Who Shot Go Daddy?..I, said the Bot..

Who Shot Go Daddy?..I, said the Bot..again, maybe Not..
One hacker claimed responsibility for downing millions of sites worldwide. But suspicion quickly moved to rival domain host companies. Others pointed the finger at enemies of the CEO Bob Parsons, the famous elephant exterminator and mega ego.

Merkel Go Home.. ACCiÓN 6 Sept.

Varios movimientos y organizaciones siguen convocando para manifestarse el 6 de septiembre contra Angela Merkel en Madrid lugar donde se reunirá con Rajoy. Quieren salir a las calles para dejar bien clara la repulsa contra los recortes que ‘impone’ la canciller a Europa.

La visita del próximo 6 de septiembre de Angela Merkel a Madrid va a recibir una dura contestación por parte de  indignados e indignadas.

Así dabe el diario Público la información:

El movimiento 15-M prepara una concentración para ‘recibir’ a la canciller alemana, Angela Merkel, que vendrá a Madrid el próximo 6 de septiembre, donde se reunirá con el presidente del Gobierno, Mariano Rajoy. Continue reading “Merkel Go Home.. ACCiÓN 6 Sept.”

Jailed for a tweet: Free Nabeel and all 600 Uprising Prisoners

Bahrain rights activist Nabeel Rajab acquitted over tweet, still in jail

31 Sept.  Protesters carry posters of activist Nabeel Rajab, who was sentenced to three years in prison [EPA]
Tens of thousands of people chanting anti-government slogans and holding up pictures of jailed activists have taken part in Bahrain’s first authorised opposition protest since June.
No clashes occurred at Friday’s march along a three kilometre stretch of a highway west of the capital Manama.
Protesters carried Bahraini flags and held up images of rights activist and protest leader Nabeel Rajab, calling for his release.
Bahrain, where the US Fifth Fleet is based, has been in crisis since a revolt led by majority Shia Muslims began 18 months ago to demand democracy in the Sunni-ruled kingdom.

A court in Bahrain has acquitted human rights activist Nabeel Rajab of insulting Bahrainis by criticizing the prime minister via Twitter, but remains in jail on other charges, his lawyer said.

Rajab said he had been “subjected to psychological and physical torture” while speaking in court on Thursday, International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) President Souhayr Belhassen said.

Despite complains of ill treatment, Rajab will remain in jail, as a lower Bahraini court later added three years to the veteran human rights on three counts of leading protests. The prosecution further claimed he had incited violence against police. Rajab is set to appeal the later conviction in September.

The United States had previously said it was “deeply troubled” by the verdict, but its hypocritical criticism remained mostly muted as the US Fifth Fleet – which is in a major build to attack Iran – operates out of Manama base. Continue reading “Jailed for a tweet: Free Nabeel and all 600 Uprising Prisoners”

Pussy Riot and Madonna, branded sluts and therefore liars!

Do women who have had sex always tell lies? (Pussy Riot and Madonna)

Every now and again the rhetoric of patriarchal power reveals itself in a specially pernicious way .

Last week in Moscow, Madonna lent her voice to the growing international condemnation of the trial of members of the feminist  performance art group, Pussy Riot.

During a concert she stripped off her shirt to reveal the group’s name emblazoned on her back, before donning a version of their trademark balaclava for a slow rendition of Like A Virgin. Continue reading “Pussy Riot and Madonna, branded sluts and therefore liars!”