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1000’s rally in UK and Spain against bombing Syria

Protesters call on their respective countries not to get involved in Syria, as Paris attacks fuel political momentum.
A British parliamentary vote on bombing Syria is expected next week [Andy Rain/EPA]

Thousands of people have protested in London and Madrid against the potential participation of their respective countries in air strikes in Syria, as political momentum mounted to broaden the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

At least 5,000 people gathered in central London on Saturday, carrying placards reading “Don’t bomb Syria”, “Drop Cameron, not bombs” and “Don’t add fuel to the fire.” Continue reading 1000’s rally in UK and Spain against bombing Syria

Paris Climate Activists Put under House Arrest Using Emergency Laws


Activists protest against French authorities using emergency law to ban demonstrations at the Place de la Republique in Paris. Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA

Activists protest against French authorities using emergency law to ban demonstrations at the Place de la Republique in Paris. Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA

by  / The Guardian

At least 24 climate activists have been put under house arrest by French police, accused of flouting a ban on organising protests during next week’s Paris climate summit, the Guardian has learned.

One legal adviser to the activists said many officers raided his Paris apartment and occupied three floors and a staircase in his block.

French authorities did not respond to requests for comment but lawyers said that the warrants were issued under state of emergency laws, imposed after the terror attacks that killed 130 people earlier this month.

The author and climate change campaigner, Naomi Klein, accused French authorities of “a gross abuse of power that risks turning the summit into a farce”.

“Climate summits are not photo opportunities to boost the popularity of politicians,” she told the Guardian. “Given the stakes of the climate crisis, they are by their nature highly contested. That is democracy, messy as it may be. The French government, under cover of anti-terrorism laws, seems to be trying to avoid this, shamefully banning peaceful demonstrations and using emergency powers to pre-emptively detain key activists.” Continue reading Paris Climate Activists Put under House Arrest Using Emergency Laws

Go-Ahead given for Belo Monte Dam,


“We can’t believe it,” said Antonia Melo, leader of Movimiento Xingú Vivo para Siempre, who was displaced by the dam’s construction. “This is a crime. Granting the license for this monster was an irresponsible decision on the part of the government and IBAMA. The president of IBAMA was in Altamira on November 5 and received a large variety of complaints. Everyone – riverside residents, indigenous representatives, fishermen, and members of the movement – talked about the negative impacts we’re living with. And now they grant the license with more conditions, which will only continue to be violated.” Continue reading Go-Ahead given for Belo Monte Dam,

Cameron + Labour Party traitors dying to bomb a sovereign country

Originally posted on Uprootedpalestinians's Blog:

Hilary Benn Jeremy Corbyn
Shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn has openly opposed Jeremy Corbyn’s position on UK air strikes on SyriaGetty Images

Labour locked in ‘brutally honest’ debate over UK air strikes on Isis in Syria

Labour are locked in what one shadow minister has described as a “brutally honest” debate over whether the party should back David Cameron’s plan to launch UK air strikes on Islamic State (Isis) targets in Syria. The row broke out after Jeremy Corbyn wrote to MPs explaining that he was unconvinced by the prime minister’s case for war in the House of Commons.

“The prime minister did not set out a coherent strategy, coordinated through the UN, for the defeat of Isis. Nor has he been able to explain what a credible and acceptable ground force could retake and hold territory freed from Isis control by an intensified air campaign,” the Labour leader and former Stop the…

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We demand France Lift Ban on Climate Protests and Marches


unban_the_march_750Jon Queally, Common Dreams       Ahead of international climate talks which are about to begin in Paris, an international coalition of NGOs, political figures and civil society groups on Thursday demanded French President François Hollande lift the ban on protests and marches despite recent violence. The groups say the French government cannot proclaim a “commitment to democracy and freedom” while simultaneously suspending “democracy and freedom.”


Climate activists march in Paris in 2014. On Thursday, a coalition of international NGOs and individual climate activists have demanded that France lift its imposed bans on large protest for the COP21 talks. Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

In a letter addressed to Hollande, which has also taken the form of an online petition that anyone can sign, the climate justice leaders expressed understanding for how the recent violence in Paris—also mirrored in attacks in Beirut, Ankara, Bamako and over the skies of Egypt—has made the security situation tense, but indicated the effort to shut down large scale protests is both short-sighted and counter-productive.freespeech-726x400

“People from all over the world are flocking to Paris to have their voices heard on one of the most urgent challenges of our lifetime—the threat of climate change,” said Nick Dearden, head of the UK-based Global Justice Now, which is spearheading the effort to lift the imposed ban. “It is essential that there is robust participation from civil society during the climate talks and that world leaders are held accountable for how they engage with the issue.”

As the letter to Hollande states plainly: “We urge you to reconsider the decision to prohibit the demonstrations in Paris. We understand the need to keep citizens safe, including those mobilizing on climate change. It must be possible to find a way to do this short of banning our demonstrations. Many other mass events and gatherings continue to happen in Paris on a daily basis.”

see also: France Starts Shutting Down Alternative Media

Dearden continued by saying that one of the clear aims of terrorists who “carrying out atrocities like we have seen in Paris is to attempt to disrupt and derail how ordinary people go about their lives.” Given the absolute urgency of addressing the global climate crisis, the letter sent to Hollande suggests the stakes are simply too high to submit political space during these crucial international talks.

