The Midcat gas pipeline is a 3000 million euro FRAUD says EU Report!

Finally the truth comes out, it never made sense, except as a way to get EU construction funds and fat commissions for Spanish politicians funds. Why would ‘Europe’ import gas to Spain and then pump it to France when they can get it cheaper through many underused local facilities? How would ‘Europe’ get cheap Algerian gas by pipelines which only have the capacity for half the Iberian market? We’ve been saying this for years, but now a report commissioned by the EU has said it… Does this mean the second half of Midcat will never be built?

Why destroy the country for a Pipeline which ‘will never carry gas’?

Exclusive: Viability of French-Spain gas pipeline questioned – report

/article/us-france-spain-gas-by Geert De Clercq – A report prepared for the European Commission has questioned the economic viability of plans to build a huge gas pipeline between Spain and France designed to boost security of supply in Europe, five sources told Reuters.

The Commission has long backed the 3 billion euro ($3.7 billion) Midi-Catalonia (Midcat) pipeline that would more than double the amount of gas that can be piped across the Pyrenees mountains that border the two nations. Continue reading “The Midcat gas pipeline is a 3000 million euro FRAUD says EU Report!”

9-N. Will Spanish forces attack Catalan ‘referendum’?

Its the moment of truth for the 9N Catalan ‘referendum’, now called the ‘consultation’.
The far-right Spanish government are playing the ”fascist card”, whipping up a dangerous frenzy of false nationalism to escape the avalanche of corruption cases being revealed daily against their top members.
The right-wing ”Spanish Constitutional Court” is about to ban it for the 2nd time (on orders from their political paymasters).    
Will  the Catalan government obey and order their own Catalan police, the Mossos, to attack the 40,000 volunteers who are all organized down to the the last detail and ready to go next Sunday?
If not will the corrupt and inept far Spanish PP government carry out its threat to arrest and jail the Catalan leaders, as happened so many times under the fascist dictatorship? Their direct predecessors even executed one legally elected Catalan president, LluisCompanys, along with tens of thousands of Catalan republicans, and banned the Catalan language from schools for 40 years, etc.

Continue reading “9-N. Will Spanish forces attack Catalan ‘referendum’?”

Rivers of People vs. New Tax on Water #IrishWater

Ireland’s Streets Turn to Rivers of People, 1 Million,

Wiping Out New Tax on Water #IrishWater

 11/01/2014 from  REVOLUTION NEWS

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Ireland’s government blackmail on the Irish people – accept a new tax on water or increase in property taxes – has failed already, as the streets all over Ireland turned into rivers of people standing up and saying: “No means fecking No“. All in all it seems that in the entire Ireland, 1 million people took it to the streets to say they won’t pay and stop water privatization. This means a third of Ireland participated to #IrishWater protests. Continue reading “Rivers of People vs. New Tax on Water #IrishWater”

The Burning Fuse: How Long Before It All Explodes?

Last week the Spanish authorities backed down rapidly as a violent neighbourhood campaign against yuppification  suddenly spread across the State. Suddenly popular resistance is on the menu with the hitherto pacifist  15M movement calling dozens of demos. Now there is a lull with hopes that many cities will take up their greievances and fight the coming police state legislation , here and across Europe. 

      Spain is home to almost one third of the Euro regions unemployed, with an unemployment rate of over 25% and it has been at that for six quarters in a row. That’s a lot of misery, poverty and deprivation, while the financial Mafia keep screwing the people and muttering about adjustments and growth. Continue reading “The Burning Fuse: How Long Before It All Explodes?”

Open the Box! Far right Politicos to face Jail?!

Luis the Treasurer nicked 50 million euros

steal millions

When it became clear that Luis Barcenas, ex money boss of the ruling ‘neo-fascist’ Partido Popular, could actually face jail for stealing nearly 50 million euros of public money, he decided to take down a whole lot of other politicians with him. Continue reading “Open the Box! Far right Politicos to face Jail?!”

Corrupt Spanish Congress surrounded during Budget ‘Debate’


The 25-Sept demonstrators are  now hanging their proposals on the police fences surrounding Comgress.
At 18:00 hours there began, close to Congress, two Assembly meetings called by the ‘Coordinadora 25-S’ to discuss the accounts of 2013, cuts, debt and the constitutional process.

At 21:00 hours, there is a new call to “encircle” the Parliament

Image of one of the meetingsin the square of Neptune in Madrid. E.MURIEL

From this afternoon opens a new week of demonstrations called by the Coordinating Group 25-S-centered on rejection of the State Budget for 2013, which is currently being debated in Parliament, and been baptized by organizers as “the Debt Budget “.

At 18:00  two parallel meetings  began in Madrid’s Plaza de Neptuno to discuss, first,  the accounts, and debt cuts and secondly,  the “constitutional process”. During these meetings people drafted a series of texts to be hung symbolically on police fences. Finally, at 21.00, the protesters “surround” Congress and will remain there until MPs leave the building. Continue reading “Corrupt Spanish Congress surrounded during Budget ‘Debate’”

Freed Yekta sings ‘Put Putin OUT.. Free Pussy Riot’

Freed Pussy Riot member continues protest against Putin

Yekaterina Samutsevich promises band mates, who remain in prison, she will continue struggle against president and to continue taking part in Pussy Riot’s anonymous performances.

Yekaterina Samutsevich, the Pussy Riot member freed by a Moscow court this week, has promised to continue taking part in the band’s anti-Putin protests, saying she would be “more careful and more clever” to avoid another arrest.

On Friday, in her first newspaper interview, Samutsevich said her parting words to the two band members who remain in jail were that she would continue their struggle against the president. But she expects state pressure on her to grow despite her new-found freedom… Continue reading “Freed Yekta sings ‘Put Putin OUT.. Free Pussy Riot’”

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