Meghalaya: where Women come first and Matrilineal cultures thrive

Many Indian women cry out for equality, but in Meghalaya 

matrilineal cultures thrive with little parallel in the world.

The main features of the Garo tribes are the women. The Garo women are the property owners and there is a custom where the youngest daughter inherits the property from her mother. Unlike other marriages, in this tribe a man shifts to his wife's place after the marriage rituals are over.
The western Garo tribe are also matrilineal. ”The main features of the Garo tribes are the women. The Garo women are the property owners and there is a custom where the youngest daughter inherits the property from her mother. Unlike other marriages, in this tribe a man shifts to his wife’s place after the marriage rituals are over.”

Shillong, India – In a far corner of India, a country where women usually

have to cry out for equality, respect and protection, there’s a state

where women organise society, and everything works better.meMeghalaya – “Home of Clouds” – is picturesque state with its capital Shillong a regional

hub for educationand the trend-setter for the Westernised culture that’s accepted

by most tribes in the country’s northeast.

The two major tribes of Meghalaya, Khasis and Jaintias, are very matrilineal. 

Children take the mother’ssurname, daughters inherit the family property with

the youngest getting the lion’s share, and most

businesses are run by women. Continue reading “Meghalaya: where Women come first and Matrilineal cultures thrive”

Call for WORLD anti MONSANTO actions.. Sat. Oct. 12th



Shrink That Footprint: balloon graphic

Greenhouse gas emissions explained, in seven balloons


In 2010, human activity caused 50 gigatonnes of CO2 equivalent in emissions.The emissions were 76 percent carbon dioxide, 16 percent methane, 8 percent nitrous oxide, and 2 percent F-gases.

The biggest emitters were China (23 percent), the U.S. (14 percent), Europe (10 percent), India (5 percent), and Russia (5 percent).

And the primary sources of emissions were energy (35 percent), industry (18 percent), transport (13 percent), agriculture (11 percent), forestry (11 percent), buildings (8 percent), and waste (4 percent). The sources are explained in more detail in the balloons. Continue reading “Shrink That Footprint: balloon graphic”

Womens ‘Red Brigades’ confronts India sex abuse


Group of Delhi women enforces its own vigilante style of justice, even using physical intimidation against harassers.

The December 16 gang-rape in Delhi sparked protests across the country and opened India’s eyes to atrocities committed against women and girls on a daily basis.

The demonstrations and media scrutiny forced the government to respond. It drew up a new sexual offences bill that updated the archaic piece of judiciary that once constituted as laws to protect women. Continue reading “Womens ‘Red Brigades’ confronts India sex abuse”

please help STOP Gendercide of Indian Women !

justiceIn December 2012, the  Delhi Gang Rape public uprising sent a furious message to the the government of  India! That message was: ” We are not going to tolerate government apathy and corruption in face of  the intolerable violence on girls and women in India.” 

There’s an increase of 873% in India’s rape crime rate. Moreover, in 20 years, 20% of women will have been exterminated from India subject to all forms of gender specific violence. [Also browse our newspaper log]

The government’s first response was — stony silence!  It pretended it didn’t hear! 

As the uprising gathered momentum and all of India came on board, the government decided it to use brutal force to clamp down on the protestors. Continue reading “please help STOP Gendercide of Indian Women !”

Support Women accused of killing a Mass Rapist Monster

women support  accused of Yakku Adav killing

   Akku Yadav and his gang terrorized the village of Kasturba Nagar years with numerous killings and gang rapes. Though he had 24 cases against him he always got bail from the paid off police. Finally in 2004…

         ..200 Women killed Mass Rapist Monster

Trial in Akku Yadav murder case finally begins   Oct 23, 2012

NAGPUR: The much awaited trail in the sensational murder case of history sheeter Akku Yadav began in the fast track court of magistrate P M Junedar on Monday. Eight years and two months ago, Akku Yadav was lynched by a mob of women inside Nyay Mandir. Twenty one people were made accused in the case. The case has around 85 witnesses. Continue reading “Support Women accused of killing a Mass Rapist Monster”

Indian farmers force trashing of Monsanto’s GM corn

Indian farmers force authority to destroy (Monsanto’s) GM corn

Oct 19, 2012.  Source: OneWorld South Asia

In a stunning development farmers in Kurukshetra, India, where field trials of Monsanto’s GM corn forced the Haryana Agriculture University authorities to fulfill their promise on completely destroying the field trial today.

This happened after a day long drama where Monsanto’s officials with the support of University staff tried to sneak out the GMcorn from the field trial this morning. Continue reading “Indian farmers force trashing of Monsanto’s GM corn”

Police Kill Anti-Nuke fisherman, Resistance GROWS

A group of fisherfolk staging “jal satyagraha” in the sea, against the Kudankulam nuclear power project at Veerapandianpattinam coast in Tuticorin district on Friday. (Photo: N.Rajesh)

Despite the killing of an anti-nuclear protester by police on Monday, hundreds of protesters forming a human chain stood in sea waters today, for the second day in a row, demanding a halt to preparations for fuel loading into the reactor of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) in Tuticorin district. Continue reading “Police Kill Anti-Nuke fisherman, Resistance GROWS”

Vandana Shiva slams Monsanto.. STAND UP or BE STOOD ON!

Rio de Janeiro
Shiva calls the UN conference the “death of democracy”
Just wanted to upload this woman in full flow telling it how it is.
Support local farmers, strangle the multinational seed rapists.

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  • She is on the ball for sure. Very cool lady

    I hope that we hear more people like Vandana speak out against Monsanto.  This is an excellent and inspirational speech….


    “Green is not the color of money, it is the color of life.” – Vandana Shiva

     I have seen her in many dvds & other bits of real media. We have to take a leaf from her wisdom, or the UN (World Government in waiting) will simply sweep all aside with such measures as Depopulation, War, Resource Grabbing, Land Grabbing, False Famines & ultimately death for billions of us….Make no mistake this IS happening already & we the people have to pull the whole damn sick game the elites have planned for


    theyarelying2u 1 week ago 3

miguelgilliWow, I love this lady!

  • Roger Fisher 5 days ago

  • Intelligence is a precious gift and Vandana possesses that gift. 🙂

    AngryPunkPixie 1 week ago

  • She is awakened and explains the point of ONEness very well.

    thanks for post

    j12rb 1 week ago

    wonderful speech!!..thank you!

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