videos. France Turns Up The Heat + Police Violence and Resistance + comments

1025586768In this SUBMEDIA  report, we catch up with some of the recent developments in France, where the Nuit Debout movement is going strong, workers everywhere are going on strike, and a growing, decentralized movement is turning into a laboratory for innovative street fighting tactics. And to top it all off… Euro2016 has just started!

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via Ross Domoney   on SUBMEDIA..   As the worlds media attention is focused on football violence in France: yesterday (14/06/16) Paris witnessed some of it’s worst political violence in decades as protesters defied the countries state of emergency and fought battles with heavily millitarized police units. Unions called for a general strike over the governments plans to change labour laws, making it easier for bosses to fire workers. The government refuses to back down as resistance grows across the country with unions calling for more strikes.

General Strike: defying France’s state of emergency. from Ross Domoney on Vimeo. Continue reading “videos. France Turns Up The Heat + Police Violence and Resistance + comments”

French Revolution: latest Videos, photos reports 26 May (en francais)

EN DIRECT – Premiers affrontements entre policiers et manifestants à Paris

La manifestation de jeudi dernier, à Paris.
Des affrontements entre les forces de l’ordre et des manifestants ayant dévié du trajet de la manifestation ont éclaté peu après le départ du cortège dans la capitale. Ce matin, Manuel Valls et François Hollande ont tous les deux réaffirmé leur détermination à faire adopter le texte.
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Les affrontements continuent place de la Nation. Une journaliste du Monde a été témoin d’interpellations.

Ça s’attaque ça charge ça gaze et ça interpelle place de la nation.

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À Rennes, les manifestants bloquent à nouveau les trains

Selon la radio France Bleu Armorique, des manifestants ont envahi les voies ferroviaires. Le trafic SNCF a été interrompu, 4 TGV sont retardés et 4 TER ont été supprimés.
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À Paris, la manifestation arrive place de la Nation

Les manifestants arrivent finalement, après bien des heurts, place de la Nation. Des jets de projectiles en direction des CRS reçoivent une réponse immédiate : gaz lacrymogènes.

French Workers and NuitDebout Uprising grows despite State Repression

revolution 2After Sunday’s worldwide NuitDebout demos the movement united with angry workers in a brilliant series of Strikes, Demos, Blockades, Occupations which continue to grow despite police and State Repression.

Rebellion in all France after Govt. uses special powers to Impose Slave Labour Law

The cabinet has used special powers to pass the changes without parliamentary approval.


Rioting has broken out in cities across France
The only way the bill can now be stopped is by  a vote of no confidence – that was filed by two right-wing parties to be held Thursday. the only way this could pass is if at least 65 Socialists voted against, bringing down the government.
Massive demos have been called forThusday