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Common ancestor of all wildlife, new research

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This video says about itself:

Scientists Reveal LUCA – Common Ancestor Of All Living Things On Earth

26 July 2016

Many scientists believe that all living entities on Earth originated from an ancient organism called Luca which stands for the Last Universal Common Ancestor. Now, a team led by William F. Martin of Heinrich Heine University has released a new study which aims to “reconstruct the microbial ecology of LUCA.”

Many scientists believe that all living entities on Earth originated from an ancient organism called Luca which stands for the Last Universal Common Ancestor. The single-celled being likely lived around 4 billion years ago and is thought to have eventually spawned two distinct groups of uni-celled life–bacteria and archaea.

Now, a team led by William F. Martin of Heinrich Heine University has released a new study which aims to “reconstruct the microbial ecology of LUCA.” For the research…

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COVER-UP: Six Countries that Grew Filthy Rich from Enslaving Black People*


Source – hwaairfan.wordpress.com

“…The tactics also echo those of the original scramble for Africa, with the U.K. government backing profit-hunting firms to the hilt…Historian and development expert Mark Curtis…argues that “British companies now control Africa’s key mineral resources, notably gold, platinum, diamonds, copper, oil, gas and coal.”

(Six Countries that Grew Filthy Rich from Enslaving Black People*)

Slavery transformed America and European nations into an economic superpowers. American alone stole over $100 trillion worth of forced labour. Here are 6 nations that got where they are today because of the work done by enslaved Africans.

The British Empire | British Imperialism | Pinterest



New Colonial Carve-up of Africa? British firms vying for £1trn Natural Resources*

British government-supported firms are engaged in a piratical contest for African natural resources as part of a new colonialist “scramble for Africa,” a major new report claims.

Development NGO War On Want published its latest cutting report, titled ‘The New…

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Prominent feminist writer drops off social media after rape threats against her 5-year-old daughter


I am sick of this shit. Sick of saying over and over how scary this is, sick of being told to suck it up.

On Twitter, popular writer Jessica Valenti wrote: “This morning I woke up to a rape and death threat directed at my 5 year old daughter. That this is part of my work life is unacceptable.”

Valenti, author of 2007’s Fill Frontal Feminism and co-author of Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape in 2008, becomes the latest in an increasingly long line of women who have been harassed and threatened online by anonymous stalkers from SNL cast member Leslie Jones to Gamergate targets Anita Sarkeesian, Briana Wu and Zoe Quinn.

In a series of tweets, Valenti lamented the daily barrage of attacks and threats online by people who are threatened by feminism, while also slamming law enforcement for not taking online threats seriously.

She also hammered social media companies who did little to police vicious and threatening commenters.

Madrid Journal

Even with a woman about to be president, women and their family are still in danger of rape and murder. These cowardly American men need to know the world has passed them by, and they will never get it back.
from Facebook http://ift.tt/2aKLMhG

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Porto Alegre, Brazil: Biblioteca Kaos squat facing eviction – Call for resistance

Insurrection News

DSC0118_largeReceived and translated on 27.07.16:

Biblioteca Kaos (Chaos Library) facing eviction on August 4th 2016
An invitation to resistance

Greetings comrades and friends.
Projects that are built from a position of confrontation and conflict travel through waters of constant change and innovation.
Since the beginning of Biblioteca Kaos, we knew that when you build an occupied space, you choose this possibility.

A few days ago, they arrived at our door with the order to evict the home where we live, and where we run the library, the natural pharmacy and many other activities where we meet and conspire together. The eviction is scheduled for August 4th, with a judicial order authorizing the police to make effective the reintegration of ownership.

This year, two other squats were evicted – Semente and Kuna, others were born, and others resisted the eviction attempts with various strategies. The context is becoming more and more…

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Energia Solar. Portugal triunfa, España se hunde

Portugal está procesando Licencias para 2 GW más de Electricidad Solar, y Sin Subvenciones
por  Glenn Meyers    ..  traducción  TheFreeOnlineimages

Portugal ha autorizado la tramitación de licencias para proyectos solares que suman más de 2 GW de potencial.not in Spain

Portugal tiene un compromiso con la electricidad renovable, al contrario que España que se cortó en seco el desarrollo de su sector renovable, anulando contratos y subsidios ya contratados y casi prohibiendo el sector de autoconsumo incluso usando un Real Decreto.

El ‘suicidio renovable’ en España se explica por el alto grado de corrupción y la influencia del sector de energía fósil…….

Después del éxito relativo de los acuerdos de París sobre la emergencia climática mundial y la bajada de precios muchos países  están invertiendo, por fin, en energías renovables.

Durante mayo de este año, ‘The Guardian’ informó que Portugal ‘funcionaba exclusivamente con electricidad de energía renovable durante cuatro días consecutivos en un hito de energía limpia revelada por el análisis de datos  de la red nacional de energía……. Continue reading Energia Solar. Portugal triunfa, España se hunde

Mapuche resist British Billionaire: Burn Dam excavators 


from Counter Vorte  shared from Earth First, with thanks

Members of Mapuche Ancestral Resistance in the pre-dawn hours of July 19 burned two excavator machines belonging to British business magnate Joe Lewis, that were being used to build a hydroelectric dam at El Bolsón, in Argentina’s Río Negro province.

The dam is planned for the headwaters of the Río Escondido, on Lewis’ private property, and is being built in cooperation with Edenor electric company, of which Lewis is the biggest stock owner. 13731593_10154368250699407_1561042020407496211_n

The militants left leaflets headlined “Lewis Out of Patagonia,” and listing their demands for the release of political prisoners and the eviction of oil, mining and hydroelectric companies from Mapuche traditional territories. Continue reading Mapuche resist British Billionaire: Burn Dam excavators 

British petition for Blair accountability on Iraq war lies


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This January 2015 video from Britain is called Tony Blair Not In Jail? I Literally Don’t Understand: Russell Brand The Trews (E235).

By Zoe Streatfield in Britain:

Blair petition passes 10,000 signatures

Tuesday 26th July 2016

Milestone means government must respond

A PETITION calling for MPs to hold Tony Blair to account for misleading the public in the run-up to the Iraq war reached a significant milestone yesterday.

The online parliamentary petition now has over 10,000 signatories, which means the government will have to make an official reply.

Stop the War vice-chair Chris Nineham told the Star that it was “no surprise” that people had already signed in such numbers.

Mr Nineham said: “The act of lying to take us into the Iraq war, more than any, other embodies the contempt for democracy that plagues our politics.”

He said it was “essential” that Mr Blair “faces some…

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