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Kurdistan: Freedom for Zehra and 1000’s more.. Homage to slain US volunteer Levi …

Kurdish journalist feminist Zehra Doğan and  Mazlum Dogan arrested and jailed


Our editor ‪#‎ZehraDoğan‬ detained!!! ‪#‎Jinha‬ ‪#‎editor‬

The editor of the feminist news agency Ajansı Jin Haber, Zehra Dogan, and Mazlum Dogan, deputy adviser in Mardin for Democratic Peoples Party (HDP) Ali Atalan were arrested two days ago in Mardin. They were sitting in a cafe in that city of Turkish Kurdistan. Zehra and Mazlum were sent to Nusaybin…

Her work as a journalist as “evidence of crime”

Zehra’s journalistic activity has been considered by the Turkish authorities as proof of propaganda organization. Police have provided as evidence her reporting of the situation in Nisêbîn / Nusaybin, ( see Genocide in Europe: Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days ..in total ruins and  deafening silence) social Facebook messages on the network, drawings and news testimonies.

Logically the feminist journalist denied all charges and said she belongs to the Turkish Journalists Union (TGS) and all the news reported is within the scope of journalistic activity.

see also: Turkey ‘issues arrest warrants for 42 journalists’

Greetings on March 8 Womens day  led them to prison

Meanwhile, Mazlum Dogan has been accused of attending activities with the Deputy Ali Atalan. Police criminalize his actions in the media around March 8th when he read the following textual statement:”Happy International Women’s Day happy all working women and women from insurgents Clara Rosa, Sakine Seve. Jin Jiyan Azadi” (Women, Life, Freedom). Such words, in the Kurdish language, are regarded as a crime.

Mazlum Dogan, and a photo of civilian victims of Erdogan's continuing massacres of Kurds
Mazlum Dogan, and a photo of civilian victims of Erdogan’s continuing massacres of Kurds

(update insert:  In recent days many thousands more people have been arrested, tortured, and killed or interned without trial under emergency powers taken by  President Erdogan  after an an army ‘attempted coup’.)

by  in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq..   shared with thanks

Levi Jonathan ShurkeyAn American volunteer fighting alongside Kurdish forces in Syria has been killed during an ongoing offensive to recapture the town of Manbij from Islamic State militants.

Levi Jonathan Shirley, known by his Kurdish comrades as Agir Servan, died on 14 July in Manbij, according to a statement on the official website of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), in whose ranks he was fighting,  helping defend Kurdish-held areas from Islamic State and recently participating in the battle for the northern town of Manbij, which began in May and is backed by  US-led air attacks. Continue reading Kurdistan: Freedom for Zehra and 1000’s more.. Homage to slain US volunteer Levi …

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Pokémon Go Get Em: Opportunities for radicals

Pokemon Go

from Kate Aronoff, Waging Nonviolence, with thanks 

If you happen to have been living under a rock this past weeks, there’s a good chance someone turned it over looking for Pokémon. Pokémon Go, Nintendo’s free augmented reality app, has been as ubiquitous in the news as the presidential election in EEUU.poke-lexternal

For the uninformed: Game designers have placed Pokémon and in-game items at specific hot spots around the country, encouraging users to venture out into their neighborhoods or others, and to contest for “gyms,” where they can challenge other players for control of a particular location……GO GO anti HATE

…..The long-term viability of Pokémon-based campaign strategies remain to be seen — only time will tell if the game is a passing fad or something with a longer shelf-life. But so long as rare Pokémon continue to send stampedes into Central Park, can it be used for good?

180px-Pokemon-go-blmAs Dylan Matthews points out for Vox, Pokémon Go one-ups social media’s ability to draw people out, given that it actually gets bodies moving and to a particular location. Rather than retweeting or liking a post, players have to physically flock to lures. It’s why the Clinton campaign has been so eager to put it to use registering voters, turning up to Poké Stops and gyms. Anyone can place Pokémon “lures,” which attract creatures to a certain area, up around a city — and even more so if you happen to be working with a budget.

Even before the Clinton campaign started using it, NextGen Climate, an environmentally-focused voter turnout organization, had begun trying to put the app to work. “In each of our states, r1267_nat_rnc_v-53e58476-6dcb-46ad-a3ea-66dc238c3345NextGen Climate will be dropping Pokémon Go lures in strategic locations, which means we’ll release rare Pokémon in a specific location at a specific time,” said Suzanne Henkels, the group’s press secretary….

