Comrade Malik: Environmental Disasters In Texas are not a Hoax!

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I Choose Anarchism - Comrade Keith Malik Washington

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Via Earthjustice: More than 2,291 chemical fires, explosions, or toxic releases occurred from 2004 to 2013, causing deaths and injuries and also forcing some half a million fence line communities and first responders to suffer toxic exposure or shelter-in-place. By early 2016, facilities had reported an additional 458 releases to EPA, though the agency expected those numbers to increase as more reports came in.

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In the early morning hours of November 27th, 2019 there was a huge explosion at a chemical plant located in Port Natchez, Texas just a few miles from USP Beaumont where I am currently housed. The plant which is operated by TPC Group Sustained  a large amount of structural damage and approximately four people were injured. Over 50,000 people were evacuated in the surrounding area and officials warned all those who were downwind from the plant.

This incident came only days after the Trump Administration relaxed regulations which instructed chemical plants like the one in Port Natchez to conduct thorough inspections of their chemical processing facilities. The Trump administration has defined itself as an enemy to the Environment and a Friend to Capitalist Oppressors. 

In Southeast Texas these industrial chemical plants continue to spew toxic chemicals into the air. The main part of the regulations which are no longer being…

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The Huge Potential of Agriculture to Slow Climate Change


Human Wrongs Watch

4 December 2019 (UN Environment)*Soil’s contribution to climate change, through the oxidation of soil carbon, is important, and soils—and thus agriculture—can play a major role in mitigating climate change.

niña-onuPhoto by Neil Palmer, CIAT

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Green Groups at COP 25 oppose false Capitalist Solutions to Climate Emergency

Cumbre Social por el Clima – COP 25 en Madrid 6-13 december .

“Now is NOT the time to offer an escape route to polluting Northern country governments and big oil.”

by Andrea Germanos, staff writer at Common Dreams

As the United Nations climate summit COP 25 kicked off in Madrid, Spain on Monday, environmental advocacy groups warned that market-driven approaches to tackling the global emergency are an obstacle to real solutions to rein in emissions and making those most responsible for the crisis pay.

At issue are international carbon markets, which, as a DW headline put it, will “take center stage.”

Young climate activists protest carbon markets

“Big polluters must be rubbing their hands in glee that carbon market mechanisms, which further dilute the already weak and inadequate Paris emissions targets, are back on the agenda,” said Dipti Bhatnagar, Climate Justice and Energy Program coordinator for Friends of the Earth International (FOEI), in a statement.

As Nature explained Monday,

At last year’s conference, nations agreed on a set of rules for tracking and reporting greenhouse-gas emissions and for reviewing collective progress. However, they failed to establish clear rules around carbon markets through which emissions made in one country can be offset by investing in low-carbon technologies elsewhere. Although it is unclear whether negotiators will be able to reach agreement this time around, Article 6 of the Paris agreement—which aims to promote voluntary international cooperation between nations—is a central point on the agenda, and offsetting will almost certainly be discussed.

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Turkish Hitler celebrates in UK Palace after murdering 8 Kurdish children

Wounded children in Tel-Rifaat massacre: We were playing suddenly we bombed

“Are we terrorists, what did we do to them so that they bombed us and killed our friends?  Now they are bombing us here too. We want to live in peace,” said the children who were injured in the Turkish massacre in Tel Rifaat.

Intent on Genocide and destroying the democratic feminist Rojava the Turkish president arrived in Buckingham Palace for a NATO summit, just hours after committing another massacre of 10 civilians, mostly kids going home after school.. Nobody in the Palace is so rude as to mention the bodies of innocent children.

Erdogan then labeled his victims as terrorists, yet again, and again openly threatened his fellow presidents unless they agreed with him and continued their criminal deals.

What a SHAME that the world has come to this.. that an obvious genocidal illegal invasion and ethnic cleansing be condoned, flagrant war crimes against people who have NEVER attacked Turkey. Indeed the US NATO leaders refused in the UN (along with Russia) to even condemn the latest invasion.

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No to Trump No to Nato Protest! Don’t Extradite Assange for exposing War Crimes 3/12/2019

Chelsea Manning is back in jail for the 2nd time for refusing to testify against the victimized Julian Assange

Joint maneuvers of American and Portuguese armies, on 20 Oct 2015 in Pinheiro da Cruz, Portugal.

WISE Up Action - A Solidarity Network for Manning and Assange

Protest Call Out!

Tuesday 3rd December 2019, 4pm No to Trump No to Nato, Don’t Extradite Assange for exposing War Crimes

The Trump administration Department of Justice is waging a war on WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and WikiLeaks heroic whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Both are currently in incarcerated at the behest of Trump’s Department of Justice. A contingency of the Committee to Defend Julian Assange will attend this national demonstration. We join our voices with all those who protest at our government’s sponsorship of Trump and Nato at the Buckingham Palace. Join us to defend our publishes and sources! Look out for our Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning banners!

Time: Tuesday 3/12/2019 – 4pm
Place: at the steps of the Church of St. Martins in the Fields, on Trafalgar Square.
Nearest tube: Charing Cross or Embankment tube stations.

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A Rapist in Your Way ..videos and texts: Un Violador en tu Camino .. power perfomance sweeps Latin America

A Rapist in Your Way .. via Ear to the Ground , 30/11/19 shared with thanks

Today’s piece pays homage– and it must– to the brave women of Chile and around the world who are standing up for their right to be free from sexual and gender-based violence..

Its an amazing performance video, easy to learn and now reproducing in women’s demos all over Latin America

see full lyrics in Spanish, English and German BELOW

Original Performance, Collective LasTesis, Santiago, Chile, November 25, 2019 where the Pinera Regime has been deploying sexual violence, torture and disappearances in response to recent anti-austerity protests.

Currently, Mexico leads the world in murder of women and other forms of sexual violence. The United Nations, whose research wing may be the only thing it has going for it these days, has this to say:

Approximately 15 million adolescent girls (aged 15 to 19) worldwide have experienced forced sex (forced sexual intercourse or other sexual acts) at some point in their life. In the vast majority of countries, adolescent girls are most at risk of forced sex by a current/former husband, partner or boyfriend. Based on data from 30 countries, only one per cent ever sought professional help . 

‘ The oppressive state is a male rapist! ‘

Globally, one out of three students (aged 11 and 13 to 15 years) have been bullied by their peers at school at least on one day in the past month, with girls and boys equally likely to experience bullying. However, boys are more likely to experience physical bullying than girls, and girls are more likely to experience psychological bullying, particularly being ignored or left out or subject to nasty rumours. Girls also report being made fun of because of how their face or body looks more frequently than boys. School-related gender-based violence is a major obstacle to universal schooling and the right to education for girls .

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Greece: Anarchists defiant amid eviction threat to occupied social centres

Freedom News

World, Nov 27th

The Greek State has given occupied social centres a deadline of December 5th to leave or face heavy force aimed at removing them..

New Democracy (ND), which took power in July’s elections, has continued and escalated a wave of evictions previously helmed by Syriza against self-organised migrant and anarchist squatted buildings as part of its promise to “bring order” following years of austerity imposed by the formerly leftist government.

The government previously attacked the anarchist enclave of Exarcheia, Athens, in August as part of this campaign of violence, and has kept up the pressure since. Talking to Enough is Enough, one member of the Notara 26 squatted centre commented:

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