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Elvira, the Street Brigade and the Sex-work Network

Elvira the radical feminist on the streets , Elvira the zapatista , the companion of sex workers  (en español abajo)


by Gloria Muñoz Ramírez

” Getting to La Merced was a shocking stroke of reality. I watched as the council vans arrived from Cuauhtemoc with a lawyer who signalled who had not paid the bribes. I saw them harrass , beat up and rape the girls ” .

Mexico , DF . Working on the streets is not for everyone . The rawness of the corners and the darkest places would make anyone run away. Exploitation , beatings , drug dealing , excess alcohol, people trafficking, all the underground in your face, but not everyone wants to see or feel it, even less to do something to change things.

Elvira Madrid Romero is one of those few people who came to La Merced to stay. Continue reading Elvira, the Street Brigade and the Sex-work Network

Zapatista School Day 3: Autonomous Schools, Banks… Resistance.

Day 3: Autonomous Schools, Banks… Resistance. #Escuelita Zapatista

viva Ramona
viva Ramona

“Our Weapons are Our Words, Our Thinking, Our Hearts.”

“We are the Guardians of our Mother Land – it is not a commodity, it’s our mother.”

Zapatistas Continue reading Zapatista School Day 3: Autonomous Schools, Banks… Resistance.

Zapatist School Day 2: Women’s Government

Day 2: Women’s Government at Zapatista Freedom School

viva Ramona
viva Ramona

More than 1500 invited students are in the Lacandonan Jungle taking part in the Zapatista Freedom school this week. The school has also gone online also with registered studemts participating by teleconference around the world. Due to demand new courses are planned for Dec and Jan. Ask for invite or register for next teleconference

On the second day of sessions, our six Zapatista teachers from the autonomous communities talked about the Women’s Revolutionary Law which was created since the beginning of their fight (see below the 10 Principles of that Act which was made public since their uprising in 1994).

1. Women, regardless of their race, creed, color or political affiliation, have a right to participate in the revolutionary struggle in any way that their desire and capacity determine. Continue reading Zapatist School Day 2: Women’s Government

Escrache feminista: 1000’s se movilizó contra la prohibición del aborto

Mexican revolution, resistance is fertile

by Jen Wilton 

Post image for In the new Mexican revolution, resistance is fertile

From the rise of the #YoSoy132 student movement to the resurgence of the Zapatistas, Mexico remains at the very heart of the global cycle of struggles.

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

~ Albert Camus

The winds of change are blowing in Mexico.

A growing wave of resistance is gathering momentum and can be found in the jungles and mountains of the south and in small indigenous communities and big cities alike. It is present along the coasts and across the plateaus, up to the bastions of power in Mexico City and beyond to the regions of the north, so badly scarred by the war on drugs. Continue reading Mexican revolution, resistance is fertile


snakeSix Revolutionary Scenarios for the Year Ahead

Hey all you dreamers, schemers and expectant souls out there….

In 2012, people all over the world shook off the dust of ignorance and idleness and began to fight for a future that computes. Freedom fights broke out across the globe: student uprisings in Quebec, Mexico and Chile, Arab Spring 2.0 in Egypt, austerity protests in Spain, Greece and the UK, Pussy Riot in Russia, the tiqqunists in France, the Zapatistas in Mexico, the indignados in Spain, resistance and protests across Japan, China, Tibet, and most recently, #idlenomore across Canada.

The global wake up calls of 2012 could intensify and culminate in a Global Spring … fierce revolts, insurrections, uprisings, regime changes … stunning mind-shifts in all areas of life!

Here are six revolutionary scenarios that could unfold this year: Continue reading ADBUSTERS TACTICAL BRIEFING #40

50,000 Mayan Zapatistas march for New Era

zapatista marchZapatistas: “to be heard, we march in silence”

By Leonidas Oikonomakis On December 21, 2012

As the Maya calendar ends, a new cycle of struggle begins with thousands of Zapatistas peacefully and silently occupying town squares across Chiapas.

The Zapatistas are back! Flowing like the water of the river that beats the sword. And while some were anticipating the Christmas holidays, some others the end of the Maya calendar, and others still the new Communiqué from the Comandancia General of the EZLN that was announced back in November, the main cities of Chiapas woke up today with memories of 1994. Continue reading 50,000 Mayan Zapatistas march for New Era