Dublin: Grangegorman Mega Eviction Fails!

save GtrangegormanVia Squat.net.

International Callout: Help us resist eviction of SquatCity

    see video here  http://bcove.me/02q47p86

We are putting out an international callout for support, to help us resist the eviction of our homes, and to defend squatting in Dublin. We have been subject to a large scale eviction attempt over the last couple of days, and we are currently resisting, and appealing for help and support. Many of you would have stayed there during the International Squatters Convergence, and saw the space for yourselves.

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GRANGEGORMAN -An Inspirational Beauty is Born

Occasionally events happen and you fail to realise the significance until much later. But the recent events in Grangegorman and the violent and oppressive attempts to evict the thirty young people from the home they’ve built for themselves in the ruins of terraced houses and a warehouse is such a significant moment.

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