US Election Farce hits Climax: Both Results Herald Bleak Future.. Crimethinc/Submedia


The illusions/delusions of electoral politics:

  From Crimethinc by Julius Gavroche

From the CrimethInc collective, a reflection on the pitfalls of electoral politics for radical challenges to Capital and the State

Could there be any better illustration of the shortcomings of representative democracy than this year’s Presidential campaign? For months upon tiresome months, the whole world has cringed as US voters struggled to identify the second worst of all possible evils.

As anarchists who believe in bona fide self-determination, we have critiqued and mobilized against the reduction of freedom to electoral politics in every Presidential race since 1996. This time, it just seemed redundant.

But the 2016 election is practically over. What’s coming next is worse.

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History has shown us that voting on elections accomplishes next to nothing, and that real lasting revolutionary change is won through hard work, by real people self organizing, and not by elected politicians. Yet every four years, the spectacle of the Democrats VS Republicans entices millions and makes them forget these proven facts. Trap News is our friendly (and funny, we hope) reminder of this.

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…. After the Election, the Reaction

Trump le Monde

The final Presidential debate of 2016 was a gala event in Las Vegas pitting a reality TV star against the latest representative of a political dynasty. Continue reading “US Election Farce hits Climax: Both Results Herald Bleak Future.. Crimethinc/Submedia”

Barcelona: Fransisco Franco Decapitated, Smashed and Thrown in Rubbish


Non-News: Media Silence as Erdogan sacks 11,285 Kurdish teachers and Curfews Kurdish Capital

Imagine the scandal if the USA were to fire 11,285 black teachers on suspicion of supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’. Would that be news?erdogan-sacks-and-curfews-kurdsThe all powerful Turkish leader Erdogan just dismissed 11,285 Kurdish teachers for maybe not supporting a military crackdown, mass state murders and prohibition of their own language. But you won’t read this in the NY Times, or see it on the BBC or CNN.

Imagine the British Tories sacking 11,285 muslim teachers on suspicion of supporting Islam. Would that be news?

Yesterday some of the fired Kurdish teachers from the KESK union came out to protest in Diyarbakir (Amed in Turkish), but were attacked, arrested or beaten by police. ( see photos). But you won’t read about that anywhere but in tiny blogs like this or the banned Kurdish media.

Imagine if the Russians or Chinese or Mexicans were to fire 11,285 indigenous teachers for ‘membership of a subversive Trade Union’. Would that be news?

The transparent pretext for sacking some of the Kurdish teachers was that many belonged to a left wing teachers union, the KESK. But you won’t see any western trade unions or teachers coming out in sympathy with their Kurdish colleagues.

Military Curfew imposed on Kurdish capital

Imagine if the state were to impose an indefinite curfew on 13 suburbs of Amsterdam or Dublin starting at 5am. Would that be news?
Continue reading “Non-News: Media Silence as Erdogan sacks 11,285 Kurdish teachers and Curfews Kurdish Capital”

Catalonia: DNA tests to identify Spain’s civil war dead

Catalonia starts DNA project to identify some of the 114,000 who disappeared during Spain’s civil war and dictatorship.

girl searches for relatives killed by Spanish fascists
The project will have access to DNA data collected from mass graves of the civil war [File: EPA]

Spain’s Catalonia region has launched the country’s first public DNA profiling project in a bid to identify some of the 114,000 people who disappeared during the nation’s civil war and subsequent dictatorship.

The issue is hugely sensitive in Spain, where rights abuses during the 1936-1939 conflict and the ensuing 36-year rule of dictator Francisco Franco remain uninvestigated for fear of reviving divisions.

READ MORE: Spain’s monument to Franco – a divisive reminder

Raul Romeva, who handles transparency matters in Catalonia’s regional government, described the initiative as “a decisive step towards restoring” historical memory. Continue reading “Catalonia: DNA tests to identify Spain’s civil war dead”

Threats by José Utera Molina, who ordered Execution of Anarchist

Utrera Molina, then Party Secretary, and Franco's executioner.
Utrera Molina, then Party Secretary, and Franco’s executioner.

The ex justice minister Gallardón’s father in law has threatened to prosecute the ‘Victims of Franco Association’.

José Utrera Molina, an ex Franco minister who is wanted by the Argentinean judge María Servini and Interpol for the crimes he committed during the dictatorship, placed his attack on the webpage of the Francisco Franco Foundation.

Fascist ex minister Utrera, who signed death order of anarchist Puig Antich, with his niece and her husband Gallardón, who is the far right President of Madrid.
Fascist ex minister Utrera, who signed death order of anarchist Puig Antich, with his niece and her husband Gallardón, who was recentlt the far-right Justice Minister in Madrid.
He said, ‘In defence of my honour, if I exercised my responsibilities as a minister during the Franco regime it does not consist of any crime and the ‘supposed’ judicial action in Argentina against me and other Francoists is a political initiative.

He assured the action in Argentina is being carried out in the shadows, and those in Spain cannot carry out a criminal investigation against Franco’s ministers as ‘it lacks any legal foundation’.

He said he ‘did not rule out’ exercising his legal rights which he considers necessary for his defence.

Utrera, in the centre, has never apologised for his many crimes, even writing a book celebrating fascism.
Utrera, in the centre, has never apologised for his many crimes, even writing a book celebrating fascism.

He’s wanted in Argentina for co-validating the signature for death by garrotte against the anarchist Salvador Puig Antich, who was murdered in March 1974 and the last of over 150,000 summarily executed for resisting the 40 year long fascist military takeover.

