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Barcelona: Supporters hold Occupy Street Market, picket Prison as Immigrant Street Vendors jailed

The Popular Street Vendors Union
The Popular Street Vendors Union


By Okokitsme / Popular Union of Street Vendors

We shouted “Jail, internment, raids and borders! .. thst’s how Europe’s wealth is built! We also chanted “No street vendor in prison!” and “Surviving is not a crime!”.

This Sunday afternoon July 31, 2016 there was a demonstration around the Barcelona Modelo Prison where Lamine Sarr, spokesman for the Popular Union of Street Vendors, and 3 union comrades were incarcerated yesterday.

noisy Barcelona demo for imprisoned immigrant street vendorsnoisy Barcelona demo for imprisoned immigrant street vendors

This has been the most repressive week of the last 10 years for us immigrant street vendors: a companion imprisoned in the Center for Internment (CIE) another with a broken leg  (due to a police charge), a spokesman and four street vendors in the Modelo prison due to police frame-ups (counting Sidil who is another ‘mantero’ already serving time in the Modelo).

On Friday 3oth July another 'Occupy Street Market' was held in the Barcelona Rambla, with demonstrators against detentions of immigrants protecting and supporting as hundreds of 'manteros' (immigrant street vendors) did a roaring trade with the tourists
On Friday 3oth July another ‘Occupy Street Market’ was held in the Barcelona Rambla, with demonstrators against detentions of immigrants protecting from the police and supporting as hundreds of ‘manteros’ (immigrant street vendors) did a roaring trade with the tourists

Sobrevivir no es delito!    (VÍDEO) Manifestación alrededor de la cárcel Modelo de Barcelona: ¡Los manteros no están solos!

Por Okokitsme/ Sindicato Popular de Vendedores Ambulantes

Se ha gritado “¡Cárcel, CIEs, redadas y fronteras! Así se construye la riqueza europea! También se ha gritado “¡Ningún mantero en prisión!” y “¡Sobrevivir no es un delito!”.
Esta tarde de domingo 31 de julio de 2016 ha habido una manifestación alrededor de la cárcel Modelo de Barcelona donde ayer ingresaron en prisión preventiva Lamine Sarr, portavoz del Sindicato Popular de Vendedores Ambulantes, y 3 compañeros más del sindicato.

surviving id NO CRIME.. All out against Racism and Abuse... no human being is illegal... imprison bankers not immigrant street vendors...
surviving is NO CRIME.. All out against Racism and Abuse… no human being is illegal… persecute bankers not immigrant street vendors…

Ésta ha sido la semana más represiva de los últimos 10 años para los manteros: un compañero en el CIE, un compa con la pierna rota, un vocero y cuatro manteros en la cárcel Modelo por montajes policiales (contando que Sidil es otro mantero que ya lleva tiempo en la Modelo).

¡Los manteros no están solos!

Nit @Nitsuga000
Sobrevivir no es delito! #LibertadManteros
18:29 – 31 jul 2016 · Barcelona, Spain, Spain
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Protesta de vendedores ambulantes y activistas, ayer, frente a la cárcel Modelo. JOAN SÁNCHEZ
Protesta de vendedores ambulantes y activistas, ayer, frente a la cárcel Modelo. JOAN SÁNCHEZ

Nit @Nitsuga000
Para que te quede claro:

LOS MANTEROS NO QUIEREN SER MANTEROS, lo que quieren es SOBREVIVIR @dacaro05 @ximoberna
20:28 – 31 jul 2016
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Refugees and Anarchists Occupy Abandoned Hotel

Greek leftists turn deserted hotel into refugee homes

  Wael Alfarawan left Syria’s Deir Az Zor and ended up in City Plaza a month and a half ago [Nick Paleologos/SOOC/Al Jazeera]

‘It was a gesture to reclaim the right of the visibility of refugees.’

Nearly 400 refugees and migrants live in the City Plaza squat in Athens [Nick Paleologos/SOOC/Al Jazeera]

BY Patrick Strickland


Athens, Greece – The roar of children’s laughter erupts as they play tag and chase one another through the corridors, while several adults prepare the tables in the City Plaza hotel’s dining hall in preparation to break the fast for Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims.

