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Serial of The Free. Act 3 Ch 27. Imploding Institutions

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Act Three

Chapter twenty seven

Imploding Institutions 

-‘running and laughing together down the concrete highway’-

            Barry stood up, calm as usual, and surveyed the scene, at nine a.m., in the big, low, badly lit basement. There were about two hundred of us there, all sweating buckets, mostly men, and stripped off to the waist.

The place was buzzing with loud excited talk. All the tattooed Clanners milling down the back, in kilts and thongs and caps and hanging pockets.

Young fresh faces and faces lined and balding. some contending with wobbly bellies.  Others old already, with alcohol and frustration, plus a bit of hard labour as well.

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#Greece: Fighting for Revolution as Capitalism Falls

occupy resist produce Greece: Fighting for Revolution

Posted on January 5, 2013 en español abajo
Greece stands at a crossroads. Either austerity or social revolution. The latter has been happening anyway with the parallel economy booming. The state is resisting, but so are the people.
The video below is a compilation from a number of sources and includes footage of confrontation over 2011-12. It has been a busy two years. 2013 will not be an exception. As with many other parts of the world – Chiapas, Catalonia, and the pockets of resistance everywhere – we may be witnessing the death throes of capitalism.
If Greece was Syria, the US would be in there arming the rebellion. Instead it’s up to us to provide support – as with the International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement or the International Brigade – or by creating our own version, where possible, of the parallel economy where we live.

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