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Yemen: Arms sales pass $3 billion as daily Massacres continue. Spanish Firefighter halts Arms Loading and is Punished

http://insurgente.org    A Spanish firefighter could receive up to four years of suspension from his job after he refused to approve a weapons and explosives-laden shipment from the port city of Bilbao to Saudi Arabia for potential use in Yemen.

Speaking from the town of Getxo, on Friday, Biscayan firefighter Inazio Robles said he refused to supervise the 26-countainer shipment after his superiors confirmed its contents and destination.

4,000 tons of explosives, bombs and detonators, .. used to kill civilians in the invasion of Yemen.

A firefighter who on 13 March refused to hold a check in a shipment of arms in the port of Bilbao will be sanctioned. The weapons, 4,000 tons of explosives, bombs and detonators, were directed to Saudi Arabia and were to be used to kill civilians in the invasion of Yemen. Continue reading Yemen: Arms sales pass $3 billion as daily Massacres continue. Spanish Firefighter halts Arms Loading and is Punished

Barcelona Council Votes to End «Israeli» Occupation and Illegal Settlements

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Barcelona City Council passed a historic declaration on Wednesday upholding the right to boycott the “Israeli” entity over its violations of Palestinian rights.

Boycott "Israeli" apartheid protest in Spain

The motion condemns the apartheid entity’s occupation of Palestinian land, calls for the immediate end to the decade-long Gaza blockade and ensures that the city’s public procurement policies exclude companies that profit from “Israel’s” human rights abuses.

It also admonishes the “Israeli” entity for its intransigence in the face of repeated warnings from the international community to stop its illegal colonization of Palestinian land, according to the Catalan daily Ara.

The council recognizes “nonviolent campaigns promoted by Palestinian and international civil society for defending international and human rights law in Palestine” – a clear nod to the BDS movement.

The city joins dozens of Spanish municipalities which have declared themselves “free of ‘Israeli’ apartheid.”

A coalition of Spanish and Catalan boycott, divestment and sanctions [BDS]…

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US prison struggles: ongoing hunger strikes in Riverside County, CA, and Wisconsin

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Two calls for support from the continuing revolt inside the US’ prisons and jails:

In Riverside County, California, detainees at the Robert Presley Jail have been on hunger strike since April 13th, and are reporting that the administration is retaliating against them by limiting their access to phones and visits from outside. For a full list of their demands, see here.

They’re asking that messages in support of their action are passed on to

-First District Supervisor Kevin Jeffries: (951) 955-1010
Email: district1@rivco.org
-Second District Supervisor John Tavaglione: (951) 955-1020
Email: district2@rivco.org
-Third District Supervisor Chuck Washington (951) 955-1030
Email: wordpress@rivcodistrict3.org
-Fourth District Acting Supervisor and Fifth District Supervisor Marion Ashley:(951) 955-1050
Online contact via this form: http://www.rivcodistrict5.org/contact-us

(951) 955-2400 Press Option 4
Email WebMgr@riversidesheriff.orgfeedback@riversidesheriff.org or via this form: https://www.riversidesheriff.org/feedback/

(951) 955-4500 Press Option 1 then…

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British police against anti-domestic violence demonstrators

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This video from Brtain says about itself:

Domestic Violence: The Survivor’s Story – Southampton Women’s Aid

25 November 2015

Domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women in the UK.

Women’s Aid Southampton have been supporting women for over 40 years, but unfortunately all of their budget has been cut by the local government.

Last year Southampton Women’s Aid helped 269 women who experienced domestic violence.

388 people accessed the helpline.

52 women directly benefited from the Pattern Changing groups.

Without Women’s Aid hundreds of women in Southampton will be at risk.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Cops try to gag benefit sanctions demo

Saturday 22nd April 2017

POLICE told campaigners in Doncaster to “stop upsetting people” yesterday when they staged a vocal protest against benefits sanctions’ effects on victims of domestic violence.

The Women’s Lives Matter group held its second protest outside the Department for…

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May Day 2017: We Strike Back Against Capitalists


BY   May 1st is a day of solidarity with other exploited people across the world and within our communities. This is a call to reclaim and rebuild the history and struggle against oppression with an anti-capitalist gathering, celebration and resistance.Image result for mayday class war

This year we will commemorate those who fought with their lives for an 8 hour workday in Chicago over 100 years ago, and the innocent anarchists who lost their lives at the hand of the law.

On May 1st 2017 we will stand against capitalism, colonialism, borders and the state; we will stand for freedom, community and self-determination as we continue the struggles of workers started so many years ago.

Capitalism continues to steal land, life, culture and language from in the name of profit. The empire it has built on stolen land keeps workers under the boot of the bosses, the unemployed under the boot of the state, as our labour increases their profit margins and we merely survive and dream of the lives we can live in our worn-out bodies come retirement.Image result for mayday general strike migrants

On May 1st, 2017 we will gather as anti-capitalists against the systems of oppression that commodify our basic needs and force us to work for our daily bread. The food from the fields and trees and the houses on the streets have all been packaged into marketable products and fenced off from all who cannot pay the price. Continue reading May Day 2017: We Strike Back Against Capitalists

Update on the trial against accused anarchist bank robbers – Aachen (Germany)

from insurrection news  with thanks    This is a call to solidarity with the anarchists accused of robbery in Aachen. It is a call to maintain the links between the rebels and the oppressed wherever possible throughout the world.


In 2015, a comrade from Amsterdam was arrested. She was accused of having participated in a robbery in 2013 against the Aachener bank in Aachen. After a few months spent in preventive and several weeks of trial, she was finally acquitted and released. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the Aachen Prosecutor’s Office will appeal this verdict and go to the revision court.

In April and June 2016, two other comrades, this time from Barcelona, were arrested and incarcerated by the Spanish state, accused by the same prosecution office of having participated in another bank robbery.

The two were then extradited to Germany in June 2016, where they have since been under the U-Haft regime (investigative preventive prison). The trial against them began in January 2017 in the Aachen Justice complex and it is scheduled to run until May 22, 2017. Continue reading Update on the trial against accused anarchist bank robbers – Aachen (Germany)

Pussy Pride Parades resist Prosecution by Catholic Church


  1. todo nuestro apoyo a las 3 imputadas por la performance del , denunciadas por ultracatólicos misóginos:

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Pussy Pride Parades in Andalucia

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