The Hamburg G20 Riot was a Milestone and an Inspiration.. says Greek Anarchist Prisoner Panagiotis

Greece: Message from CCF-FAI/IRF member Panagiotis Argyrou in Response to the Solidarity Call for No-G20 Prisoners.

A response to the call for solidarity to the ones held in custody in Hamburg 

During the exile of captivity few are the things that can make you smile, offer a warm thought or a pleasant feeling. I can, however, say with some certainty that these days of July when Hamburg surrendered to the chaos of riots during the G20 summit, the clashes with the police, the burning barricades, the store looting, the vandalism and burning of sovereignty targets, my thoughts were boosted, a great deal of “thank yous” as well as vivid emotions overwhelmed me, and a smile lit up my face.

I’ll be honest, however. Although from an early stage a large part of insurrectionary anarchism aspired at setting a high target, something that had become clear already since the call for a militant campaign of informal organization months before the summit; and although there was a large number of public texts and claims of responsibility responding to this call (some comrades were kind enough to even mention the heritage of Black December), I wasn’t that sure that the days in question would indeed involve such great momentum. Continue reading “The Hamburg G20 Riot was a Milestone and an Inspiration.. says Greek Anarchist Prisoner Panagiotis”

People still brainwashed as CIA/Pentagon writes and censors Films and TV

warThe USA is full of happy friendly people who love us. You can’t easily forget a web of pretty lies you first learned watching childrens’ TV. It’s like explaining to kiddies that wonderful Ronald McDonald in fact represents an evil monster murdering millions of children and fast destroying the planet for pure greed and arrogance. The pathetic facade of the American dream is being repainted and propped up at all costs for all the people of the world who still believe in it.

CIA/Pentagon Makes 1,800 Movies, TV Shows to Make us Love War and America

Newly-obtained documents show the Pentagon and CIA have enormous influence over Hollywood — its pro-war propaganda must be accepted or the government packs its assistance and goes home.

From Meet the Parents and America’s Got Talent, to Cupcake Wars and Zero Dark Thirty — even Iron ManOprahPatriot Games, and the James Bond thriller, Tomorrow Never Dies — if the production pertains to the War Machine or Surveillance State, it’s a veritable guarantee government significantly influenced the final product.

Censorship apparently reigns more supremely over Hollywood than we’d ever surmised — nearly 1,800 movies and TV shows have borne the fierce scrutiny of the eagle-eyed Pentagon and CIA.

Once rich Libyan welfare State, still buried in War, Chaos, Hunger after NATO mega-crime

Greedy western powers, led by the USA,  took advantage of the ‘Arab Spring’ to try and seize Libya’s oil and assets and cynically bombed the benevolent dictator Gaddafi out of power as a ‘humanitarian intervention’ in the name of ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ (which has never worked in a tribal moslem society). 5 years later the horror and suffering goes on and on, amid a search for a new dictator able to channel Libya-s wealth to western corporations.libya

info from  Higinio Polo at El Viejo Topo.. translation by The Free

We do not know how many people have died in Libya  as a result of the brutal NATO intervention in 2011. Some sources speak of about thirty thousand dead; Others increase that figure. The Red Cross estimates about 120,000 deaths. But there is no doubt that the war that started NATO has destroyed the country and thrown its six million inhabitants into a sinister nightmare. Continue reading “Once rich Libyan welfare State, still buried in War, Chaos, Hunger after NATO mega-crime”

Capitalist Arms Market. The Spreading Tentacles of Hell

Why the HELL are the US Saudi clients bombing Yemen? 2014-01-31-libya-590Why are the US ‘expediting arms deliveries’ to blast one side in a civil conflict?

We don’t have to look too far on Internet to find sites accusing the US and its client states of arming Islamic State and Al Qaeda,  of selling arms to all sides, of promoting horrific chaos and spreading civil and intervention wars in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Ukraine, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc

Now for example we see The Nusra Front (Al Quaeda), Syrian State forces, Iranian militias, and Kurdish anarchists, Jordan, Israel and The US Air Force , etc all fighting Islamic State which is financed by Saudi US clients.. and all using American arms. What an Arms Market!


The US economy is dependent on its gigantic armaments industry, and like other big nuclear powers is immune to International Law due to its UN veto ‘rights’. Continue reading “Capitalist Arms Market. The Spreading Tentacles of Hell”

Death of Freedom: IS and Turks unite against Kobanê revolution

11/10/2014 MANIFESTACIÓN POR KOBANE.. 5.00 Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona

update: see Roar article below


Latest reports say that IS attackers have been re-armed and have taken more than half of Kobanê the last stand of the progressive YPG Kurdish volunteers.

All of the surrounding countryside has been lost, with nearly 200,000 refugees in Turkey.

Kurdish reinforcements are still held back by the Turkish army in nearby Efrîn i Cizîrê.

Food water and ammunition are running out and the IS forces are massacring, burning, raping, looting and imposing Sharia law.

The Turkish army are sealing the border and giving direct physical and medical aid to the Islamist forces.

In the last few days over 30  people have also died in Turkey in protests against Turkish support of IS and blocking of Kurdish reinforcements.


Arin MirkanArîn Mîrkan and her children

The amazing resistance to barbaric macho IS by the progressive revolutionary volunteers in Kobanê is summed up in the fate of Arîn Mîrkan , among thousands of others.

Arîn Mîrkan was a commander of the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), defending the Kurdish city Kobanê against the attacks of the Islamic State. Kobanê is on the 21st day of courageous resistance against IS. Arîn was surrounded by the jihadists, but instead of surrendering and falling into their dirty hands, she detonated herself and killed many IS-members with her. Continue reading “Death of Freedom: IS and Turks unite against Kobanê revolution”

Bankrupt Spain? Defense budget increased by 30%!

The Ministry of Defense budget increases by almost 30%
by Miguel Gonzalez
For this business as there is always money, and lots of it ‘escapes’ into the p0ckets of politicians and all their crony business criminals of the booming mass murder industry.
Despite the closure of hospitals and firing of 1000’s of teachers the defense budget for this year has experienced a sudden increase of 28.21%. The Cabinet approved an extraordinary credit of 1,782 million euros for arms programs.

General Strike?? YES YES.. but lets stop this madness!..

Continue reading “Bankrupt Spain? Defense budget increased by 30%!”

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