NextGen has held Pokémon-themed events across New Hampshire, Ohio and Iowa, complete with lures and recharging stations. In Nevada, they hosted a “real life Poké Stop” and had refreshments alongside “organizers there to register attendees to vote and educate them about the importance of electing climate champions in November.”…

…..But its uses, some . go. b.eyond the ballot box as well. Brandon Holmes — a civil rights organizer with the community organizing outfit Vocal New York — identified several ways the app could bolster grassroots movements.

1116003“The more players you have in an area, the more rare Pokémon will show,” he said, suggesting that players “build a large occupancy somewhere like Trump Tower or divestment targets and constantly attach lures to stops.” Organizers, Holmes added, could even plan marches that route through different Poké Stops, though he saw a challenge in “keeping the attendees captivated and not buried in their phones during speeches or chants … You would need some serious marshaling and the world’s best energy team.”CoEgLIYWEAAjlzW

The Black Lives Matter Alliance of Broward [County, Florida] held an event yesterday at a Fort Lauderdale supermarket “looking for new ways to engage the community around the issues surrounding the movement for black lives,” encouraging participants to bring “water, friends” and “lures.”

Another set of activists are also looking into how the game might bring people out to fossil fuel infrastructure sites within their communities, though opted not to be named in this article as the effort has yet to launch.westboro-189558

One model Holmes saw as instructive was at the famously bigoted Westboro Baptist Church, the site of a gym where a Clefairy (“fairy-type”) Pokémon named “LOVEISLOVE” beat out Westboro faithfuls for control. “If we could find gyms that are solid targets, we could nickname Pokémon after our campaign messaging and organize enough folks to train the gym to be virtually unstoppable,” he said. “We could also name them after our organizations.”

Pokémon might also come in handy for fundraising efforts. After a Long Island pizza shop paid to have a rare Pokémon sent to their store front, sales jumped 75 percent by day’s end. “We could host a campaign-specific fundraiser where [a certain percentage] of the funds go directly to Pokémon Go for a rare Pokémon and the rest go to a specific campaign/action,” Holmes said, noting that this could involve lobbying Nintendo and Niantec, the game’s creator, for the ability to purchase rare finds.

Pokemon Go in Gaza. (Twitter / @Nawajaa)

Pokemon Go in Gaza. (Twitter / @Nawajaa)

Jeremy Gong, of the Sierra Club’s San Francisco chapter, was more skeptical.   “I imagine that one can only do rather shallow organizing with Pokémon Go — like Facebook events, the game could be great for a quick turnout, but there’s no guarantee those Poké-hunters are in it for the long haul,” he warned. “I don’t imagine a lot of people saying, ‘I came for the Snorlax, but stayed for police reform.’”

Like any other new app or new technology, Pokémon Go is no replacement for the day-to-day work of community organizing and well-timed mobilization.

But it might offer a few more pieces to an activist toolbox that — in 2016 — has never needed to be bigger.

Wyatt Burnett, 22, Staten Island, student,, Alexis Gines, 26, a real estate agent, Katherine Hulit, 32, Brooklyn, actress, catches a Pinsir Pokemon in Union Square Monday, July 11, 2016, in New York.  Ref: SPL1317591  110716   Picture by: NY Post / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York:	212-619-2666 London:	870-934-2666 photodesk@splashnews.com
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Violent eviction of the CNTE from Chiapas occupation

CNTE eviction and re occupation

Chiapas Support Committee

[The EZLN has issued a statement on this violent eviction. We’ll post it as soon as the English translation is available. Meanwhile, here’s what happened.]


Some 200 individuals violently evicted the occupation that CNTE teachers maintained on the San Cristóbal de Las Casas-Tuxtla Gutiérrez toll road, along with parents and members of civil groups that support the teachers. Photo: Colectivo Tragameluz and Elio Henríquez Some 200 individuals violently evicted the occupation that CNTE teachers maintained on the San Cristóbal de Las Casas-Tuxtla Gutiérrez toll road, along with parents and members of civil groups that support the teachers. Photo: Colectivo Tragameluz and Elio Henríquez

By: Elio Henríquez and Hermann Bellinghausen

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas

Yesterday (Wednesday) noon, around 200 people that were carrying sticks, machetes and firearms attacked the roadblock that teachers, students, parents, representatives of more than 50 of the city’s neighborhoods and members of different organizations have maintained on the San Cristóbal-Tuxtla Gutiérrez toll road since June 27, to demand the abrogation of the education reform.

Accompanied by municipal and states police, the…

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Soaked against Sexism: Vallecas holds massive Water Battle against Gender Violence

Vallecas barrio gets Wet to oppose Gender Violence
     #Nosqueremosvivas._DSC8642 copia
This year, the wettest party invited Vallecas to ‘jump in the deep end’ against gender violence. The annual water battle this year toured the neighbouthood, visiting one of the apartment blocks occupied (‘liberated’) by the Platform of People Affected by Mortgage evictions (PAH) of Vallekas.

