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As mad as a box of frogs, Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran”

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Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran”

La tournée incendiaire mondiale de Hillary ClintonOn Friday, presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton addressed a hand-picked audience at a Dartmouth College campaign event. She lied calling Iran an “existential threat to Israel… I hope we are able to get a deal next week that puts a lid on (its) nuclear weapons program.”

Even if we do get such a deal, we will still have major problems from Iran. They are the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism.

They use proxies like Hezbollah to sow discord and create insurgencies to destabilize governments. They are taking more and more control of a number of nations in the region and they pose an existential threat to Israel.

We…have turn our attention to working with our partners to try to reign in and prevent this continuing Iranian aggressiveness.

Fact:US and Israeli intelligence both say Iran’s nuclear program has no military component. No…

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Victory!!! Greeks saying NO to Capitalist Blackmail..

A woman holds a placard with a Greek national flag next to a message in Greek reading, ‘No’ during a rally in support of Greece, in Madrid July 5, 2015.DV2075194

Solidarity with Greece demonstrators interrupt Angela Merkel via

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Three Common Beliefs That Make Abuse Innate to Our World


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1. Teasing my children or spouse and pointing out their flaws repeatedly  in jest makes them stronger. It toughens them up for the “real world” where people treat others like shit. It teaches them to take a joke.

Repeated verbal abuse chips away slowly at self-esteem and undermines a person’s base of inner power. It does not make you stronger. It sets up the lesson that people treat others like crap and teaches your children to expect abuse as normal from other people. It elevates accepting abuse to a prideful status. It also creates abusers who tease and degrade other people and then pretend they are doing others a favor in the process.

Think this myth is true? Tease back. Not one single person I have met, and I have had a perfect record of being attracted to abusive intimate partners well as abusive friends, has had the “strength” to take their own medicine.  This is passive aggression, i.e. gutless aggression where the aggressor wants to hurt you but come out smelling like a rose. This behavior is a deeply entrenched pastime in our society and culture. Continue reading Three Common Beliefs That Make Abuse Innate to Our World

Desmond Tutu “When the white missionaries came to Africa…”

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~ Desmond Tutu… When the white missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land.  They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes.   When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.

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Solidarity with Greece demonstrators interrupt Angela Merkel

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This video says about itself:

Merkel OXI-ed: Greek solidarity protesters heckle chancellor’s speech

4 July 2015

Several activists interrupted the German Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s speech, during the CDU open day marking the 70th anniversary of the party, in Berlin, Saturday.

From RT.com:

‘OXI!’: Greek solidarity protesters interrupt Merkel’s speech (VIDEO)

July 04, 2015 20:35

A speech by German Chancellor Angela Merkel was interrupted by a group anti-austerity protestors, who chanted ‘No’ in Greek in support of a negative vote in Greece’s Sunday’s referendum on whether to accept the harsh bailout demands of its creditors.

The incident occurred when Merkel was just about to begin her speech at an event in Berlin dedicated to her Christian Democratic Union Party’s 70th anniversary.

The demonstrators chanted “OXI,” which means “No” in Greek, and displayed small signs with the same message.

Security officers were quick to remove the protestors…

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Nuclear Confrontation with Russia: Has Washington Gone Looney Tunes?


The US is playing a dangerous game of nuclear brinkmanship. Robert Scher, undersecretary of defense, has even floated the idea of a nuclear first strike against Russia. “A second option could ‘look at how we could go about and actually attack that missile where it is in Russia,’ Scher said. Yes, that’s how crazy the warlords of Washington are: in their demented calculus, nuclear war is just another “option.

Originally posted on Uprootedpalestinians's Blog:

Nuclear Confrontation with Russia: Has Washington Gone Looney Tunes?

US-ArmyGiven a series of recent speeches by leading US officials and actions, the question must be frankly posed: Has Washington gone collectively looney tunes? Even as the governments of the EU are moving to buck US pressures and ease the sanctions, the Obama Administration seems intent on marching in the direction of a nuclear confrontation with Russia. As the ancient Greek expression puts it, “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad…” The following recent developments fit that pattern quite nicely, thank you.

On June 5, Ashton Carter, the neo-conservative Obama Defense Secretary gave clear indications he is prepared to be far more provocative against Russia than his fired predecessor, Chuck Hagel. Carter convened a special meeting in Stuttgart, Germany of two dozen US military leaders and US Ambassadors in Europe at the headquarters of US European Command. He told…

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EU Parliament President Tells Greece:Time For Another Puppet Government

Originally posted on Raging Bull-shit:

As the following post from Zerohedge confirms, the worst aspects of the EU, including its unapologetic preference for technocratic governments manned to the rafters with mediocre, self-serving yesmen and women, never seem to change; they just get worse. 

European Parliament president Martin Schulz said his faith in the Greek government had reached “rock bottom,” and, as AFP reports, that he hopes it resigns after Sunday’s referendum. Luckily, he has an idea for a solution… the time between the departure of Tsipras’ hard-left Syriza party and new elections would have to “be bridged with a technocratic government, so that we can continue to negotiate.”

As AFP reports,

Schulz on Thursday told German Handelsblatt business daily that “new elections would be necessary if the Greek people vote for the reform programme and thus for remaining in the eurozone and Tsipras, as a logical consequence, resigns.”

The time between the departure of Tsipras’ hard-left…

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