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Philippines: RIP Pong (Gutson Heyres): A passionate and dedicated anarchist street artist, activist and poet English/Portuguese

by etnikobandidoinfoshop.wordpress.com shared with thanks

By Bandido | September 2020

I met Pong in 2004. I saw him at a punk show all dressed up in punk battle attire alongside his friends Tonton and other Makati Punks. I visited him at his meeting place in Makati, and then I learned that Pong lived in a jeepney [a sort of crossover between a jeep and bus] and sometimes stayed in university rooms or at a friend’s house in Makati.

When his family moved to the relocation site in Cavite, Pong and his older brother still remained in Makati. Pong was literally a nomad, moving from place to place. When I worked as a tricycle driver, Pong and others visited me at our terminal and ate together after I finished my job. If we wanted to visit the anarchist space in Cubão, we would sleep together on the streets at night.

Pong did not finish his study of graphic design and instead lived as a street punk and artist. He was the one who intensely made posters, pamphlets for concerts and events, banners for any political activity such as demonstrations, hanging banners, etc. Its fort was black and white drawings with a ballpoint pen. The images of his works were related to anti-war (Food Not Bombs), anti-civilization, counterculture punk and anarchism.

He was inspired by the Black Bloc, anarchist and zapatista personalities. You would see this in your sketchbook, zines or recycled bond paper. Pong kept up to date with the socio-political events that were taking place globally, and you could see that with his drawings. I can say that he was an internationalist because of his concern for the situation around the world.

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Chinese COVID-19 vaccine already in use.. Ready for the public by November

Agence France-PresseSep 16, 2020 16:16:13 IST

A China-developed coronavirus vaccine could be ready for the public as early as November, a Chinese official has told state television, as the global race to clear the final round of trials heats up..

China's Coronavirus Vaccine Drive Empowers a Troubled Industry - The New  York Times

Chinese manufacturers have been bullish about development, with companies Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm even putting their vaccine candidates on display at a trade fair in Beijing this month.

Representatives of the firms told AFP that they hope their vaccines will be approved after phase 3 trials as early as year-end.

And on late Monday, the chief biosafety expert at the Chinese Centre for Disease Control told state broadcaster CCTV that a vaccine would be available to the general public “around November or December.”

In June, China’s 2,035,000 strong military approved a vaccine for use within its ranks developed by its research unit and a biotech firm.

Wu Guizhen did not specify which vaccine she was referring to but said,”based on phase 3 clinical results, the current progress is very smooth.”

China Injects Hundreds of Thousands With Experimental Covid-19 Vaccines -  WSJ

China Injects Hundreds of Thousands With Covid 19 vaccine

Wu added that she had taken a vaccine in April and has felt good over the past few months, although she did not specify which candidate she had taken.

September 29 – China reported 12 newly confirmed cases, all of which were imported cases (5 cases in Shanghai, 3 cases in Sichuan, 3 cases in Shaanxi, and 1 case in Fujian); no new deaths;

There are currently nine vaccine candidates in late-stage human trials, although some have hit recent obstacles — pharma giant AstraZeneca and Oxford University momentarily paused clinical trials last week after a volunteer developed an unexplained illness.

Some of China’s vaccine candidates have already been offered to essential workers under an emergency use programme.

China's coronavirus vaccines are leaping ahead – but face challenges as  virus wanes

A Sinovac spokesman told AFP this month that “tens of thousands” of people had voluntarily taken its vaccine, including 90 percent of its employees and their families — between 2,000 and 3,000 people.

In the Navajo Nation, Anarchism Has Indigenous Roots

K’é Infoshop cofounder Radmilla Cody. (K’e Infoshop / Instagram)

Out of a vacant coffeeshop, the collective K’é Infoshop is dedicated to mutual aid on America’s largest reservation.

By Cecilia Nowell shared with thanks via The Nation

About an hour west of the New Mexico–Arizona border, an expanse of highway, sky, and sagebrush-spotted terrain ends in sandstone cliffs. The red-orange walls drop down into Canyon de Chelly, the only national park operated on land still owned by the Navajo Nation.

This summer, as the per capita rate of coronavirus cases in the Navajo Nation surpassed New York state’s, Kauy Bahe, 19, found himself standing on the canyon’s edge as he delivered food to a Navajo elder and her family as part of a mutual aid effort.

“It was a beautiful spot,” Bahe (Navajo) said, describing the woman’s cornfield

KéBeiNihiDziil Instagram posts - Gramho.com

and hogan (a traditional Navajo home made of wood and packed soil) outside Del Muerto, Ariz. But “she was telling us about the struggles for water, about how they don’t have running water there and how they have to drive 30 minutes” to buy it.

Across the United States, activists have responded to the Covid-19 crisis with anarchist strategies, like mutual aid. In Window Rock, Ariz.—the seat of the Navajo Nation—the K’é Infoshop is one such group, and has been supplying elders, families, and the immunocompromised with food and medical supplies. But the Infoshop’s members, like Bahe, say their style of autonomous organizing has distinctly Navajo roots.

