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Idle No More: support the Indigenous Movement!

by Nozomi Hayase on January 5, 2013  The indigenous movement sparked in Canada has gone beyond borders and across the ocean to countries like New Zealand and England. It has been gaining strength as a force of healing and regeneration. Idle No More calls for all to join in and participate.Chief Theresa Spence has now entered the 24th day of her hunger strike. At the end of a recent interview, she remarked that “I’m doing this for the children, not just [the] First Nations children, but for all.. children.”

Post image for Idle No More: the rise of an indigenous movementCan you hear that sound deep beneath the malls and streets? It is the voice of our ancestors reminding us that we have the power to heal this planet.

At the end of 2012, the sounds of drumming began to resound in an unexpected place — in an American shopping mall. On Saturday in Minneapolis, the usual scenery of typical consumer life was interrupted for a moment. Uplifting beats and joyful singing rang out as if to break down the walls. It was contagious, inviting passing shoppers one by one into the circle. Welcome to Mother Earth!

At the center of the mall, a large circle emerged. Thousands gathered, chanting and dancing. The message delivered through the moving flash mob was simple, yet profound: no more colonization, attacks on indigenous rights, or violation of protected land and water!

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