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Last housing Occupation in Bologna has been evicted


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The eviction of the last remaining housing occupation in Bologna – around 100 people, 34
of them children, living in a building inVia Mario De Maria, in the working-class neighborhood of Bolognina – started at dawn on October 11.

The police and the carabinieri surrounded the block and raided the mariodemariabuilding, beating people and even using pepper spray, the residents say.

The newly elected council member for the housing emergency, Virginia Gieri, said that the residents “came out peacefully”, but the residents and witnesses say something different. One man passed out after he was beaten and another person was injured.

Gieri, a loyal follower of Renzi, was appointed to the delicate job of being in charge of the housing emergency in Bologna, after the last incumbent, Amelia Frascaroli, was considered to be too soft.

Renzi’s government is holding a line of absolute repression against housing occupations, and PD local authorities all over Italy are toeing this line, even in places – like Bologna – where the party claims to be more “tolerant” and to have a welfare-oriented tradition. Continue reading Last housing Occupation in Bologna has been evicted

Save La Chispa (the Spark).. awesome Occupied Social Center from Imminent Eviction


squat-lleidachispaPonent CGT supports the CSO La Chispa against the imminent eviction.
The Criminal Court has decided to grant an ”interim order” of eviction against the squatted social center, without even it being requested by the owner himself.okupa-gran-final Continue reading Save La Chispa (the Spark).. awesome Occupied Social Center from Imminent Eviction

Union Occupiers take huge Somonte Estate for 3rd Time

land and Liberty
by   Darío Unai, Somonte (Córdoba)
The Andalusian Workers Union /SAT) has occupied the  huge Somonte Estate for the third time dsc_0579
Somonte is a farm of 400 hectares located south of Córdoba in where summer temperatures reach 50C. It houses a handful of labourers, a pen of chickens and several million “wingback” mosquitoes  infesting the few areas of shade.

Among the dry fields that extend beyond the horizon, the only landmark is the tower of the ultraq modern Abengoa photovoltaic plant  projecting in all directions the sunlight of hundreds of reflective  panels concentrated on its tip.

The anarchist unions in Andalusia campaign together with the communist SAT

It is not the most advisable place  to rest up after a hunger strike of 37 days mixed with more than 70 demonstrations for thr  freedom of ANDRÉS BÓDALO and the electoral campaign that led to Diego Cañamero’s election to Congress. Continue reading Union Occupiers take huge Somonte Estate for 3rd Time

‘Our Arrests are another Frame-Up’..District 14 Collective:

solidaridadDistrict 14: “Our arrest is a montage due to our struggle against forced evictions”  
dist 14
6 members of Distrito 14 Collective being detained
adaptted from  diagonal  en castellano abajo       The six youths were arrested by the Information Brigade accused of participating in a fight but at the time of the events they were working in a stall at the Moratalaz Fiestas.
That same afternoon the press published that the detainees were accused of threatening and assaulting members of Citizens (Ciutadanos Party) during the Grand Fiestas of the Moratalaz neighborhood and that during election campaign activities, they had gone  “Hunting Pijos”(preppies)


Last Wednesday, at 8 am, the Information Brigade arrested at their homes the six members of the collective District 14. “Some were preparing to attend a Stop Evictions Action convened in Parla and others to go to their jobs” said the group in a statement, in which they explain that the Information Brigade accused them of being involved in a fight, nothing more.  Continue reading ‘Our Arrests are another Frame-Up’..District 14 Collective:

Feminist Women Occupiers back In Revolutionary Action (Sevilla)

L revóThe REVO is back!

A year ago THE REVOLUTIONARY FEMINIST HOUSE “LA REVO”  was born when a house in the  ‘Ovary Gate’ (institutionally known as Puerta del Osario) was occupied as a feminist, not mixed, home  and an anti-patriarchal space.

This was the result of a long assembly process and collective knowledge that took place over several months and which was join ed by women from many feminist groups. Our goal at that time was to create a site of struggle, meeting, discussion, political reflection, critical thinking and collective creation, as well as a place from which to project our feminist ideas.

feminist occupation in Sevilla.
feminist occupation in Sevilla., this was the first ‘La Revó’ in 2015  ..la primera..

Continue reading Feminist Women Occupiers back In Revolutionary Action (Sevilla)

Kids Magician Waves her Wand..and Occupies Youth Learning Centre!

Council owned building occupied in Barcelona for Kids Learning Spaceimg_memartinez_20160611-233427_imagenes_lv_otras_fuentes_botanika1-kf4G-U402443141926fAD-992x558@LaVanguardia-Web

The occupation is of the former HQ of the Botanical Institute and the action is the starting point of a conference on alternative pedagogies and self-management organized by Co-maternity and shared parenting Collective Babàlia and the Ateneo Cooperative Base.  (‘comaternitat i criança compartida Babàlia i l’Ateneu Cooperatiu La Base’)   by David Bouactividades-en-babalia_1

The building is located on Paseo de Jean Forestier at the foot of Montjuïc, it was mass occupied around 2 pm, after a magician and a graffiti tried unsuccessfully to open the wall doing various street theatre  tricks .

An action was announced days had been via the Conference for Live Learning in Poble Sec barrio, promoted by the ‘La Base’ and their educational revolution section form Babàlia.

The ‘Fountain Square’ was the venue chosen to give the starting signal for a weekend full of activities such as lectures, concerts, workshops and a space for small children. According to the organizers, the aim of the conference is “to boost community building in the neighborhood, both among people and between generations for projects and spaces.”

 Batucada Drum Band encouraged squatting before the parade, which was followed by sixty people, including many children / David Bou
Continue reading Kids Magician Waves her Wand..and Occupies Youth Learning Centre!

Expropriated Bank: resistance Continues: Action day Video 1

500 people demonstrate all day, even covering police chief in flour, see video below..amid heavy police charhges and various events….bank

Meanwhile in Gràcia, cops have finally left, and there’s a  sit-in at the door of the ex-occupied bank p/v