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Final Straw Podcast : Likhtsamisyu + Delee Nikal +Sean Swain + BLM + Peter Gelderloos

Final Straw: The Struggle For Likhtsamisyu Liberation Continues – Updates from Delee Nikal

Wet’suwet’en The Final Straw Delee Nikal

Long time anarchist radio and podcast show The Final Straw presents an interview with Delee Nikal of the Wet’su’weten about the ongoing struggle at the Gidimt’en Camp and the fight against the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

Originally published by The Final Straw Radio.

Listen ..click HERE.. to the show

This week we had the opportunity to connect with Delee Nikal, who is a Wet’su’weten community member, about updates from the Gidimt’en Camp that was created to block the TransCanada Coastal GasLink pipeline (or CGL) that Canada is trying to push through their un-ceded territory.

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Yogyakarta, Indonesia: About the Kricak Cooperative Kitchen Initiative.. English/Portuguese

shared with thanks (via Horizontaliz / Dapur Kooperatif Kricak)

Our community is located in the center of Yogyakarta, in Kricak Kidul. The initiative to create a Cooperative Kitchen is the result of a long chat about how to respond to the increasingly difficult economic situation caused by Covid-19 and global economic conditions.

This kitchen is expected to be a place for Kricak youth to be creative and find alternative jobs that are increasingly difficult to find. Therefore, we will make Kricak Cooperative Kitchen as a starting point for future projects that are more community-based.

Why Kricak Kidul?

Yes, is actually quite extensive, but we decided to try a village where our community has had a long relationship. Some of us became friends while in prison a few years ago.

And to deal with Kricak’s young children who often drop out of school for economic reasons and end up doing actions that often resulted in being locked up in prison from a very young age, we ended up racking our brains and having a long discussion which eventually spawned the project.

We are very open to anyone who is willing to take the time to participate in our initiative.


PS: We are not representing all the residents of Kricak Kidul. Each statement here were made by individuals and community that are involved in this initiative.

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Calls to join War against Armenia explode in Turkey as Azerbaijan advances in contested enclave

The Turkish dictator Erdogan, whose support has been falling , declared unconditional support for Azerbaijan”… “#Turkey, which annihilated #Armenians in their historical homeland & up until now justifies that crime, supports #Azerbaijan to carry out same genocidal acts in #SouthCaucasus”.. Reports boast that Turkey already sent armaments and jihadist groups to Azerbaijan.

Hawkish rhetoric against Armenia explodes in Turkey as Azerbaijan advances in contested enclave

By TM – September 28, 2020 shared with thanks

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (L) and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev (R) arrive to hold a joint press conference following a meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan on July 10, 2018.

Bellicosity and warmongering took hold of Turkish public discourse after reports of military gains for Azerbaijan against Armenian forces on Sunday over a disputed enclave ruled by a government recognized only by Armenia.

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A death in custody only matters when it’s a cop

from Freedom News…. shared with thanks.

  • deaths in custody
  • This article discusses racist police violence and deaths in custody.

As readers are doubtlessly aware: in the early hours of last Friday morning a police officer was shot and killed in Croydon custody centre. While the details surrounding the incident are still unclear, cops and their right wing cheerleaders are already using it as an opportunity to demand greater police powers as well as harsher punishments for those who allegedly do them harm.

PHOTO: People attend a demonstration in Parliament Square in central London, on June 6, 2020, to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S. in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

People attend a demonstration in Parliament Square in central London, on June 6, 2020,

Indeed, one retired officer, former Detective Chief Inspector Chris Phillips, has sought to blame the incident on critics of the systematic racist violence known as stop-and-search. Asked about how someone could enter the custody centre while armed, Phillips said: “I think police officers are probably less likely to search people now with all the furore that goes on”.

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Eureka Moment as Russians finally isolate a Natural and ‘Universal’ Antibiotic

Scientists have managed to isolate a natural and ‘universal’ antibiotic

from Sputnik Mundo shared with thanks

A team of Russian scientists has managed to find a substance with revolutionary anti-tumor and antibacterial properties: it is emericellipsina A, a peptide that the researchers isolated from fungi.

The study has been conducted by researchers at Tyumen State University together with other Russian colleagues, and was published in the journal Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology.

This natural antibiotic is universal and overcomes the resistance of pathogens to drugs. The study authors maintain that the substance found will help to effectively fight most infectious diseases of humans and animals caused by bacteria and fungi.

The good news was published in Russia at 11:48 GMT 23.09.2020 but was little covered in the Western media, where there is a US boycott of Russian news and allied threats.

