate Change News”

London Buses could be pollution and CO2 free for $37m. report

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NH3 Cost benefit analysis 1. draft report

Conversion of London Buses to zer0 % of CO2 and toxic gas emissions.

This diagram is the JACKPOT for those really seeking an answer to CO2 and Climate Change. An ‘off the shelf’ NH3 production process is CO2 free and makes a fuel that is also Co2 free and produces no toxic gases when burnt. Available from http ://

London Buses manages one of the largest bus networks in the world. Approximately 7,500 iconic red buses carry more than six million passengers each weekday on a network serving all parts of Greater London.

Carbon emissions (approx) = 1.3kg per kilometer  www.carb –

London buses covered 468m km in 2008…pdf

468m km X 1.3kg =  608.4million kg p.a…. that`s about 608,400 tons of  CO2 a year saved converting to CO2 free fuel! Continue reading “London Buses could be pollution and CO2 free for $37m. report”

9/11,climate,fracking.. The ailing Empire of Designer Lies

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“It is deeply disconcerting that the oil industry not only has a swarm of lobbyists here in Washington, as well as in all the state legislatures where decisions about drilling are made, they’ve also got

‘truth’ is one more designer product

multimillion dollar advertising campaigns and think tanks”

Meanwhile a horde of ultra right wing bloggers, half of them fascists, religious fanatics or  ‘Bots for the Kochs’, have infested the internet, so you can’t believe anything there either.

For the similar reasons the US is the only country in the world where most people REFUSE TO BELIEVE in Climate Change that has been proven millions of times.

Anything but corporate profit is false by definition. Scientific proof is routinely trashed.

While FRACKING is being banned on health grounds in European countries “The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is issuing a permit every two to 30 minutes, without having any idea what this could mean for the community or the environment,” Lo Basso stressed.

“The DEP’s own website has recorded 11 violations by gas companies each day, yet there is no regulation of the process.” According to FWW, 15 million people rely on the Delaware River Basin for their fresh drinking water. Continue reading “9/11,climate,fracking.. The ailing Empire of Designer Lies”

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