Tucked away down a side street in the Greek capital, the previously deserted hotel was occupied by left-wing Greek activists and turned into a squat for nearly 400 refugees and migrants – half of them children – in late April. Continue reading Refugees and Anarchists Occupy Abandoned Hotel

Eric King gets 10 yrs jail for Resisting Racist State Murder in Ferguson

Imprisoned anarchist comrade Eric G. King remained defiant in the face of 10 year sentence for a molotov attack against an empty Missouri congress office (USA) in a solidarity action after the Ferguson police repression.

shared with thanks..supportericking.org..       Today, Eric King was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison in the federal district court in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Eric accepted a non-cooperating plea to one count of “use of explosive materials to commit arson of property used in or affecting interstate commerce”

The action he admitted taking was throwing a hammer and two Molotov cocktails through the window of the empty office of a US congressperson from Missouri late at night on September 11th, 2014.

The statutory minimum and maximum sentences for that charge are both 10 years, meaning that the set penalty is 10 years. Eric will receive credit for time served for almost two years of pre-trial incarceration, leaving him a little more than eight years to serve.

..”My act as a very personal display of my anger and rage toward the state as well as an act of solidarity to everyone in Ferguson…”

We do not know where he will be spending those years, though we commit to keeping you all up-to-date on his placement and well-being until he is free once more. The most recent updates will always be at https://supportericking.wordpress.com/eric King anarchist prisoner

A number of people gathered together today and made it through the court’s security check to fill the rows with love and solidarity. Thank you to everyone who came out! Eric was in the best spirits one could anticipate considering the grim circumstances at hand. As always, he demonstrated the incredible balance of light-heartedness and serious commitment to his values that we have come to appreciate in him so much.

..”I have been incredibly fortunate to have so many people come into my life and take a stand with me so that I didn’t have to face this shit alone…”

He entered the courtroom smiling at supporters and signed “I love you,” to his partner, a gesture of affection that was quickly squashed by a US Marshall. Despite the shackles on his ankles and wrists, he was warmly animated throughout the proceeding, smiling and rolling his eyes at the more laughable court proceedings, and even flipping off the prosecutor.

He also delivered a powerful sentencing statement to the court, refusing to back down. Not even the gravity of the moment could keep his spirit down or his words in check.

Putting into words the emotions we’re all feeling right now is difficult. There is a certain sense of relief in knowing that he will soon be transferred out of Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) Leavenworth. CCA is notorious for abhorrent prison conditions, and Eric’s time there has consistently shown that infamous reputation to be well deserved.mail-google-com

We do not expect his time in federal prison to be good, but hope that he will have a better chance of getting his basic needs met in that system than he was able to find in the for-profit, slave-holding facility in Leavenworth. While there is a feeling of closure in this chapter of Eric’s story, there is also a palpable rage as Eric has been stolen from us and will remain locked away for the next eight years.

Prior to imposing the sentence and conditions of release, Judge Fenner felt it necessary to announce to Eric and enter into the court record that Eric is “obviously a sick, deranged and dangerous person” with a “history of mental illness.”

While there is always room for learning and growth every time a comrade is imprisoned, we refuse this narrative that Eric’s actions can be summed up as those of a deranged individual. We want to strongly counter this assertion of the state and remind those who hold power that resistance to and direct attacks against systems and structures of oppression is not a sign of mental illness nor delusion.

In fact, in many cases these acts of resistance, large or small, are the most sound reaction one could take when faced with the daily horrors and brokenness that are imposed on us all. Eric expressed no regrets today in court and we continue to stand in solidarity with him.

We’ll be sharing the transcript from the hearing as soon as we have it, including Eric’s sentencing statement (which he improvised in the moment).

Overall, he lambasted the classist, racist, and patriarchal government and the way it destroys families and communities for the sake of the rich. He insulted the court, the judge, and the supposed “justice” they claim to represent. He stood proudly behind his act of rebellion, refusing to beg for mercy or to apologize for his actions.

