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Feed the Revolution: An Interview with Rojava Plan


see also:   Rojava Revolution Plan: Organising and Funding Projects and Volunteers
The Coopfunding campaign raised 98K euros, now closed, (14 July16), but the contribute page lists various ways people for people to participate and help this cause. Also right now volunteers can`t get into as the siege is total.
The Coopfunding campaign raised 98K euros, now closed, (14 July16), but the contribute page lists various ways people for people to participate and help this cause. Also right now volunteers can`t get into as the siege is total.
  • Rojava Plan came to the attention of Plan C’s Rojava Solidarity Cluster earlier this year and as their Feed the Revolution fundraiser finished ( the raised 98K euros) we contacted them to discuss their reasons for being in Rojava, what plans they have been developing, and the logic behind their fertiliser project.
  • We’ve also used this interview as an opportunity to find out a little more about the co-operative economy which is being developed in the region.
  • Information in English about the economic development of the Rojava cantons is quite limited but a useful primer by Abdurrahman Hemo, adviser for economic development in Cizîre Canton can be found here.revolution-in-rojava-blurb

Plan C: Could you explain a little about the Rojava Plan: Who you are, past  political experiences, what inspires you about Rojava and the logic behind the projects you are implementing.

Rojava Plan: Rojava Plan is the name we currently use for outside communication with the rest of the world it suggests our goals; we have a plan of projects to implement across Rojava. Continue reading Feed the Revolution: An Interview with Rojava Plan

Rojava Revolution Plan: Organising and Funding Projects and Volunteers

The Coopfunding campaign raised 98K euros, now closed, (14 July16), but the contribute page lists various ways people for people to participate and help this cause. Also right now volunteers can`t get into as the siege is total.see also   Feed the Revolution: An Interview with Rojava Plan

support Rojaava Plan

Rojava is the start. There is lots to do. We need skilled and revolutionary people who are motivated. We need specialists of all kinds.

Rojava is a New Revolutionary Confederation

Rojava is an autonomous region in north Syria. The region gained its autonomy in the summer of 2012 in the process of the Syrian uprising, establishing a society based on principles of direct democracy, gender equity, and sustainability. Rojava consists of the three cantons called Jazira, Kobani and Afrin.


The Coopfunding campaign raised 98K euros, now closed, (14 July16), but the contribute page lists various ways people for people to participate and help this cause.  Also right now volunteers can`t get into  as the siege is total.

What’s The Plan?

In 1 year, we are going to implement these projects. Bringing the latest decentralized solutions to Rojava.

Feminist Women Occupiers back In Revolutionary Action (Sevilla)

L revóThe REVO is back!

A year ago THE REVOLUTIONARY FEMINIST HOUSE “LA REVO”  was born when a house in the  ‘Ovary Gate’ (institutionally known as Puerta del Osario) was occupied as a feminist, not mixed, home  and an anti-patriarchal space.

This was the result of a long assembly process and collective knowledge that took place over several months and which was join ed by women from many feminist groups. Our goal at that time was to create a site of struggle, meeting, discussion, political reflection, critical thinking and collective creation, as well as a place from which to project our feminist ideas.

feminist occupation in Sevilla.
feminist occupation in Sevilla., this was the first ‘La Revó’ in 2015  ..la primera..

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Roleplay Games using ‘#Feminism: A Nano-Game Anthology’


by  Mirella Machancoses López        A couple of months ago, I received my copy of #Feminism: A Nano-Game Anthology. It took me only two days to read all the games, and I was very excited about testing a lot of them.So, first of all, I needed to figure out how to set up a time and place where we could play. I realised that some of the games are written to be played by only women but others required the presence of men for play to be the most interesting.

The second problem was choosing a space. We (as Producciones Gorgona) don’t have a meeting place so, we needed to find one. After thinking a lot about it, we highlighted the characteristics of the place we need:

  • Two or more rooms (so we can play at least two games at the same time).
  • Intimate
  • Places we could sleep

So, finally, to avoid paying a lot of money, I decided to offer my parents’ house in the countryside. We could sleep there, it was big enough, and it was intimate. In addition, we decided to go for a whole weekend of feminism games, where Saturday and Saturday night would be for women only, and the Sunday the men would be welcome.

And we did so last weekend (May 14-15, 2016). We loved all the games we had time to test. So, I will not focus this review on the anthology as a whole, but on our experiences of running the games we chose.