La Batalla naval toma las calles de Vallecas from Diagonal on Vimeo.

The PAH is also demanding the suspension of the eviction of the building of Sierra de Llerena, the first occupied by the group in this neighborhood.
Pirate banner demands. WE WANT THEM ALIVE
Pirate banner demands. WE WANT THEM ALIVE

… Any weapon is good enough if it can be used to pour, squirt or bomb water. Over 20,000 people splashed into action in the annual Naval Battles in Vallecas Naval, the Queen of the Festival of Karmela, Continue reading Soaked against Sexism: Vallecas holds massive Water Battle against Gender Violence

El Gas de Fracking de EEUU llega a Galicia: ‘ Mucho peor que el Carbón’..el gasoducto Midcat ‘ha Muerto’..

Llega a España el primer cargamento de gas de fracking USA

LLeno de gas del Fracking de EEUU el buque Sestao Knutsen llego el 22 Juliol 2016 al terminal Mugardos ubicado en el Puerto de Ferrol en Galicia operado y propiedad de la empresa Reganosa.
El buque Sestao Knutsen llegó el 22 Juliol 2016 al terminal Mugardos ubicado en el Puerto de Ferrol en Galicia operado y propiedad de la empresa Reganosa.  foto de archivo

El 22 de Julio llegó al puerto de Ferrol el primer cargamento de gas de fracking procedente de EEUU.  Según denuncian Ecologistas en Acción, Amigos de la Tierra y otras organizaciones, la llegada del metanero Sestao Knutsen, impedirá a buen seguro el cumplimiento de los ya exiguos e insuficientes objetivos climáticos europeos. Las próximas entregas serán a Barcelona y Sagunto (Valencia).

‘Ni aquí Ni en ninguna parte’ es el lema del movimiento anti-fracking, y genera rechazo el engaño de la importación de gas del fracking de EEUU, especialmente ante las noticias que resulta mucho más dañino que el carbón.

Los últimos estudios de Harvard  dan pruebas que ‘La Revolución del Fracking  es letal para el clima debido a las fugas incontrolables de metano y que ha hecho a perder todas las supuestas reducciones de emisiones en EEUU desde 2009.frackin_7138_11

Probado que el Gas de Fracking es ‘Mucho peor que el Carbón’.

El gas de fracking no es un sustituto menos dañino para el clima. Estudios autoritativos de Harvard y Cornell han revelado que es mucho peor que el carbón  debido a las fugas incontrolables de metano. Continue reading El Gas de Fracking de EEUU llega a Galicia: ‘ Mucho peor que el Carbón’..el gasoducto Midcat ‘ha Muerto’..

US to flood EU with ‘Frack Gas’, now proven ‘Much Worse Than Coal’

UPDATE::LATE NEWS:: The first ship carrying EEUU frack gas to Spain arrived on 22nd July in Ferrol, Galicia. Activists and Ecological groups protested bitterly and accused the company of illegal handling and storage.US 'frack-gas´to flood Europe

The first shipment of US frack-gas (‘shale gas’) has arrived in Portugal, followed by 6 more to Europe. The US plans hundreds of shipments, taking up to 20% of the euro gas market from their Russian rivals. With state help the enterprises have been busy strong arming and bribing EU companies into contracts, (eg. Galp (Portugal), Royal Dutch Shell and the Spanish Gas Natural. with the Rajoy govt only too eager to help).


A juicy business perhaps, aided by the usual US financial and military tools that have got the South Stream pipeline from Russia cancelled, have lined up countries and the EU against the German Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and have quietly forbidden their Ukraine ‘debt cow’ state from doing essential maintenance on their Russian pipeline, which still provides 16% of Europe’s gas.

first frack gas arrives in Portugal
first frack gas arrives in Portugal

All set then. A famous victory for the US billionaires and their power crazed political sponsors, who haven’t hesitated to buy out environmental law, poison aquifers and cause a health and ecological emergency in order to frack oil and gas from thousands of short term wells.

But just a minute. There’s a problem. .. One of the blatant scams of the frackers was to make it unnecessary to even measure methane leaks, and studies done were often bought out or dismissed as only local..

But now new authoritative Cornell and the Harvard studies (directed by Robert Howarth) have proven what we knew all along, now using satellite data, that fracking releases huge amounts of methane, the increase is enough to cancel out all the claimed progress in limiting climate emissions in the US since 2007.   Continue reading US to flood EU with ‘Frack Gas’, now proven ‘Much Worse Than Coal’

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