“This court is a farce. I stand by what I did. I’m happy I did it. I’m sorry that I got caught.”

statement and thanks from Eric

We’d like to close with some of Eric’s own words, transcribed from a phone call with Eric last night:

“This has been a really fucking long and hard journey. CCA sucks. It is a horrible, horrible place. They have done everything imaginable just to drain all of the life and soul out of everyone here. I have been incredibly fortunate to have so many people come into my life and take a stand with me so that I didn’t have to face this shit alone. I have seen how difficult prison can be when you don’t have a support team and don’t have folks in your corner. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody but unfortunately it is the reality for most. The system breeds such an environment.1265011_10151766560676743_1651319365_o-980x600

“There have been so many people that interjected themselves in my life with the sole purpose of being there for me and limiting the state’s crushing effect. I don’t know what I would do without those people.

From the smallest greeting to the big gestures, everything has meant so much to me. Prison support is a real tangible thing that people can do for each other. We cannot have a functioning radical community without it. So thanks to everyone who reached out to me, if we still talk or not, you have been awesome.

“Now that said, I stand by my actions. After seeing what happened in Ferguson, so close down the road, I was disgusted by the lack of mobilization in my city. Three hours away people were fighting for their lives and we weren’t even taking to the streets. We were doing nothing.

My act as a very personal display of my anger and rage toward the state as well as an act of solidarity to everyone in Ferguson. We never know our own strength until we are tested and even with my ridiculous sentence I feel at least proud to have been able to stand strong and refuse to cooperate with the state”.

“I am just really happy that I don’t have to take this alone and have so many amazing people standing next to me. Until all are free.”

“Thank you for your roles in my life and for your support.”

Keep posted for future updates on Eric. And drop him a line to show him your solidarity:

Eric King
CCA Leavenworth
100 Highway Terrace
Leavenworth, KS 66048

You can also donate to his support fund at http://fnd.us/c/316cDf/sh/a4jVK6. You can get a kick-ass support t-shirt when you donate $20 or more!

Love and rage,

EK Support Crew

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‘Pandora’ Frame-Up of Anarchists: Case Dismissed .. Zero evidence

 CASE DROPPED!!!..the 2nd part of the Pandora operation against the “anarchist terrorism”
The National Court said that after eight months of investigation it has only been proved that the nine detainees are active in anarchist collectives, but there is not even evidence that they participated in the commission of any crimes.

As we knew from the beginning our comrades are amazing occupiers, resisters and community activists fighting the plague of corrupt capitalist  evicters who are destroying the planet.. NOT ”TERRORISTS” even in the state’s wide definition of the term.piñata victory

The state is the real  terrorist, spending millions to cynically  try to suppress our movement by imprisoning activists, intimidating supporters, raiding the Occupied Social Centers and promoting a vast campaign of media lies….but this time THEY HAVE FAILED.

In fact more people than ever have shown solidarity against obvious Frame-Ups and more people identify, support or at least recognise the anarchist movement as progressive, necessary and useful.

The Pandora II operation used about 500 police agents        / VICTOR SERRI

from  Diagonal   rough translation of part..
“The accused attended certain meetings, which gathered in public places, and took part without referring to any events related to terrorist activities.”

This is one of the conclusions reached by the Central Court of Instruction No. 3 of the National Court after eight months of investigation into the nine people arrested, on October 28, 2015, in Barcelona and Manresa in the framework of the second phase Pandora operation against the alleged “anarchist terrorism.” One detainee was remanded in custody for several weeks.

All the arrested in the Pandpra and Piñata raids were related to two anarchists awaiting trial for allegedly bombing a church! The Spainish right are still furious about this as it referred to the mega crimes of the church in aiding the fascist dictatorship, many of the arrested anarchists were accused of being in a prisoners support group for the two, Fransico and Monica. The campaign for their release continues with hope after the Piñata raids seem to be falling apart.
All the arrested in the Pandora and Piñata raids were related to two anarchists jailed without evidence for allegedly bombing a church! The Spanish right, who control the courts,  were furious about this as it referred to the mega crimes of the church in aiding the fascist dictatorship, many of the arrested anarchists were accused of being in a prisoners support group for the two, Fransico and Monica. The campaign for their release continues with hope after the Piñata raids cases have fallen apart.