“The French authorities have said that ‘life must go one’ with regards to public occasions like football matches,” continued Dearden, “and we call on President Hollande to use similar logic in standing strong against these attacks by allowing people the fundamental right to protest on crucially important issues like climate change during the UN talks.”

Following the announcement that major protests would be significantly curbed or cancelled—including a large march and demonstration planned for Nov. 29— the largest environmental groups and event organizers have been scrambling to adjust their plans. Though almost all groups have expressed desire and willingness to incorporate changes to ensure the safety of all participants, it has been hard for many to shake the suspicion that officials in France have used the opportunity of the Paris attacks to squelch the participation of civil society during the UN Conference of the Parties (COP21) talks.

“The French authorities are using the shock of the Nov. 13 killings to cancel demonstrations throughout the country, even in small cities where no terrorist threat is plausible,” said Thomas Coutrot, a spokesperson for Attac France, one of the key organizations planning the Paris demonstrations. “Do they want to keep us silent in the face of the results of COP21 and its probable failure to tackle effectively climate change? Attac and its partners will be pushing hard to ensure our voices are not silenced.”

In an op-ed last week by Naomi Klein, who also signed Thursday letter to Hollande, the Canadian author and activist explain the multiple reasons why the banning of protests in Paris is so disturbing. In addition to the overt silencing of the very people who are threatened most by climate change, namely the poor and the powerless of the global south, Klein argues that the symbolism of banning protest is also key:

“Climate change is a moral crisis because every time governments of wealthy nations fail to act, it sends a message that we in the global north are putting our immediate comfort and economic security ahead of the suffering and survival of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people on Earth. The decision to ban the most important spaces where the voices of climate-impacted people would have been heard is a dramatic expression of this profoundly unethical abuse of power: once again, a wealthy western country is putting security for elites ahead of the interests of those fighting for survival. Once again, the message is: our security is non-negotiable, yours is up for grabs.”

As many have argued in recent weeks, the effort to battle human-caused climate change is deeply linked with the violence and desperation that has become so pervasive in the world. And as the letter states, “A peaceful world can only be built on equality, solidarity and sustainability. We must be able to say this in Paris.”

And its underlying message: The more the better. The louder the better.


The World Takes to the Streets Ahead of Paris Climate Talks

Viral Video: Watch Your Favorite YouTube Stars Demand Climate Action

Paris and Beyond: Climate Movement Won’t Be Silenced at COP21

Interactive Tool Maps Final Draft of Paris Climate Deal


Climate Criminals Rajoy, Cameron, Modi, Erdogan to face Charges

climate chaos

” ..Biggest climate criminals to be executed. ”

by Anya Keyes.   Indymedia

The destruction of the large Spanish renewables sector, ordered by premier Mariano Rajoy, joins him to the club of top climate criminals, alongside David Cameron of the UK, Narendra Modi of India, and Recep Erdogan of Turkey.

Now that Climate disaster is a proven and accepted scientific reality we can begin to apportion direct blame for crimes being committed. It makes no difference if there is a delay of decades between  a genocidal action and its consequences, if for example someone for personal profit hides a bomb in your house with a timer to go off in 10 years, he is still a killer, as are the club of top climate criminals. Continue reading Climate Criminals Rajoy, Cameron, Modi, Erdogan to face Charges

‘Criminales Climáticos como Rajoy o Cameron, serán ajusticiados’. 

climate disasterPor Anya Quis. Indymedia

Ya se ve andando por las calles de Europa los primeros de millones de refugiados de las guerras causados en parte por el Cambio Climático.

 El CO2 adicional que se acumula en nuestra atmósfera por el sabotaje del sector de renovables por el gobierno del PP en España será al menos 40.000.000 toneladas hasta 2016, según cálculos aproximados con datos de la  Red Eléctrica de España.One Day the Biggest Climate Crimibals will be Executed by Public Demand..... PROHIBITED,,USING SOLAR POWER

Con los avances continuos en la ciencia del Cambio Climático estos números pueden ser traducidos dentro de poco en números de humanos muertos en el futuro y cantidades de pérdidas en ecosistemas vitales. Así que ya podemos empezar a asignar la culpa, no importa si hay una demora de décadas entre el crimen y su desenlace. Por ejemplo si alguien pone una bomba en tu casa para ganar dinero, es igualmente un asesino, aunque se pone con un temporizador de 10 años.greedy politicians doom our children

Parece mentira hoy, pero si hay un colapso climático, y parece cada vez más inevitable, los criminales principales serán llevados a la justicia, incluyendo líderes actuales de España como Mariano Rajoy.  Puede pasar algo similar en el Reino Unido, donde el gobierno liderado por David Cameron está parando la industria renovable, además que  Narendra Modi de la India, y Recep Erdogan en Turquía. Continue reading ‘Criminales Climáticos como Rajoy o Cameron, serán ajusticiados’. 

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