Asli is the154th journalist jailed as Turkey heads for full Fascism

Now is the best moment to resist the slide into Fascism and
Genocide in Turkey. President Erdogan is already a ‘de facto’ dictator, already showing symptoms of megalomania. Buoyed by a far right populist party, a racist anti Kurdish blitz and the biggest purge of suspected opposition since Josef Stalin, Erdogan will hold a referendum on April 16th to grant him total power. Who dares to  vote against him? After that we will have a militant Fascist State in Europe. Erdogan will have ”legitimacy” to bring back the death penalty for those suspected of insulting him, and embark on a serious genocide of the millions of progressive left and Kurdish youth, etc..

154th journalist imprisoned in Turkey by Erdogan

Asli Ceren Aslan, editor of the newspaper Özgür Gelecek (Free Future) was arrested on 9 February in the province of Urfa province, Kurdish southeast of Turkey. She was “officially” arrested in Urfa, near the border with Syria while following the events in Syria and Rojava Kurdistan.

She is accused of “violating the border” and being “a member of an illegal organization.” Aslan refuted accusations by saying that it was her work as a journalist Continue reading “Asli is the154th journalist jailed as Turkey heads for full Fascism”