A Renewable Energy Boom on Orkney

Beyond Nuclear International

Small windswept islands will supply other countries with surplus

Editor’s Note: In April, we ran a story about how the people of Orkney rejected plans to mine uranium on the islands. Here is how that wise decision has paid off. The archipelago is rich in renewable energy production, and home-grown Scottish firms and their employees are the beneficiariesof the boom.

By Paul Brown

A surplus of electricity from renewable sources is a luxury that many communities in a world threatened by climate change might wish for. This is the happy situation of Orkney, a wind-swept archipelago 10 miles (16 kms) north of the Scottish mainland on the edge of the Atlantic. Orkney’s renewable energy, a success at home, may soon be supplying consumers further afield.

Using a combination of wind, sun, tides and waves, the islands have been producing more than 100% of the electricity the residents need…

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Thousands protested in Naples against the G20 and demanded that rich countries pay their ecological debt.. Eng/Esp

by Kaos. Internacional .. translation The FreeOnline


G20, protest action against pollution in Naples

Environmental activists gather to protest in the streets of Naples, Italy, where the ministers of the G20 countries hold a meeting on Environment, Climate and Energy.

The protests were called by well-known environmental advocacy groups. The organizations urge their members and supporters to take to the streets to pressure the authorities and demand “environmental justice.”

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What You Need to Know About Early At-Home COVID Treatment.. Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola .. Fact Checked

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked July 25, 2021Download PDF

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Story at-a-glance

  • Perhaps one of the greatest crimes in this whole pandemic is the refusal by reigning heath authorities to issue early treatment guidance. Instead, they’ve done everything possible to suppress remedies shown to work, whether it be corticosteroids, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with zinc, ivermectin, vitamin D or NAC
  • According to Dr. Peter McCullough, 85% of COVID deaths could have been prevented had early treatment protocols been widely implemented rather than censored
  • It appears the intense censoring and suppression of early treatments was a strategy to promote as much fear, suffering, hospitalization and death as possible in order to prepare the population to accept a new genre of gene transfer technologies on a mass scale
  • The overwhelming drive to get a “needle in every arm” is such that health authorities are not even acknowledging the fact that those who have recovered from COVID-19 and many groups have no possibility of benefiting from the vaccine, including younger individuals, pregnant women, women of childbearing potential, and those with immunodeficiencies
  • Despite FDA warnings for myocarditis with Pfizer and Moderna and cavernous venous thrombosis with Johnson & Johnson, the vaccine cabal keeps propaganda on full blast.

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Serious Annoyance still Occupying ex CopShop .. Eviction Imminent.. see it now!

London: The Serious Annoyance continue to trespass despite judgement

– July 22nd, 2021.

”The Serious Annoyance has returned to occupy the empty Camberwell Police Station as we continue in our fight to Kill The Bill, Resist Anti Trespass and highlight the destructive role of the police force..”.
binary comment

The police station occupation is part of the resurgent militant squatting movement that has coalesced from a mixture of anarchists, environmental protesters and travellers against the proposed new anti-trespass laws being brought forward by the UK government.

The new laws are seen as an outright attack on those from nomadic cultures, as well as against the burgeoning anti-HS2 protest movement.

Another former police station was occupied earlier this year in response to the Sarah Everard murder, as well as last year in Paddington Green, and previously back in 2014.

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After ISIS: How freed Women remake society in Revolutionary Manbij .. AANES/Rojava

Manbij, was liberated from ISIS control after a fierce 2 month siege in August 2016 by the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces). It’s a multiracial city, Kurds are a minority though they created the SDF coalition..

YPJ soldier with freed girl after the epic battle to free Manbij… Illustrating the inspiring change from medieval Sharia law to anarcha-feminism.

Manbij has been a great example of how liberated women can reorganise their lives and society. It has shown how the principles of the Rojava Revolution can work in a multi ethnic setting, despite the blockade and constant attacks of all kinds from Turkish forces and their jihadist mercenary militias.

AANES Women’s Institutions in Manbij

from Mesopotamia.coop by Meghan Bodette .. first published by Medium

While the applicability of the Kurdish movement’s feminist principles to non-Kurdish communities in Syria has been debated by analysts and observers, few serious attempts to understand how women from these communities view these principles in practice have been made.

The case of Manbij, liberated from ISIS by the SDF in August 2016, shows how women in a multi-ethnic Syrian city used AANES [the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria] frameworks to build institutions, take on leadership roles, and organize in their communities to change discriminatory attitudes.

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Euphrates River Dry Due to Turkey’s Brutal Occupation, Withholding Water

By: Syrian Democratic Times On: July 7, 2021

The front lines may have stabilized, yet Turkey’s war on North and East Syria continues through its weaponization of water. The dry river beds of the once-mighty Euphrates River are just another image of the brutality of the illegal Turkish occupation of the region.

The Turkish state’s hostility to North and East Syria has been open and brazen for years, with several military interventions leading to the occupation of hundreds of square miles of Syrian territory, along with the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians and deaths of dozens. 

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Biden Adds Two New Sanctions On Cuba


By Sam King

US president Joe Biden has just announced two additional sanctions against Cuba while still refusing to roll back a single one of the 243 additional economic sanctions enacted by Trump.

The new sanctions target the Cuban Minister of Defence and the Brigada Especial Nacional for their roles in dealing with the “peaceful” protests that took place in Cuba (and the US) on July 11. In reality July 11 saw a co-ordinated wave of protests (biggest in Miami) that, in Cuba, included violent attacks on supporters of the revolution, violent attacks on police, turning over cars and destroying buildings.

The provocations were aimed at provoking a violent response from the Cuban state that could be used to justify increase US attacks. They failed in this objective as the US mass media and anti-Communist twitter activists failed to produce any footage showing any police over-reaction or repression. Nor have…

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The Lavkenche Resistance claims a series of Sabotage actions against giants of the Extractive Forestry Industry

By Resistencia Mapuche Lavkenche Publicado el 24 Jul, 2021

To our Mapuche nation, to the Lov, Communities and different Mapuche expressions of resistance, to the Chilean people, the Mapuche Lavkenche Resistance (RML) declares:

The Mapuche Resistance Destroys Extraction Machinery in ...

The Mapuche Resistance Destroys Extraction Machinery

3 Weichave units operated in a coordinated manner on three estates usurped by Bosques Arauco, the Angelini company responsible, together with Mininco, for the devastation and ecocide of the Nahuelbuta mountain range, seriously damaging their ‘mongen’ and impoverishing thousands of Chilean peasants that inhabit it.

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French hospital on Strike to protest Forced Vaccination as Covid-19 deaths at near Zero


JUST IN – Montélimar hospital staff starts indefinite strike…

The authoritarian French state is seizing on the chance of total social control before the opportunity of ‘Pandemic Terror’ ends and Covid19 becomes just one more ailment ..” But already a popular rebellion is threatening to erupt.

Despite the ‘spike in infections’ in France the ‘mild Delta Covid19’ caused only ”18 deaths in hospital, a 14 % increase on the previous week (July 22nd) ” in a population of 65,421,306. And most declared Covid deaths are ‘due to complications of already chronic illnesses’.

Normal flu would probably kill many more, but it has nearly disappeared, displaced by the Covid virus.

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