The head of the court, Judge Carmen Lamena, has decided to shelve the case against these nine persons, who the Catalan police accused of belonging to a terrorist organization.

Read more:Monica and Francisco trial. Day 1 report. State has NO EVIDENCE

….Records made the day of this second phase of the operation Pandora,  note that “despite the elapsed time” researchers have not yet contributed any result of the study of computer devices and documents seized. The case also refers to the judgement of Monica and Francisco, in which the court ruled out the existence of an “anarchist terrorist conspiracy”…

 'piñata' is a multi wrapped parcel full of goodies that's hung up at kids birthdays and whacked by blindfolded children till all the treasures fly out.
‘piñata’ is a multi wrapped parcel full of goodies that’s hung up at kids birthdays and whacked by blindfolded children till all the treasures fly out.

….”The only result obtained by researchers is the finding that the investigated relate to people from anarchist collectives. They  have been limited to report on their meetings, trips and visits to prisons,” explains the document.

“Faced with such poor results, I believe that they have not obtained in the present process objective data accessible to third parties and verifiable that may be considered evidence to state, not even circumstantially, participation in the alleged offences”…….

Archivada la segunda parte de la operación Pandora contra el “terrorismo anarquista”

La Audiencia Nacional afirma que, tras ocho meses de investigación, sólo se ha probado que las nueve personas detenidas militan en colectivos anarquistas, pero no hay ni siquiera indicios de que hayan participado en la comisión de delitos.

  from   Diagonal

La operación Pandora II tuvo un dispositivo formado por alrededor de 500 agentes de los Mossos d’Esquadra. / VICTOR SERRI

“Los investigados asisten a determinadas reuniones, que se reúnen en sitios públicos, y que mantienen conversaciones, sin que se refiera en ninguna de ellas hechos relacionados con actividades terroristas”. Ésta es una de las conclusiones alcanzadas por el Juzgado Central de Instrucción Número 3 de la Audiencia Nacional después de ocho meses de investigación sobre las nueve personas detenidas, el 28 de octubre de 2015, en Barcelona y Manresa en el marco de la segunda fase de la operación Pandora contra el supuesto “terrorismo anarquista”. Uno de los detenidos estuvo en prisión preventiva durante varias semanas.

La titular del juzgado, la magistrada Carmen Lamena, ha decidido archivar el causa contra estas nueve personas, a las que los Mossos d’Esquadra acusaba de pertenencia a organización terrorista.

Leer más: Nueve detenciones en una nueva fase de la Operación Pandora

El auto señala que de cada uno de los investigados se han referido acciones pasadas ya y se ha afirmado su integración en determinados grupos anarquistas catalanas –denominados en el auto también con las siglas GAC como Grupos Anarquistas Catalanes–, “sin que se les relacione con acciones concretas constitutivas de delito”.abolish prisons

En cuanto a los registros realizados el día que tuvo lugar esta segunda fase de la operación Pandora, el auto apunta que “pese al tiempo transcurrido” los investigadores no han aportado aún resultado del estudio de los dispositivos informáticos y documentos intervenidos. El auto hace referencia también a la sentencia de Mónica y Francisco, en la que el tribunal descartó la teoría del “terrorismo anarquista”

Leer más: La Audiencia Nacional condena a 12 años de prisión a los acusados por la detonación de El Pilar

“El único resultado obtenido por los investigadores es la comprobación de que los investigados se relacionan con personas del colectivo anarquista. En los sucesivos oficios se han limitado a informar sobre sus reuniones, viajes y visitas a centros penitenciarios”, explica el auto. “Ante tan escasos resultados, estimo que no se han obtenido en el presente procedimiento datos objetivos, accesibles a terceros y verificables que puedan considerarse indicios para afirmar, ni siquiera de manera indiciaria, la participación de los investigados en los hechos que se les imputa”, continúa.

solidarity demo against the earlier raids and arrests.. attacking one of us they attack us all..
Huge solidarity demo against the earlier raids and arrests.. attacking one of us they attack us all..

