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Francisco Ferrer..Executed for UnSchooling .. from Emma Goldman and Love and Rage


We at Love and Rage decided to post this essay by Emma Goldman on the anniversary of the murder of Francisco Ferrer to honor the legacy of the Spanish anarchist martyr. Today also happens to be the day that Mark Bray kicks off his speaking tour in Albany, NY at the Albany Free School on his book Anarchist Education and the Modern School: A Francisco Ferrer Reader.

Some of us at Love and Rage have been involved with the Mohawk Valley Freedom School in Utica, NY over the years which draws inspiration, in part, from the Modern School. The “idea” as it was called by revolutionaries in Spain: anarchism – and how it breaths life into liberatory practices in education is something which still makes an imprint in our struggle for freedom this very day. We need liberatory education now more than ever.

This essay was published in Emma Goldman’s Anarchism and Other Essays (Third revised edition, New York: Mother Earth Publishing Association, 1917).

by Emma Goldman

Experience has come to be considered the best school of life. The man or woman who does not learn some vital lesson in that school is looked upon as a dunce indeed. Yet strange to say, that though organized institutions continue perpetrating errors, though they learn nothing from experience, we acquiesce, as a matter of course. There lived and worked in Barcelona a man by the name of Francisco Ferrer. A teacher of children he was, known and loved by his people. Outside of Spain only the cultured few knew of Francisco Ferrer’s work. To the world at large this teacher was non-existent.

On the first of September, 1909, the Spanish government–at the behest of the Catholic Church–arrested Francisco Ferrer. On the thirteenth of October, after a mock trial, he was placed in the ditch at Montjuich prison, against the hideous wall of many sighs, and shot dead. Instantly Ferrer, the obscure teacher, became a universal figure, blazing forth the indignation and wrath of the whole civilized world against the wanton murder. Continue reading “Francisco Ferrer..Executed for UnSchooling .. from Emma Goldman and Love and Rage”

Verges Report: Only 65,000 at Franco’s Day of the Race

Verges Report: Only 65,000 at Franco’s Day of the Race in Barcelona  ..  /NOMÉS 65.000 AL DIA DE LA RAZA DE FRANCO 
Ciutadans, PP, Vox parties and the rest of the extreme right call to ‘clean Catalonia of the yellow pestilence’  (ie. the Catalans)
 Subsidised Buses from all over Spain fail to fill Barcelona for the Day of the Race, ignored by Catalans

Despite affluent  ex fascist organisations subsidising fleets of buses at 10 euros return from Madrid to Barcelona (1,250 km) the ‘ historic unionist  multitude’ rightwing demo was a bit of a flop, about half that of last year, though the organisers claimed ‘nearly a million took part’ the police estimated 65,000. Continue reading “Verges Report: Only 65,000 at Franco’s Day of the Race”

Global Anti Frack Day .. #GasDownFrackDown

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14h14 hours ago💥Creative Action in Barcelona💥 brought the only kind of pipeline we’d like to see to the port of Barcelona 🎨🖌️ They oppose the Midcat pipeline, that is intended to support the flow of Algerian gas to France, and we stand in solidarity.

Actions are already taking place around the world! From Western Australia, to Barcelona, via Bali, Croatia, Germany & more, people are saying no to gas 🌍 Expect more to come in the next days! Read our PR


Hoy se celebra el Global , el día internacional contra la promoción del gas natural y del fracking por parte de la…

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12 Oct Nothing To Celebrate.. Nada que Celebrar ..AntiColonial, AntiRacist, and Anti Patriarchal

16.45 h  Oct 12. Barcelona.. .

About to start  .. the anti-colonial march in front of the Palau de la Virreina located on the Ramblas of Barcelona, ​​where around 500 people gathered in the Platform call October 12, nothing to celebrate.

Indigenous iconography, music and the festive atmosphere are the protagonists. Before beginning, a manifesto was read where it was claimed “to be daughters of the mix. group of women have made a dance and an invocation of Mapuche and a Brazilian representative has denounced the cultural genocide in Brazil – “with 90 languages ​​disappeared in 100 years” – and that Bolsonaro “does not want to leave a millimeter of land to originals “.

A march with many banners: against the sexist laws, for the abolition of the Aliens Act, one in representation of the various imprisoneded migrants (Barcelona, ​​Badalona, ​​L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and Blanes), one that asks #JusticiaparaBerta And the last one that says “they did not discover us, they invaded us”.
18.57 h. The anti-colonial march has reached the foot of the statue of Colón de Barcelona, ​​where the demonstration ends. There, there was a theatrical representation in ironic form of the arrival in America.