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How ‘Femvertising’ debases Feminism to Sell Stuff

We sold feminism to the masses, and now it means nothingfemvertising

Girl Power—whatever that means.

by  Marcie Bianco  from qz.com/with thanks

These days, feminism is on fleek. Touted by everyone from Dove to Barbie to Taylor Swift, consumer capitalism has made feminism sexy, fun, cool—and remarkably easy to claim as your own. But the price tag has been the meaning of the movement itself.equinox_activist-e1452033891346
Bitch magazine cofounder Andi Zeisler describes this phenomenon as “marketplace feminism.” “Marketplace feminism is in many ways about just branding feminism as an identity that everyone can and should consume,” she writes in her new book We Were Feminists Once: From Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement.

  • ‘Women empowerment’ is just another fad that a lot of brands are cashing into. The agenda is always to exploit the consumer’s psyche and sell more. Let’s not kid ourselves that a soap brand or a diamond manufacturer actually cares about women’s (or any other group’s) issues.

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Women smash up Newspaper with hammers for Misogynist Policy

if I had a hammer

Toulouse: ‘Naked, drunk or isolated, we are not prey…’

Via ContraInfo…    La Dépèche is a big regional newspaper from the South West of France 

La Dépèche isn’t an un-attackable fortress. All big companies have their weaknesses, its for us to be inventive, cunning and insightful enough, to find them. La Dépèche Intéractive is a subsidiary of La Dépèche group. This is enough for us to make them a target.

The reasons to hurt the media are uncountable. It’s even a widespread discourse of those who understood that the public opinion will never be our friend. This attack is a reaction to the publication of an article promoting the idea that “we, women” create the circumstance for our aggressors, in not embodying the desires of man’s model wrought, that want us to be silent, submissive, obedient and an object of consumption.

anarcha feministThe hammers that this time aimed for windows – like they can aim for heads – arm our rage towards all those who reinforce this rape culture. This action is more of a stride in the never-ending path of our freedom from all oppressions.

We clearly never repeat it enough; sexual assaults are not the isolated act of a dangerous individual who watches from an alley-way corner – but actually – if not a weapon, its often the threats and the correctional punishment, for all women who have taken part in rebellion in their life, or simply searching to exit the cage that is patriarchy. And its always the reflection of a world that envisages women as objects to submit.

The media instrumentalises us to distil fear, in creating a need for security which should be urgently met, with ever more control over our lives, cameras, DNA profiling. They don’t seek to protect us, this discourse is to lure us in, to increase their domination.

We don’t want to delegate our protection, but try to organise to defend ourselves, and attacking is one way to do that.

To imply, as Jean Cohadon did in his article, that alcohol and drugs are recurring problems with women – that can’t be dissociated from sexual violence and other aggressions that they are subject to – is holding their legs open whilst tormentors do their business. This mediocre newspaper, passionate about various facts and police operations, is one of the thousands of unpunished accomplices that nobody dreams, or dares, to attack. La Dépèche publish their article in their infamous rag, this is another.affiche-fete-v2-pas-lourde-ad890

Amongst women, we’re organising, so that one day we not only take on windows and walls, but also the people that hide behind them, who are the subject of our hatred. We want them to be in fear, so they know that their actions won’t pass without a response. We want them to think of all the pissed off women who watch them from an alley-way corner, who one day dream of thrusting a hammer into their hearts. They want us to be responsible for the horrors that they make us suffer, we want the fear to change sides.

This action is dedicated to all pissed off women, we hope that it warms your hearts.

So that actions multiply against the patriarchy!

At your hammers… Ready? Go!arton1031-786e1

signed: Some Furious Women

  EN FRANCAIS ICI…original in French   https://iaata.info/Apres-midi-et-soiree-d-autodefense-feministe-1212.html

note: Many more Direct Actions are continuing In Toulouse and throughout France as the uprising continues, centred round the Nuit Debout movement and resistance to the neo-liberal slave Loi du Travail…

in Spanish…

Francia – Destrozadas a martillazos las vidrieras del periódico por publicar artículos misóginos

Recojo de Contra Info y difundo el siguiente comunicado reivindicando los sabotajes a unas oficinas del medio burgués La Depeche por parte de un grupo de mujeres que firmaron la acción como“Algunas mujeres rabiosas” y que golpearon a esta sede rompiendo sus cristales a martillazos por haber publicado un artículo misógino donde se culpaba a las mujeres de las violaciones y de otras agresiones sufridas por ellas cotidianamente.———————————————–——————–-

La Depeche no es una fortaleza inexpugnable. Todos los grupos principales tienen sus debilidades, a nosotras de ser bastante inventivas, listas y bastante perspicaces para encontrarlas. La Depeche Interactiva es una rama del grupo Depeche. Esto es suficiente para que sea un objetivo.

