Cyber Lynching an Activist: Ellie Harrison


Ellie Harrison Makes Me Deeply Ashamed

 I really wanted to avoid this one when I first became aware of the tale on Social Media. I got the jist of it, an artist got £15 grand worth of funding for remaining in Glasgow for a year. I just didn’t care. Even if I was to find out that all she intended to do with the money was use it as a procurement and delivery method for cocaine, I would barely bat an eyelid. After the banking bailout and some recent political wage increases, I have a high threshold when it comes to getting angry about public money being wasted on the wrong people.
Ellie Harrison launching Womens Library
Ellie Harrison launching Womens Library

In fact I have a high anger threshold about everything nowadays. I have become slowly desensitised over the years with the drip, drip, drip of countless terrors that used to get me apoplectic.  Malnourished black babies with bluebottles crawling over their bulbous bellies, limbless Muslim children being carried away from the remains of a freshly bombed kindergarten, burning corpses falling from the creaking remnants of the Twin Towers, the melted, contorted faces of Pakistani housewives who have embarrassed their tribe so badly that a battery acid facial was the only honourable solution. Continue reading “Cyber Lynching an Activist: Ellie Harrison”