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To Change Everything: The Secret Is to Begin + in 11 More Languages

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Ugandan police stops Gay Pride march

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Ugandan Gay Pride marchers in 2015, AFP photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Ugandan police stops Gay Pride

Today, 16:16

The Ugandan police has stopped a Gay Pride planned for today. According to a government spokesman, the Gay Pride is illegal.

At two places in Uganda celebrations were planned. A hundred gay, lesbian and transgender people came to a beach at Lake Victoria. They were all arrested, but were released later. According to a gay rights activist the arrests “traumatized” the people.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda. In 2013, the Ugandan parliament passed a law which introduced life imprisonment for homosexuality. The Supreme Court declared the law null and void.

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Finns demonstrate massively against murderous neo-nazis

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I’m truly moved by the amazing turnout and atmosphere at the and demonstration in my beautiful ❤️

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Massive anti-nazi demonstration, Helsinki, Finland, 24 September 2016, photo Roni Rekomaa/Leht. ikuva via AP

From Associated Press:

Finns Say “Enough is Enough” Over Neo-Nazism

People demonstrate against racism and fascism in Helsinki, Finland Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016, after a man, who took exception to a neo-Nazi demonstration in central Helsinki on September 10th, died a week after he was assaulted.

Tens of thousands of people are demonstrating across Finland under the slogan “Enough is enough” following the death of a man who reportedly spit in front of neo-Nazis holding a rally in Helsinki.

The demonstration snaked through the Finnish capital to the sound of whistles on Saturday as participants and spectators held green balloons and signs reading “No to Nazism.”

Similar demonstrations were staged in other Finnish cities.

A 28-year-old man died six days after hitting his head on the ground during a Sept. 10 rally by of members of the Finnish Resistance Movement. A 26-year-old suspect is being held on…

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Terence Crutcher: Police a vast criminal network



What does it take to put an end to this police crime wave, this wave of police terrorism?

That is the question we must ask after the latest (known) outrage – the police murder of 40-year-old Terence Crutcher, who was returning home from the criminal activity of attending a music appreciation class when his car broke down. The video clearly shows that he did nothing that could be even remotely interpreted as being threatening. Yet the cops’ attitude is clear from the start, when one of them is heard to say, “that looks like a bad dude, too. Probably on something.” Why? Simply because Crutcher is guilty of being a black man living in the USA.

Police Crime Wave
The crime wave of the police is showing no signs of abating. On the contrary, after all the freeways blocked, all the other protests we still have 837 people killed by…

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The Black Bloc as Tactic and Excuse..Zibechi


In recent weeks we have attended a debate in the wake of black bloc activity in Brazil, which involved leaders of social movements and collectives of militants.

The black bloc tactic (destruction of glass panes and windows of banks and private companies by masked youths during demonstrations) has been habitual in Chile and in Uruguay, among others, and was installed in Brazil in June 2013, reappearing with force in the demonstrations against the illegitimate government of Michel Temer.

As millions campaign against the Capitalist Coup and Army intervention looms, the black bloc tactic, orn at least wearing a mask, is becoming accepted and generalised
As millions campaign against the Capitalist Coup and Army intervention looms, the black bloc tactic, or at least wearing a mask, will maybe become accepted and generalised

Ever since the black bloc tactics appeared, a polemic was generated in social organizations about the pertinence of those actions. Some maintain that they are negative, because they give the police arguments for repressing and thus alienate and frighten real or potential demonstrators. Continue reading The Black Bloc as Tactic and Excuse..Zibechi

Austin and Tucson Report Back on 2nd week Prisoners Strike

 FULL DETAILS AT::: https://itsgoingdown.org/prisonstrike-resistance-to-slavery-across-the-world/
Austin Anarchist Black Cross

Report back from strike in Texas, Week 2:

“Today, September 17, I visited the Alfred Hughes Unit in Gatesville, TX to visit a friend. While I was waiting for them to be brought to the visitation booth, a woman sitting next to me mentioned inmates at this unit being retaliated against.

She was visiting a woman from Hobby, who had been transferred to the medical building at Hughes due to overpopulation. I asked if I could join the conversation and ask some questions. The incarcerated woman explained that she overheard on a guards radio that inmates in building 8 were striking.

She later learned that these inmates had rigged their doors to open at the the same time for the nationwide strike. Guards in riot gear showed up and blasted tear gas and physically retrained and assaulted several inmates.unspecified10-1-980x600

The visitor pointed out a latino family she overheard talking about the strike as well. I approached them and with their permission, got on the phone with their loved one who only wanted to talk briefly and didn’t have a lot of details to share, but did confirm that building 8 went on strike and were brutalized by guards as a result. Continue reading Austin and Tucson Report Back on 2nd week Prisoners Strike

Amsterdam: Refugees and Supporters Occupy 2 new places

 ”We Are Here” open two new squatswij_zijn_hier

Today, Sunday, September 18th, We Are Here (Wij Zijn Hier) squatted two buildings on Burgemeester Roelstraat 70 (for women) and Rijswijkstraat 2 (for men). We squatted these buildings cracked because the Vluchtgemeente squat, where many of us stay, will be evicted on Monday.

While the city of Amsterdam is familiar with our problems, we are still not treated as residents of the city. We are now put back the streets for the twentieth time. We do not have access to housing, education, employment and regular healthcare. We are refugees, we are here and we want a normal life.rijswijkstrn

Since We Are Here started 4 years ago, with the constant support of individuals and organizations, around 70 refugees received the status to which they were entitled to. This battle we now continue.

We fled and had no other choice but to come here. It is our right to be here under the Geneva Conventions and the government must respect those rights. We demand security, dignity and a status for all of us.demo4

NL https://www.indymedia.nl/node/35687
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