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Turkish State’s nazi style crimes “Should spark a Worldwide Outcry,”

This week in Europe – innocent children burned alive and blown to bits by our ‘friends and allies’ the Turkish State- NOTHING ABOUT IT IN MY NEWSPAPER. Over 100 civilians massacred after 3 weeks trapped in cellars- NOTHING ABOUT IT ON THE NEWS.impunity

How is this possible? Is it because the US made an agrrement to let Turkey do what they like with the Kurdish people at home, etc? Is it because the EU were blackmailed to shut up as part of the deal to restrict refugees? Or because of the Turkish news blackout and jailings of curious journalists?

Whatever the reasons there’s no excuse for the media to shut up as Erdogan imposes the Nazi Solution in his megalomaniac quest for absolute `power.

Here to redress the balance a tiny bit, we re-publish summaries and links to many shocking posts appearing only in the Kurdish media.

Anna-Sara Malmgren questions silence on Turkey’s state terror

NEWS CENTER – Turkey’s human rights abuses in Kurdistan “should be enough to spark a worldwide outcry,” said Stanford University philosophy professor Anna Malmgren, among the authors of a recent petition calling on Barack Obama to take a public stand on the issue. “We want president Obama to speak out, loud and clear, against the atrocities that are being committed by the Turkish government in the southeast,” said Anna-Sara. She noted that media silence on what she described as “state terrorism” against Kurds prompted the petition.

“We were—and still are—frustrated at the general passivity and media silence here in the U.S. (and also in Europe) with respect to the Turkish governments’ actions,” said Anna-Sara…….”

– See more at: http://www.bestanews.com/

Janet Biehl: We need Öcalan’s voice desperately now – 

NEWS CENTER- Janet Biehl is a political writer with a focus on libertarian municipalism and social ecology in USA. Janet is part of the February 14-16 Imrali delegation. She spoke to JINHA about the isolation of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, current situation in North Kurdistan and the Geneva peace process.   * On February 15, 1999, multiple state intelligence services cooperated to capture and jail Abdullah Öcalan. Since then, there has been a policy of isolation and communications blackout against Öcalan. […]

‘Humanity was killed in Cizre, not people’

DİLOK- Antep women reacted to killing of people in ‘basements of savagery’. ” Our conscience and humanity were executed in Cizre, the people executed in Cizre’s basements, will live forever,” said Antep women.  … Continue reading Turkish State’s nazi style crimes “Should spark a Worldwide Outcry,”

Gagging Resistance: Rappers face up to 30,000 fine for Anti Police song

“Share in defense of freedom of expression”,

Two rappers interrogated for YouTube anti police video

 Now that the  puppeteers have finally been released from prison (on bail with serious terrorist charges) a new controversy over freedom of expression and the so-called Gag Law has erupted in Granada.

Two teenage rappers have been interrogated by the police for uploading a video to Youtube in which they criticise the security forces. It is Ajax & amp; Prok, two young people who began rapping at only 13 and 16 years of age and have gradually made their way into the world of rap.

They face jail and up to 30,000 euros fine each under the draconian new ‘Gag Laws’.

The rappers themselves posted an image on  the social networks in which they appeared both with their mouths hidden by  sellophane and a text announcing that have been questioned by police .

“Share in defense of freedom of expression”, they asked on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages where they soon received thousands of messages of support from their fans.

Nearly 5,000 people follow these rappers on Facebook where the news was shared more than a thousand times and received more than a hundred comments from people around the world:.

“A lot of support came from Argentina,” and other supportive comments such as: “power in defense of freedom is greater than the power in the name of tyranny and oppression”

Continue reading Gagging Resistance: Rappers face up to 30,000 fine for Anti Police song

Erdogan Screams for Blood..News Blackouts on new Cizre massacres, 73 missing.

More State Savagery in Cizre: 20-25 more  people burned to death

Erdogan's massacres tourism-boycott
It came out that Turkish forces committed yet another savagery in Şırnak’s Cizre district following the savage massacre of dozens in two basements in Cudi neighborhood two days ago.
 While people trapped in basements are being massacred by state forces in Cizre town of Şırnak, dozens of corpses have been taken to hospital and no news is received from many others facing a threat of imminent execution.
Cizre Democratic People's Assembly has called on the people of Botan region to mount total resistance against the 'deliberate policies of massacre'.
Cizre Democratic People’s Assembly has called on the people of Botan region to mount total resistance against the ‘deliberate policies of massacre’.

Out of the 134 people known to be stuck in basements-94 in Cudi and 45 in Sur neighborhood-, 66 have been verified massacred in basements so far.

HDP issues urgent call for action by international organizations

1ST BASEMENT: NO NEWS FROM 15 WOUNDED AND 9 OTHER PEOPLE Continue reading Erdogan Screams for Blood..News Blackouts on new Cizre massacres, 73 missing.

Stop Gentrification: Berlin autonomes ”will do €1m damage per crazy police raid”

lunatic police response to attack on traffic warden
lunatic police response to attack on traffic warden
Activists in Berlin warned on Sunday that they would exact €1m in revenge for any more mass police raids on their squats and other ‘projects’ in the capital, after luxury cars were burned at the weekend.


Burned-out cars  in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. 
  “With the burning up of excessive luxury cars, the destruction of a surveillance camera and the smashing in of display windows, we refer to the call of autonomous groups on January 21st to cause €1 million of damage for any attack on projects in Berlin,” the unknown authors wrote on indymedia.
Yuppies OUT
 On Friday and Saturday nights, dozens of cars were destroyed ar damaged in the capital by hooded attackers, none of whom were arrested.

size=708x398 (2)

The claim of responsibility posted online on Sunday seemed to confirm city interior senator Frank Henkel’s belief that “left-wing slobs” were behind the attacks, with the authors saying they would cause €1m of property damage for attacks on left-wing ‘projects’ in Berlin.