Las razones para dañar a los medios de comunicación son innumerables. Incluso es más bien un discurso común entre aquell@s que han entendido que la opinión pública nunca será nuestra amiga. Este ataque es una reacción a la publicación de un artículo propagando la idea de que “nosotras mujeres” estamos creando las condiciones de nuestras agresiones, no incorporando el modelo en forma por los deseos de los hombres, que nos quiere silenciosas, sumisas, obedientes, y objeto de consumo.

Los martillos que esta vez apuntaron los escaparates -ya que podrían apuntar a las cabezas- arman nuestra rabia hacia todxs aquellxs que fortalecen la cultura de la violación. Esta acción es un paso hacia adelante en el camino sin fin de nuestra liberación de toda opresión. Obviamente, nunca repetimos lo suficiente, la violación no es el acto aislado de un individuo peligroso que acecharía su presa en la esquina de un callejón, sino un arma, a menudo la amenaza y el castigo correctivo para todas las mujeres que hicieron de la rebelión su vida o que simplemente buscan de salir de la jaula del patriarcado. Y siempre es un reflejo de un mundo que considera a las mujeres como objetos destinados a servir.images

Los medios nos están instrumentalizando para destilar el miedo, creando una necesidad de seguridad a la que tuviéramos que responder, en emergencia, para obtener más y más control sobre nuestras vidas, cámaras, registros de ADN. No tratan de protegernos, este discurso es un señuelo para aumentar su dominio.

No queremos delegar nuestra protección, sino que intentamos organizarnos para defendernos, y el ataque es una manera de hacerlo.

Dar a entender, al igual que lo hace Jean Cohadon en su artículo, que el alcohol y las drogas son problemas recurrentes de las mujeres, los cuales no pueden ser separados de las violaciones y otras agresiones a las que están sujetas, es mantener sus piernas abiertas mientras que los verdugos están haciendo sus asuntos. Este pobre periodista, apasionado por las noticias de crónica y las intervenciones policiales, y miles de cómplices suyos impunes, a los cuales nadie piensa, o se atreve a atacar. La Depeche, publicando su artículo en su infame trapo, es un cómplice demás.

Nos organizamos, entre mujeres, para que un día no ataquemos sólo a los escaparates y a las paredes, sino a las personas escondidas detrás, y son aquellas personas que son objeto de nuestro odio. Queremos que tengan miedo, que sepan que sus comportamientos no quedará sin respuesta. Queremos que piensen en todas estas mujeres rabiosas que les acechan en la esquina de un callejón, y que sueñen en un día en el que les golpeemos con un martillo en el corazón. Quieren hacernos responsables de los horrores que nos hacen sufrir, queremos que el miedo cambie de bando.feminist

Esta acción está dedicada a todas las mujeres enojadas, esperamos así calentar vuestros corazones.

¡Que las acciones contra el patriarcado se multipliquen!
¡En sus martillos… listas… fuera!

Algunas mujeres rabiosas

Meghan Murphy on the liberal backlash against feminism

 Meghan Murphy is at the centre of a battle going on between feminists who argue that porn and prostitution (‘sex-work’) is somehow liberating for women and those like Meghan Murphy and  Rachel Moran  who say women are victims of the sex industry, that ‘neo-liberal’ feminists are acting like trolls for sexists and patriarchy, and who support the ‘Nordic’ model of penalizing pimps and customers of prostitutes (johns).meghan murphyfrom feminist current, with thanks.      This interview was conducted and translated into French by Francine Sporenda for the website, Révolution Féministe. It has been edited for clarity and length.

Francine Sporenda: What are your thoughts on French Parliament’s recent vote to criminalize the purchase of sex in France?

Meghan Murphy: The recent vote in French parliament to adopt the Nordic model is not only an important and historic win for France, but for all of the EU (and, more broadly, for the world), as it sets a precedent for other countries. That parliamentarians have acknowledged prostitution as a form of violence against women and as inherently coercive is enormously impactful — this is exactly the kind of feminist analysis that industry lobbyists and sexist, entitled men have worked so hard to silence (for obvious reasons).

rACHEL mORAN: It is high time we women stood up and asked ourselves why we are accepting an enormous global human rights violation whereby almost all of those exploited are female and almost all of those exploiting them are male.
Rachel Moran: It is high time we women stood up and asked ourselves why we are accepting an enormous global human rights violation whereby almost all of those exploited are female and almost all of those exploiting them are male.   see article here: Women to force ban on Buying Sex in Ireland

The continued existence and social acceptance of prostitution relies on the ability to erase the reality of the industry — to erase the real women and girls impacted and to erase the actual idea of prostitution, in and of itself. The sex industry depends on our ability, as humans, to say, “It’s fine, it’s safe, it’s a choice, it’s harmless — just a neutral ‘job’ like any other ‘job,’” and to ignore what is happening to real women in the industry. Continue reading Meghan Murphy on the liberal backlash against feminism