During the event, songs like “Colón, Colón, asesino y violador (murderer and rapist)” or “With prisons, Internment, raids and borders  .. That’s how Europe’s wealth is built. ” There have also been dances and manifestoes  have been read, in which the Spanish monarchy and multinationals have been denounced and the right of self-determination of the peoples has been defended.

/ Freddy Davies

original in Catalan

16.45 h. A punt d’arrencar la marxa anticolonial davant del Palau de la Virreina situat a les Rambles de Barcelona, on s’hi han congregat al voltant de 500 persones en la convocatòria de la Plataforma 12 d’octubre, res a celebrar. La iconografia indigenista, la música i l’ambient festiu són les protagonistes. Abans de començar, s’ha llegit un manifest on s’ha reivindicat “ser filles de la mescla”. Un grup de dones han fet una dansa i una invocació maputxe i una representant brasilera ha denunciat el genocidi cultural al Brasil – “amb 90 llengües desaparegudes en 100 anys”- i que Bolsonaro “no vol deixar ni un mil·límetre de terra als originaris”. Una marxa amb moltes pancartes: contra les lleis masclistes, per l’abolició de la Llei d’estrangeria, una en representació de les diverses tancades de migrants (Barcelona, Badalona, l’Hospitalet de Llobregat i Blanes), una que demana #JusticiaparaBerta i l’última que diu “no nos descubrieron, nos invadieron“.

/ Freddy Davies


18.57 h. La marxa anticolonial ha arribat al peu de l’estàtua de Colón de Barcelona, on finalitza la convocatòria. Allà s’ha fet una representació teatral en clau irònica de l’arribada a Amèrica. Durant la manifestació s’han escoltat càntics com “Colón, Colón, asesino y violador” o “Carceles, CIEs, redadas y fronteras. Así se construye la riqueza europea”. També s’han realitzat danses i s’han llegit parlaments, on s’han denunciat la monarquia espanyola i les multinacionals i s’ha defensat el dret d’autodeterminació dels pobles.

Solidarity callout against far-right DFLA on Sat 13th!.. #Antifa #London #UK:


Plataforma Antifeixista: mani..12 Oct.11.00.. Anti Fascism is Everyone’s business

Plataforma Antifeixista: 11 hores, Jardinets de Gràcia

#Resacelebrar ! La Plataforma Antifeixista de Barcelona organitza un dinar a l’Àgora després de la #manifestació. Entre totes defensem els nostres barris! #NoPassaran #12O

Convocatoria a la Manifestación del #12O 2018.

Callout for the demonstration of # 12Oct 2018.

Demonstration called by the Antifascist Platform: 11 hours, Jardinets de Gràcia

#Recover! The Antifascist Platform of Barcelona is organizing a meal in the Agora after the # rally. All Together, we can defend our neighborhoods! #NoPassaran # 12O.         Concert 13 Oct see poster

12 de Octubre: Genocidio y Saqueo, hito histórico de la acumulación capitalista originaria

El 12 de Octubre marca un hito en la Historia del genocidio, del saqueo y la explotación: no hay nada que celebrar, y sí mucho por luchar. El colonialismo europeo perpetró Leer mas



Barcelona: Mani. Oct 12 16.30. Nada Que Celebrar ..Nothing to celebrate!

Convocatoria:Palacio de la Virreina (rambla 99). 16.30 Plataforma Nada que celebrar Barcelona:

Resistencia AntiColonial, AntiRacista, y AntiPatriarcal

Invitamos a todxs los colectivos, vecinos, migrantes, artistas, trabajadoras y organizaciones populares a marchar este viernes 12, para denunciar el genocidio de millones de personas en estos siglos y la continuidad del neo-colonialismos Europeo, que sigue saqueando y sangrando a los pueblos del sur, mediante tratados comerciales, empresas, fronteras y guerras. Para los de arriba es el día de la hispanidad o de la raza , para los de abajo, es el día de la resistencia indígena, negra y popular. trae tu cartel , pancarta o lienzo para denunciar.

Barcelona: callout for October 12
Platform Nothing to celebrate Barcelona: Friday, October 12, at 4:30 pm, at Palacio de la Virreina (rambla 99)

We invite all groups, neighbors, migrants, artists, workers and popular organizations to march this Friday, 12, to denounce the genocide of millions of people in these centuries and the continuity of European neo-colonialism, which continues to plunder and bleed the peoples from the south, through trade agreements, companies, borders and wars.

For those on top it is the day of Hispanidad or ‘The Race’, for those below, it is the day of indigenous, black and popular resistance. Bring your poster, banner or canvas to demonstrate.

Anti-Colonial, Anti-Racist and Anti-Patriarchal RESISTANCE