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Confronting Escalating Repression in Germany: In the Aftermath of the G20, a Call for Resistance from the Rigaer 94


Following the popular rebellion in Hamburg during the 2017 G20 summit, the German state has sought to crack down violently on dissent. In August, the police shut down the most widely used German-language platform for radical politics. In September, the neo-fascist party Alternative für Deutschland secured seats in the German parliament. On December 5, police carried out 24 raids on leftist and autonomous infrastructure across Germany, seizing laptops, cell phones, and other means of communication. On December 18, the police published photos of people they accuse of participating in the G20 protests. Four days later, an anonymous threatening letter arrived at various autonomous centers around Berlin. Together, these events indicate a rapid descent towards tyranny. Yet German anarchists are resisting every step of the way. The Rigaer 94, a social center in Berlin, is emblematic of their courageous defiance. Here, we present some background on the Rigaer 94 and…

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-PDF’s- Abraham Guillén -Economist, Anarchist and Creator of the Urban Guerrilla

PDF]revalorización de la guerrilla urbana – ARCHIVO DE A. GUILLÉN Y …

original en castellano abajo

   The anarchist militant and libertarian economist Abraham Guillén Sanz wasn born on March 9, 1913  in Corduente (Guadalajara, Spain), in a peasant family,

free download here ..Anarchist economics – Abraham Guillen –  PDF book about the economics of the Spanish libertarian collectives 1936-1939.. An improved attempt at describing the possibilities of how production and distribution might be organised on libertarian communist linesfrom an anarcho-syndicalist perspective has been made by SolFed here: and is worthy of a critical read.

As a young man he did agricultural work and worked extracting resin. Then he studied in Madrid on a scholarship from the republican authorities. Affiliated with the Young Libertarian Youth, he was also a member of the National Confederation of Labor (CNT) and the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI).

During the first months of the Revolution and Civil War he was director of Juventud Libre  (Free Youth), published by the Peninsular Committee of the Libertarian Youth. He was also editor of Castilla Libre and CNT. He went to the front lines and from 1938 he was political commissar in the XIV Division and the IV Army Corps, commanded by Cipriano Mera. He was also a leader of the Nosotros Group and a spokesman for FAI, the Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth (FIJL) and the Iron Column in Valencia. Continue reading -PDF’s- Abraham Guillén -Economist, Anarchist and Creator of the Urban Guerrilla



Hace apenas unos días, trabajando con mis alumnos sobre el origen histórico de los Estados Nacionales, un alumno de ciencias políticas me planteaba con candidez:

“¿Nos está diciendo usted que los Estados Nacionales, y en concreto el Estado Español, es el resultado de la guerra, del monopolio de la violencia y de una nacionalización fracasada? ¿Está diciendo que este Estado es un Estado franquista?”.

Teniendo como telón de fondo la “cuestión catalana” no me quedó más remedio que proponer a toda la clase una reflexión teórica que permitiera tomar distancia de los esquematismos, los lugares comunes y la propaganda mediática, así como de su propia subjetividad –en la clase sólo hay un alumno catalán-.

Una cuestión que nos compromete política y afectivamente tiene que ser tratada en sus partes y la relación de éstas con su conjunto, desde la historia y con una distancia sociológica que nos permita, después del…

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Femen and Reporters hold Solidarity Protest against Neo-fascist Erdogan in Paris

Erdogan has banned Gay Pride marches in Istanbul, the biggest in the ‘Muslim World’.

Erdogan, the ‘dictator for life’ has personally ordered a whole range of homophobic decrees against women,  lesbians , homosexual and trans people, as well as the massive purge against Kurds and opposition supporters..   see also  Femicide in Turkey 346 women murdered.

The Femen movement staged a protest in Paris yesterday against the visit of R.T. Erdogan. 

A group of activists dressed as topless waitresses denounced the “cannibal Erdogan” outside a restaurant where it seems he was scheduled to eat.

They showed messages affirming that the megalomaniac Islamist “eats the rights of the Kurds”, “human rights”, eats “the rights of women” and “of homosexuals”. Continue reading Femen and Reporters hold Solidarity Protest against Neo-fascist Erdogan in Paris

9 Anarchist Zines from December 2017, free download

By:   thecollective       The following zines were published over the past month or so within the broad anarchist space. As always, we encourage folks to read, discuss, and engage with the ideas within. Organizing study groups, talk about them with your friends, leave copies in random places, or write scathing critiques of the ideas contained within and circulate them widely. Anarchist ideas are sharper when accompanied by a robust dialog and debate.

