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Nuclear Savage: US tests recall Marshall Islands Murders


Nuclear savage      I believe it is always important to draw attention to how any state will inflict unbelievable cruelties on any people if it suits its purpose. We in the West get information on some of the vile and cruel actions by foreign states on their own and other people. However information of Western states brutal and inhumane treatment of people is a little harder to uncover.
We are well aware of the brutality of the former USSR, that information was freely available, as they were the enemy of Western corporatism, so it was trumpeted in that babbling brook of bullshit, the media. The cold clinical brutality of the German Nazi regime is well documented and publicised. After all they were an emerging competing power.
  However, the US using the Marshall Islands as a laboratory to study the effects of radiation, inflicted by the US, on human beings, between June 30, 1946, to August 18, 1958, must rate as one of the most callous, cruel, cold blooded, state experiments of that century. It may have happened a long time ago, but still in my life time.

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