A New Antibiotic is Slowly Making a Big Entrance

russkiymir.ru Russian scientists discovered universal natural antibiotic

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Knocking down Statues: Good riddance to all Racists and Bosses

‘one of the first acts of liberation of a people is the destruction of monuments to heroes and caudillos’

Knocking down statues by Raúl Zibechi in Revista de prensa — Alternativas.

shared with thanks ..translation by TheFreeOnline

Riot police guard a statue of the Spanish conqueror Sebastián de Belalcázar, in the face of recent threats from certain groups to demolish it, in Cali, Colombia. Afp photo Follow @lajornadaonline

“The risk of a destroyer of statues is of becoming one”, Carlos Monsiváis quotes Jean Cocteau at the end of his essay ‘On civic monuments and their spectators’.

see also…Colombia registra más de 1.000 indígenas fallecidos por Covid

He also wrote that one of the first acts of liberation of a people is the destruction of monuments to heroes and caudillos, who thus ceased to exist.

As a result of the wave of demolitions of monuments, multiplied after the murder of George Floyd by the police in the United States, critics of such demolitions appeared, who tear their clothes because, they say, the statues are part of the public space.

Coumbus statue smashed in Baltimore USA.. Christopher Columbus: The ISIS Of His Day

The most recent episode happened in Popayán, capital of Cauca, in southern Colombia. On September 16, a group of Misak and NASA demolished the monument to Sebastián de Belalcázar, founder of the city and of Guayaquil, Quito and Cali. He received the royal title of governor for life of Popayán, in addition to other decorations.

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Dictator Erdogan arrests 82 more elected Kurdish politicians over anti-ISIS demos in 2014

from Stockholm Center for Freedom Tweets/photos added

The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the detention of 82 prominent pro-Kurdish politicians, with some of them detained as of Friday morning in police raids, Turkish Minute reported, citing the state-run Anadolu news agency (AA).


Kevok Foundation@FoundationKevok·The ‘Garden’ where Middle East Terrorism grows from is the Sultan Palace in Ankara, where Erdoğan lives with all his stolen money. ISIS and the other jihadi groups are his personal toys for murder and conquest. #BoycottTurkey

According to AA, the detention warrants were issued over the politicians’ alleged role in protests in Kurdish majority cities against what is seen by many as the Turkish government’s tacit approval of the Kobane siege in 2014, when the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants laid a prolonged siege to a Kurdish town in northern Syria.


Our former executives have been detained on the pretext of the 2014 Kobani protests. We proposed many motions for a parliamentary inquiry on this issue but they were all turned down by AKP&MHP. We will continue our struggle for justice. We will not be silenced! #HDPSusturulamaz pic.twitter.com/XW3olF3OwM

— HDP English (@HDPenglish) September 25, 2020

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Trump outvoted 169 to 2 at UN.. ‘Covid War’ Pits U.S. and Israel vs. Everyone

from AH Tribune By Philip Giraldi shared with thanks

Are You Feeling Safer? ‘War of the Worlds’ Pits U.S. and Israel Against Everyone Else

‘when you are on the losing side on a vote in a respected international body by 169 to 2 someone in Washington should at least be smart enough to discern that something is very, very wrong. But I wouldn’t count on anyone named Trump or Biden to work that out’.

The media being focused on an upcoming election, coronavirus, fires on the West Coast and burgeoning BLM and Antifa unrest, it is perhaps no surprise that some stories are not exactly making it through to the evening news.

Last week an important vote in the United Nations General Assembly went heavily against the United States. It was regarding a non-binding resolution that sought to suspend all economic sanctions worldwide while the coronavirus cases continue to increase. It called for “intensified international cooperation and solidarity to contain, mitigate and overcome the pandemic and its consequences.” It was a humanitarian gesture to help overwhelmed governments and health care systems cope with the pandemic by having a free hand to import food and medicines.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5dfa41af08017-1.jpg

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) — Driven by pure self-interests, the United States has once again spread its “political virus” in front of the international community, exposing its desperate blame-shifting intrigues amid its epidemic crisis. Commentary: Washington’s hysterical China-smearing at UN a farce of desperate scapegoating

The final tally was 169 to 2, with only Israel and the United States voting against. Both governments apparently viewed the U.N. resolution as problematical because they fully support the unilateral economic warfare that they have been waging to bring about regime change in countries like Iran, Syria and Venezuela.

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Ireland: Thoughts on Wildness and Domestication by Renzo Connors

Posted by anarchistsworldwide

“If I decide to break the chains of domestication, I can only do so because I feel the chains and suffer the effects of domestication on my own skin.” – Alfredo Bonanno


While out walking or cycling at night, foxes can always be seen roaming the housing estate. The glow of their eyes in darkness, appearing from dark alleyways suddenly visible under the street lights, they move around without a sound, hardly noticed. These lovely magnificent creatures are the embodiment of wildness. Leviathan towers all around but yet these wild beings live on freely from domestication. The foxes at times live off the scraps and waste that civilization throws away, but long after civilization crumbles these creatures will live on.

These wild beings will live on long after civilization kills itself because they are not dependent on civilization to provide the means of life. They remain wild and undomesticated, still equipped with the knowledge and skills to find food, build shelter, and survive independently for themselves.

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