U.S. Army: 0 — Internet: 1 by David Swanson

by David Swanson Writer, Dandelion Salad Let’s Try Democracy Originally posted May 26, 2019 May 24, 2020 The U.S. Army tweeted a harmless rah-rah tweet and got hit with a burst of reality never encountered on corporate-controlled media. Score one for the internet.

U.S. Army: 0 — Internet: 1 by David Swanson — Dandelion Salad

Image by Truthout.org via Flickr

by David Swanson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Let’s Try Democracy
Originally posted May 26, 2019
May 24, 2020

The U.S. Army tweeted a harmless rah-rah tweet and got hit with a burst of reality never encountered on corporate-controlled media. Score one for the internet.

The Army asked: “How has serving impacted you?”

Here’s a tiny sample of the responses:

Karen@educatorsresist 5h
Replying to @USArmy
I lost my virginity by being raped in front of my peers at 19. Got married to a nice guy who was part of my unit. He was in the invasion of Iraq. Came home a changed man who beat the shit out of me. He’s convinced y’all are stalking him and he’s homeless so great job there!

KrissyK@krissyk262 58m
Replying to @USArmy
My sweet friend David can’t answer you. He committed suicide a few years ago after a couple tours of Afghanistan.

Daniel GBO@danny_m94 5h
Replying to @USArmy
The strain of my deployment was too much for my wife to bear. She committed suicide in our home when I had just one month left. When my mental state deteriorated, I was sent to counseling so my COC could check off a box and say “they did everything they could”. (1/2)
I turned to alcohol and other vices. I begged to be sent to any other unit in a different state, just needing a change of scenery. Instead, I was demoted and discharged. Dumped like a bag of trash when I had at one time shown great promise as a leader and soldier. (2/2)

J-Fixx@Chromedominium 5h
Replying to @USArmy
My wife walked in the garage and found me hanging from an extension cord. What’s worse she had to lift me up, cut the cord and resuscitate me all while screaming for help. My black ass is 6ft 245 pounds and she is 5’2 130 pounds. But hey at least I got to shoot some cool shit.

KnitWit@maraomaude 5h
Replying to @USArmy
a friend’s father, 20 years after Vietnam, was still managing massive ptsd, and would have nightmares so big that he’d wake us up convinced we were under attack. he called us by names of his former unit soldiers and would cry when we told him about it.

Amazon.com: Flashback: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide, and ...

Skitter@ghostedarmy 4h
Replying to @USArmy
My grandfather served in Vietnam. When I was 6, he shot himself in the head because of his depression and PTSD. I never got to learn who he was because of you.

Molin@Molindawolf 1h
My mom served at ft. McClellan and is still suffering from being poisoned to this day.

Jeffrey Scott@Jscott916 4h
Replying to @USArmy
I am a Navy vet, I was a happy person before I served, now I am broke apart, can’t even work a full 30 days due to anxiety and depression, I have Fibromyalgia and nobody understands because I am a guy. I am in constant pain everyday. And I think about killing myself daily……..

gay rat wedding minister@skydovva 12h
Replying to @USArmy
My grandparents were used as pawns serving the US army in aiding them on the Ho Chi Minh trail. They served in The Secret War, and when the US lost the Vietnam war the Hmong were left to die in genocide. To this day Hmong veterans are not recognized by the US army.
More than half of my people were wiped out through genocide. Only about a third of what once was the Hmong population are scattered in diaspora around the world. Many in the US who deal with PTSD through alcoholism, abuse, and addiction to opium.
And the children are left to pick up the pieces and navigate a delicate past, present, and future for the years to come while inheriting intergenerational trauma.

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Noam Chomsky: Trump’s Covid Disaster, WHO, China, Gaza and Capitalism

How did the United States — the richest country in the world — become the worldwide epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, with one person dying of COVID-19 every 47 seconds? We spend the hour with Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author, discussing this unprecedented moment in history, and its political implications. Chomsky…

Noam Chomsky on Trump’s Disastrous Coronavirus Response, WHO, China, Gaza and Global Capitalism — Radio Free

Covid19, the far-right and upper-class revolt in Spain —

The difference is that in working-class neighbourhoods, rather than making noise with pots, people are building incredible networks of solidarity, mutual care and support.

With hard times coming ahead, only solidarity will save us from the ruins. Long queues in foodbanks and support networks indicate that people are beginning to starve in many areas of every city. Uncertainty appears enhanced as a material way of being for many precarious popular classes who lost their jobs and do not know if they will ever return to work. While neighbours are supporting neighbours, the political opportunism of the right is seeking to catalyse the social catastrophe.

Covid19, the far-right and upper-class revolt in Spain — Interregnum

After the right-wing’s performance in the midst of the COVID19 outbreak -with figures like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson or Jair Bolsonaro leading the way -one could reasonably think that popular support for the far-right would plunge after the crisis.

At the very least, that was my deluded hope in the Spanish context, in which particularly VOX[i] -but also the whole right-wing circus- has been accumulating one foolish and impertinent appearance after another. Just to give an example, the voices of the Spanish right -both the ‘old’ one (the conservative Partido Popular) and the ‘not-that-old’ one (VOX or Ciudadanos) – have repeatedly blamed the feminist demonstrations held on the 8th of March as responsible for the exponential outbreak of the virus.

The fact that this same day VOX organised a multitudinous antifeminist meeting whereupon leaders like Santiago Abascal or Javier Ortega Smith, who shook hands with all the attendants, were diagnosed with coronavirus- never stopped the most rancid right from making such senseless accusations.

Manifestaciones fascistas y antifascistas se encuentran en ...

