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Freedom for Lola! .. Activist jailed for Refugee Solidarity

Solidarity against Repression, Lola freedom! ..Please help.freedom-for-lolka

Lola was arrested and jailed when accompanying a Kurdish refugee who tried to take a  flight from Greece to Barcelona

Letter sent to Greek Authorities.. please sign here

from:    CGT (Anarcho syndicalist trade union).. Sent by on Sun, 12/04/2016 – 17:32.

to:   Mr. Fernando Turro Homedes Honorary Consul Genera, Consulate General of Greece in Barcelona

Last Sunday, November 27, Lola Gutiérrez from the CGT union section of the Barcelona Provincial Council, , was jailed by the Greek police for helping a Kurdish refugee travel to Barcelona.

She said she acted as she has done all her life, “out of political conviction and solidarity,” one more case in the long history of an exemplary activist in the struggle for social rights.

demo for Lola outside Greek Consulate in Barcelona
demo for Lola outside Greek Consulate in Barcelona

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Kinder Morgan pipeline: Canadians intensify huge opposition to expansion


GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GR: Efforts to deal with the climate and biodiversity emergencies we have created may depend primarily on civil disobedience. Here’s a link for signing on to support the one below.

“Opponents of a contentious Canadian pipeline project are preparing for a lengthy, multifaceted battle that will see thousands take to the country’s streets, courts and legislatures to contest the government’s recent approval of the project.

“Prime minister Justin Trudeau announced on Tuesday that the Liberal government had cleared the way for Kinder Morgan’s C$6.8bn Trans Mountain Expansion project. Designed to transport Alberta’s landlocked bitumen to international markets via Vancouver’s harbour, the project will expand an existing pipeline to nearly triple capacity on the artery to 890,000 barrels a day.

“But the decision will run into a roar of opposition, said grand chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs. “The marches and rallies will intensify. It will…

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Mass picket at Crossrail, Monday December 5, 6:30am

European and Canadian Civil Society Groups Call for Rejection of CETA


Raging Bull-shit

Cross-posted from Corporate Europe Observatory

Over 450 public interest groups from across Europe and Canada today published an open letter urging legislators to vote against the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). They joined forces to defend people and planet against the threats posed by the EU-Canada agreement, which still needs to be ratified by the European Parliament. Should EU parliamentarians give the trade deal the green light, ratification votes in EU member states would follow.

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Germany: Two Forest Defenders from Spain arrested in Hambach Forest still Jailed

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Yesterday, November 30, 8 people were arrested in Hambach Forest. Among them, 2 comrades from Spain. Everybody was released last night except for the 2 comrades who were transferred to Cologne today for pre-trial detention. The names that they were known as in the forest were Siao and Hodey although in Spain we knew them by other names.
Así es como queda el bosque con el avance de la mina.. Con el carbón marrón se alimenta la planta energética que se ve al fondo

The last few days in Hambach Forest have seen an escalation of tension. On November 17 a road block action took place with a burning barricade and rocks thrown in clashes with the security company and the ‘installation’ of a fake explosive device that delayed the dismantling of the barricade and the tree felling for several hours. Continue reading Germany: Two Forest Defenders from Spain arrested in Hambach Forest still Jailed

Shame: EU gives 595 million euros Blackmail Payment to nazi dictator Erdogan

President Erdogan can at least claim credit for bringing back the terms PURGES and POGROMS into daily use.

refugee EU Turkey dealPurges because he has fired, exiled, murdered, imprisoned or tortured literally hundreds of thousands of his own citizens with little evidence beyond his own stalinist paranoia… see Erdogan vows to punish thought crimes.

And Pogroms because he gained absolute power by whipping up hate against the 18 million Kurdish minority and attacking them, killing thousands, reducing cities like Cizre to rubble  (see POGROM, CURFEW, GENOCIDE IN CIZRE) and invading Iraq and Syria to kill Kurds and ”redeem the Turkish empire”..(see Turkey vows to Destroy inspiring Rojava Revolution. )These  are straightforward nazi tactics.

Using refugees as blackmail is nothing new , nor is profiting by abusing them to work endless hours for hhardly any pay. Not for a politician whose own family controlled the supplies to ISIS and now other jihadi proxies who have caused such immeasurable human suffering. (see Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President)

see also> Sacramento Wobbly and German volunteer murdered by Turkish state. Continue reading Shame: EU gives 595 million euros Blackmail Payment to nazi dictator Erdogan

Deforestation levels take off in Brazilian Amazon

via  https://garryrogers.com

9512e42fa9d879a2d993e0587110041dGR:  Growing global inequity is fueling resentment and despair. As inequity and the human population grow, resources decline, poverty spreads, and criminal destruction and harvest of wild plants and animals may increase.rainforest-infographic

“In the Amazon, Illegal land clearing hits highest levels since 2008 as environmental policies come under attack.” Continue reading Deforestation levels take off in Brazilian Amazon

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