Guantanamo: 12 yrs of kidnap, torture, force-feeding and no trials

A letter from Guantanamo: ‘Nobody can truly understand how we suffer’

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Al-Alwi describes the humiliating and brutal treatment he suffers at Guantanamo.

Last updated: 13 Mar 2014 12:03
Moath al-Alwi
Moath al-Alwi is a Yemeni national who has been in US custody since 2002. He was one of the very first prisoners moved to Guantanamo, where the US military assigned him the Internment Serial Number 028.
ca672c71-bcef-40b7-8441-f6f76a8bdc51_16x9_788x442Dozens of Guantanamo prisoners who have not been tried still await release [EPA] Continue reading “Guantanamo: 12 yrs of kidnap, torture, force-feeding and no trials”

Anonymous: OpGuantanamo Demand Obama shut it down

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Good day my friends.
Close to half of the population at Guantanamo Bay are now hunger striking. It is time to stand in solidarity with them by demanding
the Obama Administration to live up to it’s promises to shut the center down. Please take just a minute to sign a petition, send an email, and post a tweet.
Some relevant facts:
There are 166 detainees currently housed in Guantanamo Bay.
86 have been approved for release.
30 Yemenis are being “conditionally detained” because of an “unstable” homeland.
46 are being detained indefinitely without trial.
Some have been waiting more than 11 years for their release. Continue reading “Anonymous: OpGuantanamo Demand Obama shut it down”

Guantanamo guards try to break Hunger Strike

Many detainees, who have been refusing food since February, moved into solitary cells to be force-fed and monitored.


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Guards clashed with prisoners as they sought to move hunger strikers out of communal cells [GALLO/GETTY]
Guards have swept through communal cellblocks at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and moved the inmates into one-man cells in an attempt to end a hunger strike that began in February.”Some detainees resisted with improvised weapons, and in response, four less-than-lethal rounds were fired. There were no serious injuries to guards or detainees,” Navy Captain Robert Durand said in a news release on Saturday.

He said the action was taken because detainees had covered windows and surveillance cameras to block the guards’ view into the cellblocks. Continue reading “Guantanamo guards try to break Hunger Strike”