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Zolo Azania, Innocent Black Activist, Freed after 35 years

Zolo Azania released from prison after 35 years – 27 on death row

Political prisoner and former death row inmate, Zolo Agona Azania, needs your help. Zolo was finally released on Monday, February 6, 2017, after spending 35 years in prison, 27 years on death row. Zolo is a prolific writer and an accomplished artist. His writings and art reflect his deep commitment to the Black freedom struggle and a just world for all people.

Zolo exited prison practically penniless and faces enormous financial challenges. He needs to pay for housing, food, clothing, transportation, furniture, a cell phone, utilities, and the many other expenses we all encounter.zo0lol-azania-and-assata-shakur

Zolo will seek employment but at the present time he has little savings. He has been paid $.35 an hour during most of the time he has worked inside Indiana’s prisons.

Let’s ease Zolo’s path and make sure he does not confront his  financial challenges—and all the challenges he will face–alone. Please donate generously. Continue reading Zolo Azania, Innocent Black Activist, Freed after 35 years