CSO La Chispa ‘The Spark!’ Finally Evicted and Demolished. Demos Today

Desallotjament i enderroc del C.S.O. La Chispa..~ 10 anys d’okupació

 Han desallotjat i enderrocat el C.S.O. La Chispa! Aquesta tarda a les 19:00H concentració a plaça ricard vinyes! Demá manifestació a les 19:00H a plaça europa!

Four activists have been condemned and fined this year for ”damages” to the abandoned buildings which have now been demolished for land speculation


New Occupied Social Centre Revolutionizes Granollers town

byPEP MEDINAJOANA VOISIN translation by The Free

“A small-scale revolution that has begun to change Granollers in just a few days “. The new Social Centre Squatted (CSO) Ca l’Enkant (the Enchanted House) opened this February in the capital of Vallès Oriental.
An enormous glass showcase welcomes us to the old car dealership of between 1,500 and 2,000 square meters located at Avenida Prat de la Riba, one of the main arteries of the city.

The buildings that make up the property, abandoned forat least nine years, is a well-known businessman in Granollers
The CSO (self-run Occupied Centre) was made public on 19 February after a parade through the streets of Granollers. The action announcement came days after the occupation, the owner is a well known entrepreneur who has different properties scattered around the city. Continue reading “New Occupied Social Centre Revolutionizes Granollers town”

Occupied Barcelona Centre and Playchool -La Rimaia- resists 5th Illegal Eviction

The Rimaia Occupied Center and Playschool faces eviction… for the fifth time.

‘Surprise Eviction’ foiled by leak..Replaced by ‘Surprise Resistance’.

by thefreeonline and La Directa... Riot Police delayed the ‘surprise eviction’ after an ‘occupy spy’ revealed the eviction date and music groups held an all night Musical Marathon outside the centre.

eviction of previous Rimaia 2
eviction of previous Rimaia 2

The overnight watches continue and volunteers in Barcelona are urged to take part.

Courts uphold eviction order despite revelation of lies and false premises of speculators.

Continue reading “Occupied Barcelona Centre and Playchool -La Rimaia- resists 5th Illegal Eviction”

Zaragoza Occupiers declare for Anarchism

en Castellano abajo

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