If you have suggestions for titles to include next month, let us know.

Below & Beyond Trump: Power and Counter-Power in 2017

This is a “strategy and analysis document” published by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation. It provides an analysis of the political context for social anarchists in 2017 and the prospects for “pro-organizational revolutionary anarchists” to intervene in the current period. The documents focuses on (briefly) understanding ruling class power, social movements, and offers suggestions for a path forward. In response to their understanding of the contemporary period, they call for building social movements from below, offensive campaigns, and developing explicitly socialist practices and programs. It reads a lot like a political party platform with a lot of vague statements, sloganeering, and solutions.

Download the PDF


Plain Words #4

This is the fourth issue of a counter-information project based in Bloomington, Indiana called Plain Words. This issue features a few reports on actions in Bloomington (anti-logging and grand jury solidarity) alongside a number of longer essays. The stand-outs include “Mirror, Kaleidoscope, Dagger: What is Anarchism?” and an essay remembering the life of Haymarket martyr Louis Lingg. Continue reading 9 Anarchist Zines from December 2017, free download

Local Activist on Iran protests: Bread. Jobs. Freedom.

Protest in Zanjan, December 30 2017     We are publishing this dispatch direct from an activist in Iran, trying to make some sense of the current wave of protests. The situation is moving so quickly, and the protests sufficiently diffuse, that anyone claiming to know what will happen can be disregarded. The contribution we can make is to ask questions, to look at what has happened, is happening; and only from that speculate about what might happen in the future. We hope that more will contribute to this effort in the coming days and weeks.

We have lightly edited this piece for translation issues and to add footnotes.

From Armin Sadeghi, January 4th 2018.

Are we waging a revolution in Iran? Perhaps not. But if we perceive the essence of a revolution as “the abolition of fear”, then everyone has heard (and seen) the Iranian people shouting with no fear that “the emperor has no clothes”.It is hard to anticipate beyond this, since the conflicting social forces have not yet fully unfolded; and it is almost impossible to grasp a revolution as it’s being made. But, we can speculate on the situation, just as Marx wrote to Ruge1: “The internal difficulties seem to be almost greater than the external obstacles. Continue reading Local Activist on Iran protests: Bread. Jobs. Freedom.

Faircoin: the Eco-Solidarity money that could Sweep the World

 1:1 FairCoop risingThe Post-capitalist movement known as FairCoop steadily grows stronger, worldwide, in an integrated way. Independently from the decisions of centralized institutions, statements of hierarchical organizations, fluctuations of market speculation and mainstream skepticism … we are empowering ourselves in an exponential and radiant way.


Three years of intense cooperative activism have made economic and social emancipation tools a reality, to the point where anyone with Internet access can become autonomous in their local environment, regardless of the culture, political situation, economic pressures or legal impositions, and become part of the new global fair economy.

For three years with FairCoop, a group of cooperative activists have spent their energy to build an innovative set of tools and solutions to help people to have an actual, practical alternative choice: for instance, they are creating a novel, independent and fair economy with the help of a unique anti-speculative crypto-currency: FairCoin

  •  What is it?
  •  FairCoin is the first fairly distributed crypto currency.
  • 99.99% Proof-Of-Stake, rewarding savers and cooperation
  • All the coins were premined and fairly distributed to thousands from all over the world. Computing power not needed.
  • Backed by a strong, diverse and committed community.
  • Promotes prosperity and financial freedom with real value.
  • Working to become the coin of fair trade.

In this way, Faircoop and its structures are creating the tools in order to slowly leave the control of the state and capital, offering a realistic transition plan instead of relying simply on empty rhetoric or intellectual abstractions.

It is a constructive project and serves an important role, as the real task for radicalism today is to help people, collectives and regions to realize that they don’t need state bureaucracies, political parties or impersonal economic institutions.

Understanding that we are faced with not just a passing financial crisis but a systemic disintegration, we realized that the truly unrealistic and utopian dream was that of endless capitalist accumulation, as the established powers insist on going headlong over a cliff, stubbornly insisting on growing inequality and endless consumption of finite resources. Continue reading Faircoin: the Eco-Solidarity money that could Sweep the World

blog of the post capitalist transition.. Read or download the novel here + latest relevant posts

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