Police reported that between 20 and 40 masked people on bicycles had burned four high-value cars and damaged 24 others on Friday night around the Gleisdreieck park in the south-central Kreuzberg district.

Late on Saturday, a similar incident occurred, with witnesses reporting a crowd of between 50 and 100 masked perpetrators damaging around 20 cars.

More cars reportedly burned over the weekend in the Charlottenburg and Gesundbrunnen districts.

“We won’t leave the streets to this far-left mob,” Henkel said on Sunday, adding that the city’s internal security services – who are responsible for politically motivated crimes – were investigating.size=708x398 (3)

Confrontation in ”danger zone”

Henkel, who is responsible for city security policy, has become a particular target figure after declaring the Nordkiez area in eastern district Friedrichshain a “danger zone” in November.

Friedrichshain remains one of the strongholds in Berlin of the squatter movement, with a number of buildings that have remained occupied since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and German reunification.
Occupied buildings in the district are seen as landmarks in the left and anarchist scene in the capital.

Left-wing activists’ confrontation with Henkel was sharpened in January with a massive raid of 500 police officers on an iconic squat at Rigaer Straße 94, after a police officer was ”attacked” outside while issuing a parking ticket.

Many left-wingers and mainstream politicians criticized the raid as disproportionate at the time and reminiscent of past incidents when squats have been completely cleared to make way for development.

Sunday’s claim of responsibility left no doubt about a link to the raid in Rigaer Straße.demo-014

Left-wing demo mostly peaceful

Anger over the “danger zone” and continuous police pressure were also the basis for a demonstration on Saturday under the title “Rebellious Neighours, Neighbourhoods with Solidarity, City from Below”.

Left-wing activists in Friedrichshain believe that the city is using police and security policy to clear them out in preparation for the area to be gentrified like other nearby districts.(Full of luxury cars).

“For people like Frank Henkel… the Nordkiez is an area which has to be totally pacified or a problem that has to be sorted out,” the organizers wrote.

“For those of us who live, reside and work here, the Nordkiez is above all one thing: a place of resistance with a long history and the most variied ways of life based on collectivity and solidarity.”


The demo went ahead under heavy police control, with dozens of police vehicles and around 1,200 officers flooding the streets of Friedrichshain.

While it was mostly peaceful, some bottles and rocks were thrown at police. Five police officers were reportedly injured and two people were arrested.


              SEE ALSO: 500 cops raid Berlin house after attack

Zika: update from Brazil: towering non-evidence

zika is harmlessIt seems the number of cases of microcephaly in Brazil has increased, but only to 404 cases compared to the 25,000 cases in the US where there is no Zika virus.see here,in portuguese. 

The increase in Brazil  could be for many other health reasons, even due to under-reporting of cases. There is hardly any evidence of microcephaly victims who also have zika.

 In Sao Paulo State, for example a big increase in microcephaly has been reported (compared to those reported in the past, 126 instead of 40), but nearly all in areas where Zika has not even been detected, never mind proved to have any relation.see here, in portuguese.

Also because Zika is a mild and difficult to detect virus it may well have existed in Brazil for decades and was only noticed in 2014.


Jon Rappoport's Blog

Zika: update from Brazil: towering non-evidence

by Jon Rappoport

February 4, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

I can now provide the latest update on what researchers in Brazil are discovering, as they dig into their original findings about the Zika virus and cases of microcephaly (babies born with small heads and brain impairment).

A correspondent has offered a translation of an article that appeared in one of the major Sao Paulo newspapers, O Estado de São Paulo, on February 2nd, “País tem 404 casos confirmados de microcefalia”:

It is obvious that no significant connection between microcephaly and the Zika virus has been found. It’s not even close. So far, therefore, there is absolutely no reason to trumpet an epidemic of Zika. Doing so is quite insane, by any reasonable standard.

Here are the principal facts in the article (after…

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Stamp-scrip anti-money could Save Greece..Sabotage Capitalism

The Free

 If we accept that our predator capitalism is  rushing into financial and environmental disaster we need an equally vigorous and attractive alternative that people can turn to as things get worse.destroy the banksOne possibility is local ‘stamp-scrip’ (freemoney), which gradually loses its value if not spent, so people spend it immediately and the local economy booms. There’s no use hoarding capital in this scheme.

View original post 4,470 more words

Cizre massacre of 60 Kurds ascribed to ‘war alliance’ including ‘deep state’ Ergenekon

Cizre massacre


Carvv7yXEAA7S4k Child burned to death after Turkish onslaught on Cizre building

Turkish state forces are implementing an all-out media blackout across the town of Cizre in the wake of yesterday’s offensive by Turkish forces on two buildings where wounded people had taken shelter and were trapped as a result of artillery attacks over a sixteen day siege. At least 60 Kurds – men, women and childrem – are  known to have lost their lives. Most of those inside the building had been sheltering in the basement. The Turkish Government claimed all the occupants were members of the proscribed PKK. A local political leader has stated that the attack had all the hallmarks of a military-Ergenekon (‘deep state’) alliance, as part of the Government offensive against the Kurds. So far, mainstream media in the West has ignored the massacre.

DBP (Party of Democratic Regions) Co-President Kamuran Yüksek said that state forces attacked…

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