La magistrada finaliza el texto afirmando que no hay avances que permitan continuar la investigación y que el Ministerio Fiscal se ha limitado a “afirmar de manera genérica la existencia de indicios sin concreción alguna sobre persona determinada”.

read more here
3rd day: Can Vies Uprising spreads like Wildfire # EfectoCanVies


JUne 11th prison Solidarity day for Anarchist, Longterm and all Prisoners

June 11th statement by anarchist prisoner Jeremy Hammond


JUNE 11th statement  by Jeremy Hammond
Revolutionary greetings on this June 11! Solidarity with all Earth warriors and anarchists behind bars!

We are up against a system of power and profit, a system which is destroying the planet and forcing the people into poverty and imprisonment. Many of us who have fought back found ourselves in the crosshairs of an extensive counter-intelligence apparatus who use trumped-up “terrorism” charges and entrapment by informants to put us in prison for years. Continue reading JUne 11th prison Solidarity day for Anarchist, Longterm and all Prisoners

7000 demonstrate against Presence of Fascists in Sabadell

 Some 7,000 people protest against neo-Nazi appearance in Sabadell, a town/suburb of Barcelona

 from  Cèlia Castellano, La Directa  The demonstration was convened following the aggression and threats of neo-Nazi groups against the self-run Occupied Social Center Obrera.

People of all ages, backgrounds and political allegiances of the left took part. Around 6,700 people, according to the Sabadell local police (who always under estimate), demonstrated under the banner: “Sabadell for all”.

L'Obrera (The Worker) Occupied Social Center
L’Obrera (The Worker) Occupied Social Center

The demonstration was called by the Obrera (the Worker) social center , against the aggression of neo-Nazis at dawn on April 9 and against Nazi meetings. The event was policed by a large deployment of riot units ARRO.

“If they touch just one of us, they hurt us all”, ..”Sabadell will be the tomb of fascism”, ..”Native or foreign, the same working class .” ..These were some of the chants heard during the event, . During the march, a dozen anti-fascist protesters put stickers on the gym Therien Jiu Jitsu Kick Boxing, where the Workers Collective say some of the neo-Nazis  in the neighborhood meet.

Reading a manifesto from the balcony of the occupied Workers center, members of the collective stated that “the increase in xenophobic ideologies throughout Europe is, today a reality with parties that promote racist, sexist and classist attitudes.”

Also, they said that “we have to make the fight against fascism and racism every day from schools, work and on the streets, leaving no free space to disseminate their exclusive approaches”. While reading they also reminded us of the antifascist Guillen Agulló, who was killed 23 years ago in Montanejos, as well as those presently indicted in the  Oct. 12 and the Pandora anti-anarchist cases, and the brigadiers from Vallès county arrested in Idomeni in Greece.

Attending the mobiliziation were the  Collective Unity Against Racisme and Fascism, the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages and the Crisis, Crida per Sabadell, Arran and Youths of Esquerra Republicana, among many others.

The call to demonstrate had adhesions of many organisations (60) and examples of solidarity with the workers by different groups throughout Catalonia. According to David Moya, a member of the community center, “it was an inclusive event, with the assistance of many groups and people of different ages. That’s what bothers the Nazis, we are not only young and militants. ”

On Friday 22 April, a group of neo-Nazis from the Western Vallès county made an appearance at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, coinciding with an act of Youth Civil Society Catalana (SCC), prompting a student demonstration of rejection. Some of them are the same neo-Nazis who berated the members of the Workers center in early April.


