SYRIA: The life and work of anarchist Omar Aziz in the Syrian revolution

Anarchist Omar Aziz, and his impact on self-organization in the Syrian revolution

Posted by    Omar Aziz (fondly known by friends as Abu Kamel) was born in Damascus. He returned to Syria from exile in Saudi Arabia and the United States in the early days of the Syrian revolution.

An intellectual, economist, anarchist, husband and father, at the age of 63, he committed himself to the revolutionary struggle.

He worked together with local activists to collect humanitarian aid and distribute it to suburbs of Damascus that were under attack by the regime. Through his writing and activity he promoted local self-governance, horizontal organization, cooperation, solidarity and mutual aid as the means by which people could emancipate themselves from the tyranny of the state. Continue reading “SYRIA: The life and work of anarchist Omar Aziz in the Syrian revolution”