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Looting The Earth: motive behind racist Oaxaca Massacre.

Oaxaca massacre to allow Extractive Looting of the Commons


in English and Spanish original below.  By: Agustín Ávila Romero      The massacre in Nochixtlán, Oaxaca where 11 people lost their lives, more than 100 were injured and 18 were removed from a funeral and arrested by the Federal Plice, not only shows the grave democratic backwardness of Mexico, where a civilian demonstration is answered with the use of heavy-caliber firearms against social protest despite being prohibited in international protocols; it also shows the inability of the Secretary of Education, Aurelio Nuño, to start a dialogue and carry out an education reform that fully includes those involved in teaching/learning in Mexico.A market scene in Nochixtlán, the capital of a large indigenous district. The police attack took place on a market day, thereby maximizing the number of civilians present.

A market scene in Nochixtlán, the capital of a large indigenous district. The police attack took place on a market day, thereby maximizing the number of civilians present.

But beyond clearing a highway blockade, what are the reasons why the Mexican government would act this way? What hidden and open interests are expressed behind this massacre? Why the cruel federal police attack against inhabitants of Nochixtlán, and why in this place? Here we’re try to get close to an answer. Continue reading Looting The Earth: motive behind racist Oaxaca Massacre.

What’s on SUBMEDIA.TV.. Join the Resistance!

anarchist summit subMedia.tv is a video production ensemble, which aims to promote

anarchist and anti-capitalist ideas,

and aid social struggles through the productionand dissemination of radical films and videos.

Founded in 1994, subMedia.tv has produced hundreds of videos on everything from anti-globalization protests to films about shoplifting.

Our films have been screened around the world in social centers and movie theaters and have been watched by millions on the internet.


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12th Oct.. Day Of Indigenous Resistance


Designated by Franklin D Roosevelt as “Columbus Day” in 1937, the 12th of October is the date that Christopher Columbus first “discovered” the Americas.

The anniversary was re-named “Day of Indigenous Resistance” by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in 2002 to commemorate the beginning of the indigenous struggle against European invasion and colonisation.resistencia-indigena-fidel-ernesto-vasquez

On 12 October, the Spanish state celebrates its festival with a great military parade as the central event. This is a date full of
controversy. Today it is called the Day of the National Festival, but for a large part of Franco’s time, it was also called ‘Hispanitat’ Day
and originally the Festival of the Race. And it was and is not only observed in Spain, but also in a few American countries under very
different names, in commemoration of the beginning of the Spanish colonisation of America.
In Argentina for example, it is called the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, and in Chile the Day of the Meeting of the Two Worlds,
whereas in Nicaragua and Venezuela, the 12 October is the Day of the Indigenous Resistance.

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Peru: Indigenous languages recognised! ONLY 500 YEARS LATER!

AIDESEP, June 15, 2011.

The Peruvian Congress has approved the Law for the preservation and use of indigneous languages, a measure proposed by Congresswoman Maria Sumire, who noted that this decision is part of the United Nations Declaration in the sense that indigneous peoples have the right the full enjoyment of all fundamental freedoms recognized by the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

To refute the comments of the Executive, Congresswoman Sumire said it was required that public administration had to communicate in more than 80 native languages ​​exist as in Article 2, of opinion, there is a declaration of interest national use, preservation, development, recovery, development and dissemination of indigenous languages ​​in the country.

She argued that the law of preservation and use of indigneous languages provides that any person is entitled to their ethnic and cultural identity and stressed that this debate comes at a very special month as it celebrates farmer’s day and in the city of Cusco, capital of the empire of the Incas the festival of Inti Raymi,

The LAW is INCLUSIVE , supporting not only men and women from the Quechua nationality, but also Aymara and Amazonian peoples

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Belo Monte : death threats for Indigenous resistance

Indigenous leaders threatened with death

Indigenous leaders, community members, rural workers and members of social

movements are receiving death threats because of their opposition to the Belo

Monte Dam Complex on the Xingu River in Pará, Brazil.

The threats, which have been going on for some time now, are adding to an

extremely tense situation which has only worsened […]

Continue Reading:


Brasília, Brazil – The Brazilian government has issued the full installation license allowing the Belo Monte Dam Complex to break ground on the Amazon’s Xingu River despite egregious disregard for human rights and environmental legislation, the unwavering protests of civil society,..Continue Reading..https://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/2011/06/02/final-go-ahead-for-belo-monte-amazon-tragedy/

Amazon Watch has organized a “Cause” at Facebook:

“This has been a time of tragedy in the Amazon. This week the Brazilian government green-lighted construction on the monstrous Belo Monte Dam despite searing local, national and international opposition.