Unas 7.000 personas protestan contra las agresiones neonazis en Sabadell

La manifestación ha sido convocada a raíz de la agresión y las amenazas de grupos neonazis contra el centro social la Obrera.

por Cèlia Castellano, La Directa              Gente de todas las edades, procedencias y afinidades políticas de la izquierda. Alrededor de 6.700 personas, según la Guardia Urbana de Sabadell, se manifestaban ayer por la tarde tras una proclama unitaria: “Sabadell para todas”. La manifestación fue convocada por el centro social liberado la Obrera a las 17.30h horas en la plaza Imperial, contra las agresiones de grupos de neonazis que sufrió la Obrera la madrugada del 9 de abril y contra las concentraciones de personas de este segmento ideológico en las puertas del local. El acto contó con la presencia de un gran despliegue de unidades antidisturbios ARRO.

“Si tocan a una nos tocan a todas”, “Sabadell será la tumba del fascismo”,”Nativa o extranjera, la misma clase obrera”. Estos son algunos de los cánticos que se escucharon durante el recorrido de la manifestación, desde la plaza Imperial, pasando por la Gran Via, la calle de Sol i Padrís y la calle Brutau hasta el local de la Obrera, en la avenida Barberà. Durante el trayecto, una decena de manifestantes pusieron pegatinas antifascistas en el gimnasio Therien Jiu Jitsu Kick Boxing, de la calle de Sol i Padrís, donde aseguran desde la Obrera que se reúnen algunos de los neonazis que han increpado en el barrio.

Mediante la lectura de un manifiesto desde el balcón de la Obrera, los integrantes del CSA afirmaron que “el aumento de ideologías xenófobas en toda Europa es, hoy día, una realidad con partidos que promueven actitudes racistas, sexistas y clasistas”. Así mismo, aseguraron que “la lucha contra el fascismo y el racismo la tenemos que realizar día a día desde los centros educativos, el trabajo, en la calle, no dejando ni un espacio libre donde difundan sus planteamientos excluyentes”. Durante la lectura también recordaron al antifascista Guillén Agulló, asesinado hace 23 años en Montanejos, a las encausadas del 12 de octubre y del caso Pandora, y a las brigadistas del Vallès detenidas en Idomeni.

En la movilización asistieron colectivos como Unitat Contra el Feixisme i el Racisme, la Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca y la Crisis, Crida per Sabadell, Arran y las Juventudes de Esquerra Republicana, entre muchos otros. La convocatoria contó con tantas adhesiones (más de 60) y muestras de solidaridad con la Obrera por parte de diferentes colectivos de toda Catalunya, que se convirtió en un acto sin firma, popular. Según David Moya, miembro del centro social, “ha sido una manifestación inclusiva, con la asistencia de muchos colectivos y personas de distintas edades y procedencias varias. Eso es lo que más les molesta a los nazis, que no somos únicamente jóvenes y militantes”……….

…El pasado viernes 22 de abril, un grupo de neonazis procedente del Vallès Occidental hizo acto de presencia en la Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona, coincidiendo con un acto de las Juventudes de Societat Civil Catalana (SCC), lo que provocó una manifestación estudiantil de rechazo. Algunos de ellos son los mismos neonazis que increparon a las integrantes de la Obrera a principios de abril.


Barcelona: In solidarity with our Comrade arrested and imprisoned in the last Repressive Operation

Barcelona (Barcelonès) 13/04/2016  Sociedad      Los Mossos d'Esquadra han registrado desde primera hora de esta mañana la casa okupada del Bloque Fantasma de la Salut, en la Avinguda del Coll del Portell 59. El dispositivo policial se ha activado para cumplir una orden internacional de búsqueda y captura de miembros de una banda sospechosa de atracar bancos en Alemania   FOTO  DANNY CAMINAL


In addition to the looting and destruction that comes together with a police raid, the operation ended with the arrest of a comrade who had already been  imprisoned due to the Operation Pandora police raids, and who was under an European search warrant that was issued the 11th of April accused of participating in different bank expropriations in the German territory.

After being transferred to the Spanish Audiencia Nacional, the judge Eloy Velasco has ordered the preventive prison for our comrade, who has been transferred to the prison of Soto de Real. Given that she is also charged in the Pandora process (currently in preliminary investigation) and she herself has declared her will for not being extradited to Germany, our defense has asked for a “conditioning” to the European order of extradition, claiming that she serves the preventive prison in the Spanish State until the pending trial that she has here is held.

