March of the Uyghurs: Truth behind the Great Wall Of Lies .. by Andre Vltchek, now conveniently dead

Try typing ”Some Uyghurs are jihadi terrorists” in Google and you will see only thousands and thousands of posts about how horrible China is Genociding innocent Uyghurs and must be punished, sanctioned, boycotted and reviled. Just a few years ago it was Russia we were urged continually to hate, not that that has stopped either.


The reason is that the US ”defense” industry, on a $750 BILLION budget, has allocated various billions to a worldwide campaign of daily lies and vilification of China and everything Chinese. It seems China has been deemed a mortal threat to the good old USA.

Here we republish a big post by the always accurate Andre Vltchek which tries to hold back the tsunami of hatred and racism directed at all 1.400 million Chinese for their state’s diabolical plot for world peace, mutual respect and multilateralism. Andre died suddenly last year when traveling in a car with his wife. They say he had diabetes an d it was a natural death. He was also, surely, on the hit list of the most powerful men on earth.

Andre Vltchek, who died in Sept 2020 aged 57, was a world famous philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He was the creator of Vltchek’s World in Word and Images, and a writer that penned a number of books, including China and Ecological Civilization. He wrote especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

March of the Uyghurs

Again, The West Tries to Destroy China, Using Religion and Terror (illustrations added )

[Important note: The Uyghurs have managed to create a very old and deep culture. Most of them are good, law abiding citizens of the PRC. Also the great majority of followers of Sunni Islam are peaceful people. This work is addressing terrible problems related to extremism and terrorism, most of them crafted and then fueled by the West and its allies. The goal is to damage China. The victims live in various countries.]


US De-Lists ETIM, the Uyghur Terrorist Organization Aimed at China .. see links at bottom of post

They are everywhere, where their Western, Gulf states and Turkish handlers want them to be.

Their combat as well as political cells and units are based in Syria and Indonesia, in Turkey and occasionally in Egypt.

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In Britain there are no human beings?

angryIn Britain there are no human beings or citizens, no..
..there are only live money beings.

The population allows this to happen. They allow the state to tax them very hard and no real protest happens. They seem to like it, or they are just under the spell of a very organized propaganda. After all it is for the common good.

Let’s all in Britain scream in one united voice that we want a very expensive private educational system perpetuating social walls. Here is another idea: why not, instead of letting older generations freeze in the winter, the banker boy just shoots them all. It would be more dignified. He could even privatize this and get some tax out of it.

Britain is heading towards an intellectual black hole.

In Britain there is no social critique or artist that inflames the masses.

Jamie Reid's
Jamie Reid’s “God Save the Queen” sleeve; in 2001, it was named the greatest record cover of all time by Q magazine.

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