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How Immigrants Built the US Left—And Can Rebuild It Again

 by Nelson Lichtenstein iww-today

Last Thursday’s “Day Without Immigrants” work stoppages, which closed hundreds of restaurants, grocery stores, garages, retail shops, and other businesses, offered a taste of the capacity for militant action wielded by immigrant America.3drumpf

Led in many cities by Latino activists calling for a “huelga general,” (General Strike) the February 16 coast-to-coast walkouts augur well for an even larger set of strikes and demonstrations, including a March 8 “Day Without a Woman” and quite possibly a May Day general strike, already endorsed by one of the Service Employees International Union’s biggest and most active California locals….

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IWW strikes Victory in the Lawrence, MA, textile strike in 1912 secured the organization’s reputation for organizing immigrant … The Labor World 09-16-1906 ….. This has been the first major win in Prince Rupert for theI.W.W., Industrial Worker, 10-27-1909.

…The energy and upheaval unleashed by the Trump administration’s assault on Muslims, Latinos, and other immigrants, documented or not, has been directed toward a restoration of their rights and dignity, toward the family reunions and free passage into our country that have been happily broadcast from airports all across the country—and rightly so. Continue reading How Immigrants Built the US Left—And Can Rebuild It Again

General Strike Fri 17th as anti Trump demos go Viral.. Strike back Now or Never!

 It could be the biggest Strike in the US for generations and spread through Mexico, Latin America and even to  Europe.general-strike-17-feb

Millions of women came out worldwide after Trump’s neo-fascist inauguration. In  recent days hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets against the deportation of their neighbours. Tens of thousands of Latinos have struck, 70 cities have seen demos against Standing Rock and fossil fuels…..

Now is the time!  We must strike while the issues are hot.. Before the new nazis and thought police  make resistance impossible

Los Angeles protest occurring now against ICE raids following reports that ICE took non-criminals into custody today. pic.twitter.com/apVCJxLTMd

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Continue reading General Strike Fri 17th as anti Trump demos go Viral.. Strike back Now or Never!

1.2 million on streets in French Strikes. First ‘Nuit Debout’ occupations evicted


Nuit Debout (‘WideAwake Night’): police evict the ’15 -M ‘in Paris. At 18:00 1st April reconvening

By Kaos. International .  google translationThe new law will allow companies to fire workers by reducing benefits without going into losses and sick leave depend only on collective agreements and cease to be guaranteed by law. Compensation for unfair dismissal will also be reduced: it will take a minimum of 12 months’ salary for 6 months and only if the worker had at least two years in the company.

The state of emergency, labor reform, opposition to the construction of a new airport in Nantes and the convergence of many more struggles have crystallized in a camp in the Place de la Republique in Paris. The Convergence of struggles group called not go home after the general strike on March 31 against the labor law and stay up all night (Nuit Debout). Although the original call was limited to Paris, they had called in at least 20 other cities. The protest only caught on in Paris, Lyon and Nantes. In Bordeaux and Caen demonstrators they were evicted by police. A theater has been busy in Toulouse.


Between 5 and 6 am, concentrations in Paris and Nantes have been evicted by police peacefully. More than 100 riot police have surrounded the audience and forced to go underground, pushing the shields to those who offered passive resistance. It has lived a moment of tension when a fall occurs in the descent to the subway but the incident has not gone higher. The police have forced the last protesters who chose not to disperse to enter trains  . After the eviction, protesters called to meet again today 1st April at 18.00 in the Plaza of the Republic for another night stands. Continue reading 1.2 million on streets in French Strikes. First ‘Nuit Debout’ occupations evicted

Who are those grinning Anti-systemites?


The papers call us ‘anti-systemites’

Who are we? What are we against? When do we appear?
When do we we vanish?

Now we understand, that veteran, with glasses and gray hair, who first glanced at the fire and then threw on cartons to stir it up: he was an anti-systemite!

And how about those adolescents who parked their bikes and helped break the windows of the museum Diocesiá (the fraudsters and abusers). They were anti system too.cop car Continue reading Who are those grinning Anti-systemites?

Alfon.. LIBERTAD. Freedom for General Strike comrade NOW!

On 14-N, day of the General Strike, our companion ALFON, was arrested in the neighborhood of Vallekas. After several days of confinement and interrogation in the dungeons of the Spanish State, he was sent to permanent prison, thanks to higher orders of the judiciary and the power of the government delegation, to this must be added the pressure of the mass media “communication “. Continue reading Alfon.. LIBERTAD. Freedom for General Strike comrade NOW!

14N general strike in Barcelona report

per AlborotoAdreça: https://alboroto.espivblogs.net 29 nov 2012
The 14th of November general strike in Barcelona started in the very first hours of the night, with pickets 14n Barnaclosing bars and spaces still open at night in several city’s neighborhoods, such as Gràcia, where more than 300 people managed to shut down bars, while a supermarket and banks were attacked by hoodies.

Earlier, trade unions pickets had blocked the accesses to industrial parks of the metropolitan area, where no activity was reported at all. No one was arrested during the night. As the sun was rising, fire barricades were erected in all city’s points, with police making the first arrest of the day in the Eixample neighborhood. Continue reading 14N general strike in Barcelona report

General Strike 14-N, Spain: 155 arrests, 77 injured, woman loses an eye.

A woman loses sight in one eye after brutal police charges in Barcelona
A 42 year old woman lost part of her left eye because, supposedly, of the impact of a rubber bullet shot by the Catalan police during yesterday’s demonstration in Barcelona during the general strike.
This has assured the people that attended when injured on the corner of the Plaza de Catalunya and Paseo de Gracia.
This was confirmed by sources of the Hospital de Sant Pau, where the woman was admitted at 21.18 hours on day 14.

The general strike of 14-N resulted in the arrest of 155 people in various incidents throughout the day, in which there were also 77 wounded, as reported by the Ministry of Interior. Of these, 43 were members of the Security Forces of the State, according to sources.

Only in Madrid throughout the day there were 60 arrests , of which 21 were in the night riots around the Plaza de Neptuno, in the protest called by the Coordinator 25S, police said. Continue reading General Strike 14-N, Spain: 155 arrests, 77 injured, woman loses an eye.