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Zolo Azania, Innocent Black Activist, Freed after 35 years

Zolo Azania released from prison after 35 years – 27 on death row

Political prisoner and former death row inmate, Zolo Agona Azania, needs your help. Zolo was finally released on Monday, February 6, 2017, after spending 35 years in prison, 27 years on death row. Zolo is a prolific writer and an accomplished artist. His writings and art reflect his deep commitment to the Black freedom struggle and a just world for all people.

Zolo exited prison practically penniless and faces enormous financial challenges. He needs to pay for housing, food, clothing, transportation, furniture, a cell phone, utilities, and the many other expenses we all encounter.zo0lol-azania-and-assata-shakur

Zolo will seek employment but at the present time he has little savings. He has been paid $.35 an hour during most of the time he has worked inside Indiana’s prisons.

Let’s ease Zolo’s path and make sure he does not confront his  financial challenges—and all the challenges he will face–alone. Please donate generously. Continue reading Zolo Azania, Innocent Black Activist, Freed after 35 years

Anarchist prisoner Umut Firat now over 50 days on Hunger Strike in Turkey


A diumenge, de gener 29, 2017  http://kurdiscat.blogspot.com. en español abajo
The anarchist prisoner Umut Firat (imprisoned for 23 years) has passed Day 50 of his hunger strike. Recently, Unut was transferred to prison number 4 Yenisakran, type T (according to the security levels of the Turkish prison system) in Izmir itself. (see address below).

Body searches at the hands of regime guards, and prison conditions are some of his grounds for protest. The demands of the prisoners, the repression and torture suffered daily, are ignored.Image result for devrimci anarsist, Umut Firat

Conditions of detention in Turkey, especially since the failed coup, have worsened significantly. Prisoners sleep in groups of 19 in cells that fit 14, are forced to sleep on blood-stained beds, only two visits of 45 minutes are allowed every month….

You can try to Send Umut a card  HERE

Umut Firat Suvariogullari,
İZMIR 4 NOLU T TIPI KAPALI CEZA İNFAZ KURUMU, Aliağa Ceza İnfaz Kurumları Kampüsü, Bahçedere Köyü No:63 Yenişakran / Aliağa / İZMİR. Izmir Yenisakran 4,  Turkiye

prison details Continue reading Anarchist prisoner Umut Firat now over 50 days on Hunger Strike in Turkey



On Thursday, January 26, 2017, the Guardia Civil detained two comrades, Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Carmen Otero, as part of the Operation “Buyo” directed by the Court of Instruction n ° 4 of Vigo. The anarchists are accused in a first instance of illicit possession of weapons: 8 firearms, 6 of them detonating pistols ”transformed  to make real fire”, 200 metal cartridges of different calibres and also were found close to 3000 €.

According to the statements of the prosecution our comrades tried to ‘form an anarchist cell with the materials found in the flat of one of them’. This investigation was initiated with information from an earlier operation against arms and ammunition trafficking which the police claim have links with the two detained anarchists. Continue reading TWO ANARCHISTS ARRESTED FOR HAVING GUNS, GABRIEL FREED, CARMEN JAILED

Rapper ‘Caesar Strawberry’ gets 1 Year Jail for ”Terrorist Tweets”.

The singer of the group Def Con Dos, César Strawberry, has been condemned by the Supreme Court to 1 year of jail for ‘promoting terrorism’.

His most evil crime was a twit which proposed a ‘birthday cake bomb’ present for the corrupt then king Juan Carlos (who was put in power by the dictator Franco).strawberry

Spanish band Def Con Dos performs during the third night of Pepsi Music Show at Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires on November 1, 2009 

Caesar was arrested along with 18 other people in an operation of the Spanish police against supposed supporting of  terrorism via twits. Continue reading Rapper ‘Caesar Strawberry’ gets 1 Year Jail for ”Terrorist Tweets”.

Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s Sentence — but She won’t Be Freed till May!


Chelsea Manning was jailed for exposing US state mass murder. She is a hero and should be released NOW,, not left to suffer 4 more months in solitary without even the chance of suicide.

Chelsea was not pardoned.. her sentence was only reduced.. no need for Assange to surrender

Obama was the president of permanent spreading war for profit, spilling millions of liters of human blood… now he hopes to be praised for an -act of clemency-,. And what about Peltier, Mumia, Shakur, Lopez Rivera and a host of other innocent political prisoners who need amnesty?.manning_sticker_dealWashington, D.C. – In a stunning move, President Barack Obama announced the commutation of the prison sentence of whistleblower and former Army private Chelsea Manning. With the announcement, Manning will now be released on May 17, 2017 — rather than in 2045 as originally sentenced.


From Enlace Zapatista  Translation submitted to It’s Going Downfreedom-fernando-sotelo

The modification enacted by the Superior Court of “Justice” on the sentence of our compañero Luis Fernando Sotelo is a joke. The reduction of the sentence to 13 years [from 33 years], is not to serve justice, but is a mockery of it. The irregularities in the process have been denounced innumerable times. Evidence doesn’t exist to incriminate him and during the trial the only eyewitness, the driver of the metro-bus, said he did not recognize our compañero.

Why is he still in prison? It is not for judicial reasons, but political ones. It is punishment for social protest. They want to keep him imprisoned as an example. Our compañero is detained under the command of the government of Mexico City, lead by Miguel Ángel Mancera. Or perhaps also the rumors of corruption of the Fourth Chamber of the Superior Criminal Court are more correct?libertad-sotelo1


Editor of anarchist paper in Turkey jailed for 15 months


The wave of repression unleashed by the Turkish state against the left and the Kurdish freedom movement that has seen tens of thousands fired from their jobs and thousands jailed, including many HDP MPs,has also hit the anarchist movement there. We heard last night that Hüseyin Civan has been sentenced to 15 months for editing the anarchist paper Meydan Gazetesi.

They have reported the sentencing as below;

Turkey: Editor of Meydan Gazetesi anarchist newspaper Hüseyin Civan sentenced to 1 year, 3 months imprisonment
“An investigation was started by Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s office about our newspaper related to articles “Both Arrival and Departure of State is From Fear”, “Banned Until Further Order”, and “Recreating Life” in issue 30 of our newspaper published on December 2015 with the caption “Banning Everything”. The lawsuit following the investigation ended after almost a year of trials. Continue reading Editor of anarchist paper in Turkey jailed for 15 months