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PKK take out Turkish Gas line ..2 new wars begin.

Agri Turkey-Iran gas pipeline and power line blown up. http://kurdiscat.blogspot.com.es/ …..

”The pipeline explosion occurred yesterday and was confirmed by the Turkish Energy Minister. Although not necessary, in fact, by evidence of images. It was destroyed as it passes through the Turkish town of Agri. The pipeline has been operating at full capacity since 2014 by an agreement between the Islamist government in Ankara and Tehran. Apart from this, on July 24, a power line was attackedlinking Cizre to Silopi. Self-Defense Forces, the PKK militias, use similar actions in the last phase of the war. The high cost of losses facilitated the peace process initiated by the government of Turkey, a solution they have now decided to unilaterally break.”

comment.   So what’s the deal?.

So… another war, or another two wars begin. It is hard to believe the Turkish leaders are so upset by the slaughter of 32 socialist and anarchist community activists, mainly Kurdish (who they doubly hate, especially the women) nor could they be so irate about the (apparent) revenge killing by the PKK of 2 cops they said were linked to the slaughter, as to abandon a hard won truce of five years and declare war on 18% (or 14million) of their own population. .. It seems this had been brewing for a while and they’ve been waiting for  or making a pretext.

Although the imprisoned PKK leader Ocalan has long renounced Leninism and terrorism and has fomented the ‘Municipal anarchism ‘  of the Rojava Revolution, the Turkish State, led by ‘mad dog’ Erdogan just can’t stomach  any Kurdish authonomy .. So what’s the deal?….seems that in return for the US NOT helping the Kurds (YPG and YPJ) move west, joining with another enclave and usefully expelling the IS forces attacking Aleppo, the US bombers get to use their base in Incirlik..

 For now the furious Turkish military aren’t allowed to just bomb the Rojava Revolution to oblivion  (how they HATE those free women).. but we don’t know what else was in the deal. So IS get to be bombed by the Turks as well in some areas (how much?), but the YPG and YPJ wont be let come and kick them out.

But bombing IS doesn’t work. This means that a 100km stretch of border west of Kobani may stay in IS hands, and they can switch their blocked trade and expand their lucrative supply lines, always tolerated by Turkey, of indoctrinated recruits, money and goods, in exchange for oil. So the wars within insane immoral wars will be ‘lubricated’ and arms profits will further boom Continue reading PKK take out Turkish Gas line ..2 new wars begin.

Noam Chomsky: A Genuine Movement For Social Change

Originally posted on Rise Up Times:

“War is the health of the State,” wrote social critic Randolph Bourne in a classic essay as America entered World War I:

“It automatically sets in motion throughout society those irresistible forces for uniformity, for passionate cooperation with the Government in coercing into obedience the minority groups and individuals which lack the larger herd sense. … Other values such as artistic creation, knowledge, reason, beauty, the enhancement of life, are instantly and almost unanimously sacrificed, and the significant classes who have constituted themselves the amateur agents of the State are engaged not only in sacrificing these values for themselves but in coercing all other persons into sacrificing them.”

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Mother of All Storms Builds Over Catalonia’s Independence

Provocative SHIT on Facebook.. using Catalan Workers flag
Provocative SHIT on Facebook.. using Catalan Workers flag

by  Ugly repercussions far beyond Spanish borders

By Don Quijones, Spain & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET:

For the last six months, tensions between Madrid and Barcelona seemed to have subsided, as most of the attention of Spanish government, the media, and the public was diverted by the seemingly unstoppable rise of Pablo Iglesias’ anti-austerity party Podemos — a rise that has suddenly stopped.

Now it seems that what first appeared as reduced tensions between Madrid and Spain’s north-eastern province was merely the calm before the mother of all storms. Continue reading Mother of All Storms Builds Over Catalonia’s Independence

Spain: Cops evict Anti Gag Law Camp after 17 days

Spain: Police Eviction of Acampada Mordaza in Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Screenshot of video by @alitwittt & @mainouv

Police have prevented filming and photographs but activists present managed to record the police eviction of#AcampadaMordaza:

VIDEO: Eviction #AcampadaMordaza 25/07/2015

Continue reading Spain: Cops evict Anti Gag Law Camp after 17 days

Can Vies Defenders declared Innocent of Attack on Police.

The sentence condemning three young defenders of Can Vies to 3.5 years in prison has been revoked #EfecteCanVies (en español abajo)
Now the Provincial Court of Barcelona has had to revoke the sentence and absolve them  of all charges.can-vies-resisteix

The police wanted revenge after losing the amazing 4 day resistance and street battles against the eviction and wanted to lock up 84 arrested. These three were accused by police witnesses of throwing bottles from a rooftop , later the alternative paper ‘Directa’ proved the identification was absurd as there was no vision from where the police were.

Other sentences have had to be cut back to avoid accused of having to serve prison time. None are now in jail and the campaign to raise money for fines continues. Continue reading Can Vies Defenders declared Innocent of Attack on Police.

WhatsApp to be BANNED in the UK as Cops can’t Spy on it!

 Enjoy WhatsApp in UK while you still can.

UK Govt to Ban WhatsApp and All Other Encrypted Communications

British police forces made 733,237 requests to view communications data over a three-year period, according to a new report by campaign group Big Brother Watch.

Cameron cited ‘Operational requirements’  which refers to renewed fears of revenge attacks due to the illegal UK ‘state-terrorist’ bombing of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia and indirectly in Yemen. Britain has a growing market selling arms to all sides, fuelling the expanding conflicts and refusing and deporting desperate refugees and asylum seekers. Continue reading WhatsApp to be BANNED in the UK as Cops can’t Spy on it!

Henry A. Giroux | The Racist Killing Fields in the US: The Death of Sandra Bland

Originally posted on Rise Up Times:

Sandra Bland was an outspoken civil rights activist critical of police brutality. She often posted videos in which she talked about important civil rights issues, and once stated: “I’m here to change history. If we want a change we can really truly make it happen.”[4]

By Henry A. Giroux, Truthout.org | News Analysis July 19, 2015

Sandra Blank.Sandra Bland. (Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout)

On July 9, soon after Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old African-American woman, moved to Texas from Naperville, Illinois, to take a new job as a college outreach officer at her alma mater, Prairie View A&M, she was pulled over by the police for failing to signal while making a lane change. What followed has become all too common and illustrates the ever-increasing rise in domestic terrorism in the United States. She was pulled out of the car by the police for allegedly becoming combative, and…

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