Halberstadt, Germany: Banner for the Hunger Strikers Nuriye and Semih in Turkey

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Received on 02.07.17:

Today some anarchists put a banner on the railway line in Halberstadt city of Germany that says “Nuriye ve Semih Yalniz Degildir” (Nuriye and Semih Are Not Alone). Nuriye and Semih are still on hunger strike in prison in Turkey. We announce that the Turkish state should know that the hunger strikers are not alone. Today is 115 days of their hunger strike. Nuriye and Semih are only two of 5000 academics, 50000 teachers and 150000 workers who have been discharged from their jobs through statutory decrees. They were sent to prison for going on hunger strike demanding they be reinstated to their jobs.

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Athens, Greece: Police evict 2 squats, 7 anarchists and over 100 refugees detained

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13.03.17: Via Enough Is Enough: In the early morning hours Greek police evicted the Villa Zografou and The Hospital squat on Alkiviadou in Athens, Greece. About 200 people were detained. We publish a statement from Khora Social Centre about the evictions:

This morning at 5am, 2 squats in Athens, 1 housing refugees, were evicted by the police.
Around 200 people are currently being held in police stations, with no access to a lawyer. One person we are in contact with was told she doesn’t have the right to see a lawyer, telling her she “isn’t being detained, just ‘held back’ before being referred to a camp.”
Those with papers have been separated from those without papers, and we don’t yet know what will happen to them.
A policeman we spoke to outside the police station this morning admitted to following orders that he knows go against the refugees’ rights.


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Melbourne, Australia: Occupation of the STELaR Weapons Research Centre Site in Carlton

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Press Release, 21 Feb 2017

STELaR Weapons Research Centre site in Carlton Occupied

Peace protectors are presently occupying the Carlton site of the future Lockheed Martin weapons research lab.

Now an empty building and lot on the site of the former Women’s Hospital near the University of Melbourne, building will soon begin to make it the largest Lockheed Martin weapons research centre outside of the United States.

The weapons research centre will be known as the STELaR Lab (Space, Technology, Engineering and Research) and it is a joint project of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, the University of Melbourne, the Australian Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin (Australia).

“Whilst thousands of people are homeless across Australia, it’s outrageous that our government is giving money to large corporations like Lockheed Martin” Eli Jessup a spokesperson for the group said.

“The government claims that funding the building of this lab…

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Chicago, January 20: Protest the Inauguration of Donald Trump! Say No to Racism!


Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Friday, January 20, 5 p.m., Riverwalk at Wabash and E. Wacker Drive, Chicago

Protest the Inauguration of Donald Trump
Say No to Racism
Say No to the Trump Agenda

On the first day of the new administration, join thousands of Chicagoans to protest the Trump Agenda.

We’ll declare our determination to resist all attacks that Trump is bringing: on immigrants, Black people, Arabs and Muslims, workers, women, Native Americans, and the environment.

We’ll defend the 99% against the Trump cabinet of billionaires, generals, and racists that represent the 1%.

We’ll stand up along with massive protests that are occurring at the inauguration in Washington, DC, and in other cities across the country.

We’ll stand with college and high school students that are planning walkouts.

We’ll pledge to continue our resistance to the attacks coming from the likes of Illinois Governor…

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Melbourne: Philippines consulate redecorated in protest against Duterte’s murderous war on drug users


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Received on 17.01.17:

In response to the call for action from drug users in the Philippines to highlight the dangerous situation they are facing under the murderous Duterte regime, we decided to pay a visit to the Philippines consulate in Melbourne.

On the night of 16.01.17 we redecorated the entrance of the consulate with red paint, flyers and syringes. The red paint is to symbolize the blood of the thousands of drug users that have been murdered during a brutal nationwide pogrom by police and Catholic ‘citizen’ vigilante groups since Duterte took power in May 2016. Each syringe represents 25 murdered drug users – around 20 drug users are killed each day in the Philippines. The flyers read ‘PINOY DRUG USERS JAB BACK!’, ‘SHOOT DUTERTE NOT DRUG USERS!’, ‘STOP DUTERTE’S WAR ON THE POOR – DEATH TO ALL FASCIST HEADS OF STATE!’ and ‘ONE SYRINGE = 25 KILLED –…

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Germany: Letter from anarchist comrade Siao, Hambach Forest defender released from jail


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*UPDATE* via Enough Is Enough!

We publish the letter of anarchist activist Siao. They were imprisoned on December 1, but released today. The letter was written during the time they were in prison.

Although cops evicted activists at Hambacher forest several times, parts of the forest are still occupied. The massive repression against activists did not stop the actions. The resistance against the destruction of the forest near Cologne, Germany continues. 


Thank you very much for writing (and for write to Hodei also).
I am really happy to hear about deathtrap tree, because I am totally in love with it. The cops made laught about me when I climbed down and kissed it before get arrested.

I am mostly fine, but about the stuff of moving down by our own… I was Feeling like strongly betraying myself (and the treehouse, and specially the hazelmouse living in there) and still…

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USA: Activists Vow to Continue Blocking Trains Shipping Fracking Sands to North Dakota Oil Fields


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Press Release

Activists Vow to Continue “BLOCKING TRAINS” Shipping Fracking Sands to North Dakota Oil Fields – Following Para-Military Raid Last Week

Olympia, WA November 22, 2016:

A train transporting fracking proppants to the Bakken Basin in North Dakota, the source of oil for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and explosive Bakken oil trains, was prevented from leaving the Port of Olympia for almost 7 days before mass police repression dispersed a blockade in downtown Olympia, WA. The action began on Friday, Nov. 11th, when activists got word a train shipping fracking proppants was set to depart. People immediately mobilized and confronted the train—forcing it to reverse direction back into the port.

Protesters assembled an encampment, complete with tents, seating arrangements, food, music and a dishwashing station on the tracks at the edge of downtown Olympia. Other physical barricades to complement the encampment were constructed along the tracks to shut…

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