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The Free is a book and a blog. .” the most detailed fictional treatment of the movement from a world recognizably like our own to an anarchist society that I have read.. imagined strongly enough to allow readers to believe that events could happen this way.” .142,000 reads so far.The updated 2014 edition is out, you can read it here.

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Fascist council smashes Ofelia Nieto 29, neighbours try to rebuild

thumb__67U2594#‎ReconstrucciON29‬ ‪#‎Madrid‬: People are rebuilding the evicted and demolished house at 29 Ofelia Nieto st right now. Here is a video with english subtitles about the house: A documentary of Michele Cristofoletti & Hugo Atman. Synopsis

Six square meters. That’s enough for the city of Madrid to take the family Gracia Gonzáles away the ownership of their house, in which they live. Father, mother, two daughters and their families who have been struggling for 10 years to see recognized their right to live in the very same house in which they grew up. Continue reading Fascist council smashes Ofelia Nieto 29, neighbours try to rebuild

act now.. Don’t let the ZAD Testet die !!!..demo March 7th

Come to save the Valley of Sivens, now or later on March 7, the day after the decision of the General Council of the Tarn !!!
testet_fev_8_v_1-6245cby zadist http://zad.nadir.org

ZAD the Testet, more alive, beautiful and angry than ever, is already condemned to death by all the powers (local, regional, centra) who all said it was necessary to “eliminate” the illegal occupation of the valley of Sivens by  …a bunch of “peluts”, “to anarcho-terrorism”, the “jihadist-greens”, “foreigners to the region”, the “drug-assisted”, “handled by experienced activists to sow disorder at home “etc, etc .. The qualifiers which our enemies use are extremely diverse … Continue reading act now.. Don’t let the ZAD Testet die !!!..demo March 7th

Solidaridad con Emma. Preso anarquista.


Via Bristol ABC.. Preso anarquista, Emma Sheppard fue condenado a 2 años de cárcel el martes 24 de febrero 2015 en Bristol Tribunal de la Corona por cometer daños criminales imprudentemente y ‘poner en peligro la vida’.


La acusación se refiere al daño criminal a  los coches de policía enla zona de Bristol.

* Por favor, escriba cartas de solidaridad a: Continue reading Solidaridad con Emma. Preso anarquista.

We want him FREE. We want him ALIVE.. José Antúnez Becerra

josé AntúnezThe coming days will be crucial in the fight for the life and freedom of José Antúnez  ..Solidarity outside the walls will be felt more strongly. Because José is not alone …
We want him free¡¡¡ We want him alive¡¡¡ 

Continue reading We want him FREE. We want him ALIVE.. José Antúnez Becerra

War on Whistleblowers (featuring Edward Snowden and David Carr) 2015

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I want you to blow the whistle Image by mike via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

Brave New Films on Feb 23, 2015

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Estrena del documental “Asfaltar Bolivia”

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Div. 27F- Estrena documental “Asfaltar Bolivia”‏

Amics i amigues,
és un gust convocar-vos a l´estrena del nostre darrer documental.

No us perdeu el piscolabis i la parranda posterior pels baretos de Gràcia.



Estreno Asfaltar

Divendres 27 Febrer

19h Espai Fontana
C/Fontana 190 <M> Fontana

Estrena del documental “Asfaltar Bolivia”

Presentació a càrrec dels autors del documental
i d´en Joan, co-editor de la Revista Argelaga
Hi haurà pica-pica!

Asfaltar Bolivia

Un documental sobre el mite del progrès a l´Amazonia

Els pobles indígenes amazònics de Bolivia manifesten el seu rebuig a la destrucció dels seus teritoris, que són afectats per la construccions d´infraestructures als seus territoris, els quals són afectats per la construcció  d´infraestructures vials funcionals a la imprlementació de projectes extractivistes. El mite del progrès desembarca a l´imaginari estatal i als seus programes, mentre els pobles reclamen poder decidir els seus destins.

Realizat per…

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Contrainfos video-mag 95, Tasers/Chiapas/Asfaltar Bolivia/SOS Menorca..(in Catalan)

00 Campanya Stop Taser
01 Repressió indigenes Tseltal a Cascada azulTsetzal resiste
02 Bluqueo fluvial de comunitats natives Achuar y Kichua contra Pluspetrol (FECONAT)
03 Movilitzacions a Pichanaky i Lima contra Pluspetrol (Guerrilla Audiovisual)
04 Trailer documental Asfaltar Bolivia (Alerta Amazónica)
05 S.O.S Menorca

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