Overall, the actions of the far-right these days merit an entire analysis that I am not able to cover here. The reason that I am writing today refers to some recent events that have been taking place since last week. With almost 30.000 deaths in official statistics, and coinciding with the first government measures easing the quarantine, Spain is witnessing a sort of ‘upper-class revolt’ in which ladies and gentlemen from the wealthiest neighbourhoods of the country are taking over the streets in their Francoist flags, suits, ties and heels demanding freedom and the immediate dismissal of the government.

This image of the same fascists that blamed feminist demonstrations now rallying in the street- during their daily allowance outside the house for exercise- captures the incongruencies of a rancid extreme right that, far from being losing its support, is fully aware that it’s time for class struggle. The Madrilenian ‘Barrio de Salamanca’ -the neighbourhood with the highest GDP per capita- has become the spatial reference of these ‘revolts’, albeit the reality is that they have spread to other -mostly wealthy- areas across the country’s geography.

Liberar Las Mentes: Crónica y fotos de la manifestación ...

This discontent was capitalised on by the far-right party VOX, who promoted a national “caravan demonstration” which took place on Saturday in different cities of the state “in the name of Spain and freedom” and demanded the immediate resignation of the government, while obstructing the circulation of ambulances and insulting health workers standing in their way as a form of protest.

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Is Toxic Chemical Cocktail Making Americans Stupid? + Has Trump got the Brain Parasite?

IQ Scores Are Falling Due to Environmental Factors … – Time AND IQ scores have been falling, a new study … – USA TODAY

Thousands of more or less toxic chemicals are getting into our bodies, and every month dozens more, creating a Toxic Cocktail and all sorts of unforseeable health issues.

Our Enemy the FDA: Soft Killing The American People Using ...

Our Enemy the FDA: Soft Killing The American People

The problem is nowhere more extensive than in the US, which is notorious for allowing any kinds of toxicity, from carcinogenic herbicides, sweeteners, growth boosters etc. , as well as consuming huge quantities of meat and the largest range of semi tested products.

Money talks and corruption is total, lethal products are still legal because they are promoted by the corporate lobbyists

This raises the question, (and we’re NOT anti American).. Is the Toxic Chemical Cocktail Making Americans Stupid?

Explanations are needed, why oh why are millions of US citizens planning to vote again for a man whose unhinged idiocy is destroying the whole planet? Why oh why is it considered un-American to question a diet which is a cocktail of poisons?

see also> American Foods That Are Banned Around The World and.. Feeding the US Toxic Chemicals Banned in Other Countries … and.. Banned & Toxic ingredients Found In U.S Foods

Among the multitude of suspected side effects are damaged immune systems, autism, early senility, low sperm count and IQ deficiency. Few if any products have been adequately tested for their interaction with a multitude of others

Toxic Cocktail – Barbara Demeneix – Oxford University Press

ToxicCocktail How Chemical Pollution Is Poisoning Our Brains, by Barbara Demeneix. Written by an expert who works with international authorities on chemical testing; Provides an easily understandable explanation of the links between between brain development and thyroid hormone, and how chemical pollution is undoing a process honed by evolution Toxic Cocktail provides a clear view of how many environmental chemicals interfere with brain development. As a result, this book looks at how we define and test IQ, the evidence for IQ loss, and how chemical pollution and thyroid hormone disruption can be actors in this process, as well as increasing neurodevelopmental disease risk.

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People’s impeachment petition in Brazil gathers mass support — No Borders

As of May 23, Brazil is reporting the second highest number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the world at 330,890 and a Covid-19 death toll of 21,048, figures that are widely-believed to dramatically undercount both infections and deaths. Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro’s support has declined significantly as evidence of his crimes mounts, but he shows […]

People’s impeachment petition in Brazil gathers mass support — No Borders

Class War Daily 22 May 2020: What is to be done? — Enough 14 –

UK. No I don’t mean our comrades from Stoke Newington in the 1970’s but the relatives and friends of the 50,000 who have died from Covid-19 and often due directly to cackhanded and woeful government policies. Originally published by Class War Daily. Read the full edition of Class War Daily Friday 22 May 2020: here (pdf file).…

Class War Daily 22 May 2020: What is to be done? — Enough 14 –

1,564 women subjected to violations by Turkish occupation within 2 years

More than 1,564 women in the occupied areas were subjected to violations by Turkey in the past two years, while the international human rights organizations concerned with protecting the rights of women did not try to investigate facts and protect women in the occupied areas, but their file was restricted to local women’s organizations.

kurdish girls are raped by turks every year. remember the ...

Kurdish girls raped and murdered with impunity by Turks

WOMAN 22 May 2020, Fri – 07:01 2020-05-22T07:01:00 QAMISHLO- SULAVA ABDEL RAHMAN _ YARA MOHAMMED

Violence and violations against women have increased in the areas of Jarabulus, Al-Bab, Azaz, Idlib, Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî since its occupation by Turkey in August 2016, and some reports have likened these violations to the practices of ISIS mercenaries against women in the areas they previously controlled.

Tens of thousands of families are still homeless after the Turkish invasions and refugee camps especially in Shebha are shelled and bombed by the occupying mercenaries and Turkish army.

Evîna Avêna@EviniaIt was the power of Kurdish women, which brought ISIS to its knees! #StandUpForRojava#DefendKurds#WomenDefendRojava#KurdishWomen#Kurds#Kurdistan#TerroristTurkey#KurdishGenocide Rojava Information Center@RojavaIC Kongra Star Diplomacy Rojava@starrcongress Internationalist Commune of Rojava@CommuneInt

Displaced women and some informed sources from the occupied areas by Turkey revealed the suffering of women in those areas due to the practices and violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, as women’s life was turned upside down.

Turkey Committing War Crimes: Uses Chemical Weapons on ...

Turkey Committing War Crimes… Stop arms sales to Erdogan

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