Native Movement Sweeping Canada: Idle No More!

Theresa’s Hunger Strike on day 15 .. urgent support  needed

Idle No More: Women rise to lead when it’s needed most

Idle No More: Women rising to lead when it's needed most Change the conversation, support today.

Chief Theresa Spence is now on Day 13 of her hunger strike. Too weak to leave the teepee she is living in on Victoria Island, a mere stone’s throw from Parliament, she called for a round dance yesterday at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, Prime Minister Harper’s residence.

Throughout the duration of her hunger strike, Harper has maintained a chilly silence around the grassroots Indigenous movement now widely known as Idle No More, taking to Twitter instead to share his jokes about bacon with the Canadian electorate.

What started as a string of emails between four Saskatchewan women back in November in protest of Bill C-45 eventually became a hashtag on social media, snowballing over time into a global movement for Indigenous rightsContinue reading “Native Movement Sweeping Canada: Idle No More!”