_mg_7654_as_smart_object-1In a maximum period of 2 months (which can be extended one month more), the Audiencia Nacional will decide if they stop temporary or not the extradition of our comrade to the German authorities. From the news published in the German press, we have learned that she is imputed of a expropriation that happened two years ago in the city of Aachen, during which -always according to the press- the assaulting group could take a big amount of money from the bank without causing any personal damage or injuring anybody.aprilraids16

However the court process evolves, we want to make public our support to the comrade, claiming as ours her revolutionary political aims, her struggle and her militant activity.

The people that know her closely we know that she deserves the solidarity from all of us. We are talking about a fighting and anarchist person, active since years in different anti-racist, feminist and libertarian projects in Barcelona, always being in solidarity with the repressed people, always ready to help wherever she could, always in the street, always being generous, happy and smiling with the people around her, always intransigent and hard against everything she considers unjust.

The media attempt to portray her as a public enemy could not be more vicious. Specially when this operation of media manipulation implies the representation of the banks as victims, changing completely the reality dignifying those who are stealing, exploiting, defrauding, evicting and cutting us for years, while they criminalize who rebels against them and dares to attack them. It makes no difference for us if the comrade is really responsible or not for these robberies.

A bank expropriation is an ethically fair and politically legitimized practice, a method of struggle that is part of the history of every revolutionary movement.1460526919_503634_1460533694_noticia_normal

Indeed, despite of the continuous attempts from the Power to reduce this method to the ‘common crime’ frame, done by personal interest and individual greed, the truth is that the expropriation of these places of accumulation of capital is a constant practice in our history: from the anarchosyndicalist groups that in the early XX century used to rob banks to support the strikes or to help the families of the comrades in prison, to the different autonomous groups from the 70s-80s like the MIL, the OLLA o the ERAT (formed by the workers of the SEAT factory) that sent the money hold by the rich to the different projects of the fighting exploited, through the maquis groups like the ones of Sabaté or Facerías that during the postwar period used to practice robberies to finance the resistance against Franco’s dictatorship.

Expropriation, whether it is a tactical expression of a political struggle in general, or in the form of social banditry trough which we take back what the banks steal from us in order to free ourselves from the slavery chains of the work exploitation and unemployment, we don’t think is something reprehensible, but the opposite. The existence of people who are tired of being pushed around and exploited systematically by the legalized mafia proves us that ”we are not just goods in hands of politicians and bankers” and that humanity resists to accept submissively the dictatorship of the capital over our lives.

Supermarket expropriations have extended to other parts of Spain, following the example of ‘Robin Hood’ mayor José Manuel Sánchez Gordillo in Andalusia.  A store of the global  supermarket chain Carrefour in the town of Merida in the western region of Extremadura was hit Friday by 50 members of the Platform for Basic Income in Extremadura.

The police and media hunt deployed due to these robberies in Germany, should not make us neither lose our perspective nor get confused of who is our enemy. The real public enemy is the power represented by criminals like Wolfgang Schäuble and Angela Merkel, the power that didn’t empty a couple of safety boxes, but the social wealth of entire peoples and territories. It is the power of the transnational elites that have doomed millions of people to misery in order to impose the functional austerity measures for their neoliberal and imperialist project.

Our comrade’s arrest is only one more reason to fight against these elites and the system that they represent, a system solely moved by the accumulation of money in a few hands at the cost of the suffering, dispossession and exploitation of the rest of the people. Neither the police persecution not the massive propaganda of the regime can hide what is clear for the whole world, and like the poet said, what is the robbing of a bank compared to the funding of a bank?

Immediate release for the imprisoned comrade in Madrid!
Stop the extradition process!
Solidarity with the CSO blokes fantasma and with all the persecuted fighters!
As long as there is misery, there will be rebellion!

Comrades of the imprisoned one.     15Th of April, 2016.


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