Puig Antich (pronounced pooch antique), who was garrotted on Utrera Molina's orders
Puig Antich (pronounced pooch antique), who was garrotted on Utrera Molina’s orders

These  first cases against Spanish Fascism, 40 years later, are being held by an Argentinian judge as the criminal Spanish State has always blocked any reparation or investigation

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Gagging Laws begins to bite: 600euro fine for ACAB Tshirt

First gag cases ..A fine of 600 euros for wearing a shirt that cops don’t like

you got it officer  Association Contra Anorexia & Bulimia...ACAB
you got it officer… Association Contra Anorexia & Bulimia…ACAB

On the shirt read: “ACAB” 
The girl was arrested and fined in Alicante under art.37 of the Public Safety Act (Gagging Law)that took effect last July 1 throughout the Spanish State. The cases in which this has happened are still very few ..Three known cases in Madrid, one in Valencia … descarga

Five Examples of GAG Law Repression

By Gerardo Tecé

Continue reading “Gagging Laws begins to bite: 600euro fine for ACAB Tshirt”

9-N. Will Spanish forces attack Catalan ‘referendum’?

Its the moment of truth for the 9N Catalan ‘referendum’, now called the ‘consultation’.
The far-right Spanish government are playing the ”fascist card”, whipping up a dangerous frenzy of false nationalism to escape the avalanche of corruption cases being revealed daily against their top members.
The right-wing ”Spanish Constitutional Court” is about to ban it for the 2nd time (on orders from their political paymasters).    
Will  the Catalan government obey and order their own Catalan police, the Mossos, to attack the 40,000 volunteers who are all organized down to the the last detail and ready to go next Sunday?
If not will the corrupt and inept far Spanish PP government carry out its threat to arrest and jail the Catalan leaders, as happened so many times under the fascist dictatorship? Their direct predecessors even executed one legally elected Catalan president, LluisCompanys, along with tens of thousands of Catalan republicans, and banned the Catalan language from schools for 40 years, etc.

Continue reading “9-N. Will Spanish forces attack Catalan ‘referendum’?”

Grandma meets Grandson stolen by Fascists after DNA test

comment: When will the Spanish govt finally allow a search for the hundreds of thousands ‘stolen’ under their fascist dictatorship.


DNA test solves Argentina ‘dirty war’ riddle

Symbol of struggle for victims of the 1976-83 dictatorship finds her grandson after 36 years.

The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo believe around 500 children are still missing [AP]
The founder of Argentina’s leading human rights group has said that she has found a grandson taken from her daughter while a prisoner of the military dictatorship in the 1970s, one of the long-unsolved mysteries from the “dirty war” era.Surrounded by her large extended family, an emotional Estela Barnes de Carlotto, founder of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, announced on Monday that her long hunt for her grandchild had ended, while acknowledging other families are still searching for hundreds of children taken under similar circumstances.

Continue reading “Grandma meets Grandson stolen by Fascists after DNA test”

Clashes after Madrid rally against anti-protest bill

December 14, 2013
Source: RT
no pasaran rodea congreso 14dTHEY SHALL NOT PASS.. Coordination 25S..Fascism wants to GAG the People.. Madrid will be the TOMB of Fascism!!

At least 18 people have been hurt in clashes outside the Spanish Parliament in Madrid, as hundreds of protesters gathered on Saturday to demonstrate against newly proposed anti-protest legislation.

The demonstrators held signs that said ‘Freedom to protest’ and ‘People’s Party, shame of Spain!’ while police and barricades prevented them from getting any closer to the parliament building. Continue reading “Clashes after Madrid rally against anti-protest bill”

Barcelona: Anti Fascist Alarm, 12th Oct.

Anti Fascist Alarm against the imminent celebration of the fascist rally Oct. 12 at Plaza de Sants called by the coordinating group España en Marcha .web-santsantifa

About 200 people have gathered in Sants barrio today in an open Assembly and we have agreed the following calls in the coming days. We need to be many, many people disseminating , hanging posters and handing out leaflets , encouraging our friends, colleagues and family to show our opposition to the views of this mob ! Continue reading “Barcelona: Anti Fascist Alarm, 12th Oct.”

Victimas del horror fascista hablan por fin / Victims of fascist horror speak at last

By dropev in English below
Nuestras familias tienen el dolor físico y psíquico anclado en la memoria: el aceite de ricino, las cabezas rapadas , los paseos denigrantes por los pueblos, los insultos, la discriminación por ser madre, padre, hijo, hija o mujer de un “rojo”, la miseria alimenticia, la expropiación de bienes personales, el llevar una comida o enseres a un padre en la cárcel y la respuesta... “
...the shot still alive a well, spraying gasoline, beaten with numerous fractures and then the "coup de grace", the belly of a woman burst expecting a baby, the outcasts of his people, the stolen children, building a new road passes over the mass grave without anyone ... prevent violation of graves and take bodies to Cuelgamuros. The absurdity of a country under the repression of a dictatorship......
Un amplio abanico de informaciones y fotografías llenan las páginas de los periódicos y los reportajes de muchas cadenas de televisión. El eco que llega a un público de gran audiencia es notable. Los testimonios aportados por los familiares de las víctimas del franquismo en defensa del Juez Garzón son relatos que ponen los pelos como escarpias  y sin ninguna duda ocurrirá hasta que  testifiquen  todos.

María Martín López, de Pedro Bernardo (Toledo), de sus 81 años, testificando ante los magistrados del Supremo. / … (EFE).Maria Martin Lopez, Pedro Bernardo (Toledo),  81 years, testifying before the judges of the Supreme. / … (Reuters) Continue reading “Victimas del horror fascista hablan por fin / Victims of fascist horror speak at last”

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