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A New World in our Hearts: ‘La Rimaia’ Squat centre Evicted for 5th Time

Incredibly last week was the 5th time the Occupied Social Centre La Rimaia  (pronounced ReeMyYa) has been violently evcted. Its history reads like a passionate anti capitalist thriller.

Beginning in Dec 2008 the first Rimaia was occupied in central Barcelona at the height of the student uprising against the Bologna process of elitism and  privatising of Universities.

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After a violent eviction the ‘okupas’ took over a huge building in the main Gran Via and declared the Free University with dozens of free courses and workshops. it had a library, an art workshop, a cooperative and multiple classes (philosophy, computer networks, Languages…).

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After another shocking illegal surprise eviction the Rimaia Free Uni grabbed an abandoned building in the Sant Antoni barrio where the project has put down community roots.Pablo Molano, center, was the inspiration of the latest New RimaiaPablo Molano, center> his life and death were the inspiration of the latest New Rimaia

Inside the Free University you could live the revolution in miniature, all is decided in open assembly and almost always unanimously, with up to 70 people, 30 living there and 40 with projects. Living freely with huge enthusiasm and creativity. Continue reading A New World in our Hearts: ‘La Rimaia’ Squat centre Evicted for 5th Time

Anarchist Lighthouse shines for 30 years in Barcelona’s Raval

  summarized translation  en catalá abaix.    “Those who have known and lived with El Lokal, see it as a beacon for social movements in the city, a center of constant social and political unrest; a space for training, debate, organization and  coordination of local and international  struggles. Always ready, always on the ball.

see also…New Mutual Aid Hotline Blocks dozens of Evictions, Threats and Toxic Capitalism

Last Sunday we celebrated its 30th birthday at the adjacent  ‘Agora Juan Andrés Benítez’ occupied space, which is named in  memory of a neighbor killed by the Mossos local police in 2013- with a debate that brought together some of the anarchist and autonomous struggles of today. Continue reading Anarchist Lighthouse shines for 30 years in Barcelona’s Raval

New Mutual Aid Hotline Blocks dozens of Evictions, Threats and Toxic Capitalism


   Stop evictions..the Raval barrio (Barcelona old city) opens a  mutual support hotline.  .. we’re living a situation of extreme urgency with weekly and often daily evictions, harassment and bullying, an exponential increase of speculative practices, and price rises that are covert expulsions of the population;

http://ellokal.org/   In short,  organized real estate violence, which is not new but has been getting much more serious for two years. We have seen investors buy whole buildings and send thugs with “offers” to tenants to leave, we have seen properties vacated in record time, we have seen the proliferation of ‘Desokupa style companies’ (companies which provide heavies to evict people) specialized in bullying and intimidation, and companies cashing in on  alarms, armored doors, video surveillance, doing an  kind of business with the expulsion of families. Continue reading New Mutual Aid Hotline Blocks dozens of Evictions, Threats and Toxic Capitalism

LIBRES (The Free) rural Occupy video series. 1, 2 and 3 (English Subs)

libres,mix bIn February Episode 1 of LIBRES (The Free) came out, free on the web.

It’s an eagerly awaited weekly 15 min adventure of Iberian squatters who get evicted and occupy an abandoned village in the mountains.

Starring some friends who’ve done it in real life.

Libres is sub titled in English and provides a brilliant insight into current Revolutionary politics in Spain. It’s funded by ‘Crowdfunding’. If you like it please re-post to didtribute.    Nuff said.. Enjoy.

this is the Trailer… creative commons


This is EPISODE 1

capitalism is obsolete

view episodes below Continue reading LIBRES (The Free) rural Occupy video series. 1, 2 and 3 (English Subs)

Bankia occupied after Debt Suicides

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Standoff at Bankia

In #globalrevolution, Sol on 26 October 2012 at 19:24

Dear people,….  After Bankia’s refusal to negotiate, the campers took action. At one o’ clock in the afternoon they occupied the Bankia franchise in Alcalà 1, at the corner of Puerta del Sol.

Police went in after them and sealed off the entrance against sympathisers and press who assembled outside.

The occupiers demanded an end to the evictions, and the right to for those at risk of eviction to stay in their houses, paying a social rent. Continue reading Bankia occupied after Debt Suicides

Spain: 94,502 evictions in 6 months, 532 a day.

New record of evictions in 2012: 532 per day.Shame!
According to data released Tuesday by the General Council of the Judiciary, in the second quarter of 2012 continued to increase evictions in the Spanish state, from 517 a day in the first quarter, to 532 per day in the second quarter.
In just six months, and there have been 94,502 foreclosures.
While the government insists on rescuing banks and cutting billions from schools and hospitals to be gobbled up by the ever growing debt and interest rates, rather than responding to citizen demands requiring the recovery of thousands of homes illegally accumulated in the hands of financial institutions .
We demand the retroactive payment in the immediate moratorium on evictions and social rent for hundreds of thousands of empty flats in the hands of banks.
Citizen Rescue Pla, NOW


Nuevo record de desahucios en 2012: 532 al día. ¡Vergüenza!


Según los datos publicados este martes por el Consejo General del Poder Judicial, en el segundo trimestre de 2012 siguieron aumentando los desahucios en el estado español, pasando de los 517 al día del primer trimestre, a 532 al día en el segundotrimestre.
En sólo seis meses ya se han producido 94.502 desahucios.
Mientras, el gobierno insiste en seguir rescatando a la banca a través del “banco malo”, endeudando al país entero, en lugar de responder a las demandas ciudadanas que exigen la recuperación de los miles de pisos acumulados de forma ilegítima en manos de entidades financieras.
Exigimos la dación en pago retroactiva, la moratoria inmediata de los desahucios y el alquiler social para los miles de pisos vacíos en manos de los bancos, tal y como recoge la ILP que a finales de octubre llevaremos al congreso respaldada por cientos de miles de firmas.
Plan de rescate ciudadano, YA!