Yet despite the initiation of this criminal operation, I can assure you that the battle to defend the Xingu River and its people is far from over. “I have just returned from the Brazilian Amazon, where Chief Raoni gathered with hundreds of Kayapo warriors, indigenous leaders from 18 ethnicities, and leaders from the Xingu Alive Forever Movement (MXVPS).

“This is the last chance we have to paralyze Belo Monte’s construction,” Renata Pinheiro told the indigenous assembly. “The future of the Xingu is in your hands, indigenous peoples and social movements. You succeeded in stopping Belo Monte for 30 years – now more than ever we need to strengthen our resolve, joining forces to stop the beginning of construction.”

Amazonia: Dinho, Claudio and Maria murdered!.Forest criminals to be amnestied!

SLAUGHTERING THE AMAZON.. With the new Forest Law and amnesty for Forest crimes the ranchers and loggers are taking their opportunity by terrorist murders. Their business is the destruction of the Amazon, now with more impunity, to satisfy the demands of criminal capitalist transnationals like Burger King and MacDonalds.
Adelino  Ramos was killed for openly confronting the beef and timber mafia. Shot to death by cowardly bastards at his street stall while selling his forest produce. He was a famous ex leader of the  Movimiento Campesino Corumbiara and had survived a fascist massacre a decade ago. Un motociclista lo mató a tiros en Rondonia, norte del país.

Just 3 days before they got José Claudio Ribeiro da Silva and his wife, Maria do Espírito Santo da Silva, shooting her first and cutting off her ears. Claudio and Maria were outspoken forest defenders and cultivated Amazon produce.

At the time of murder Adelino, or ‘Dinho’,  was busy setting up a camp for people displaced by the wholesale massacre of the forest. He had been repeatedly threatened and recently denounced the escalating forest destruction in Acre, Amazonas y Rondonia states.

El debate sobre la explotación del Amazonas ha tomado gran vuelo en Brasil después de que en una semana se siguieran dos noticias contradictorias: la publicación de un alarmante aumento de los niveles de deforestación, y la aprobación en la noche del martes, por aplastante mayoría en el parlamento, de una reforma del Código Forestal brasileño que establece una amnistía general para todos aquellos que incurrieron en delitos contra la vegetación hasta 2008.

In just a few days we have the news of a seven fold increase in deforestation, the disgraceful passing of the new Forest Law (see other posts) by fascist landlords allied with greedy corrupt politicians, companies, and media, the go ahead and 1st contracts for the Belo Monte dam, and the signing of deals to let BP, of all companies, exploit the ultra deep oil bonanza near Rio.

International resistance has failed miserably despite the best efforts of Avaaz and Greenpeace. Resistance needs to be informed and intelligent, or it plays into the hands of nationalists who argue that ‘rich parasitic 1st Worlders have no right to lecture us after decimating their own forests, etc’.

June 12th ,,Majority against Forest Sellout.  see post here


June 2. Action solidarity day for Copola, Oaxaca.

We summon all in their respective countries to a day of mobilization and action on June 2nd, 2011, or on any and all of the next 10 days:


Organize demonstrations or telephone calls at Mexican embassies and consulates in different countries, or any other action that with your creativity or possibilities you can carry out to exert pressure on the Mexican government as a show of international solidarity with the Triqui nation and in defense of its autonomy.

The demands of the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala are:




Send news of actions to http://cdefensayjusticiamasjcblogspot.com and http://municipioautonomodesanjuancopala.wordpress.com

finfd out  more here.. http://news.infoshop.org/article.php?story=20110530101

Peru: Indigenous anti mine protestors hold Puno city

Customs warehouse in Puno on fire after it was attacked overnight

20,000 Aymaras occupy Puno

Thousands of angry indigenous protesters have taken over the city centre of Puno in south-eastern Peru.

Looters have taken advantage of the unrest and ransacked offices and shops as the police retreated.

Cars and buildings were torched on Thursday night when protesters went on the rampage, demanding an end to a Canadian silver mining project.

The indigenous Aymara activists say the mining company will pollute their ancestral lands.

The protesters have blocked the main roads into the city.


Border crossing still closed

A customs office was set ablaze on Friday and several other buildings are still smouldering after being torched in the night.

The demonstrators have threatened to continue the disruption until the government revokes the mining concessions for the Canadian Bear Creek mining company.

The activists say the mining corporation will contaminate nearby Lake Titicaca, decimating the fish stocks.

However, the firm denies it will harm the environment and wants to begin production next year.

The unrest in Puno comes two weeks before the 5 June presidential run-off election.

The indigenous activists say they will try to stop the polls from going ahead in Puno if their demands have not been met.