Carne Ross on the Anti Capitalist Transition

Politics as we Know it should Die and loving Anarchy should Prosper
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The present manner of doing politics on this Earth is coming to an finish.  Carne Ross explores the possibilities in the UK.
The climate emergency will require dramatic changes to the wasteful way we consume resources. The grotesque of the 0.1% cruising in private jets while the rest struggle with rent and debt cannot last.A peaceful, harmonious society requires that people are fairly treated.For now, there is no justice, no peace. The breakdown of consensus is painfully visible in the poisonous cloud of abuse and polarization on mis-named ‘social’ media.
This is not working. So what comes next?The Far Right, because it trades in bogus certainties and machismo, has the clearest plan.It is rising in America, Europe and in the UK with its takeover of the Tory party.It appeals because it pretends to return control to those who feel shut out of the existing political system, though in fact its only strategy is more authoritarianism, justified by whipped-up racism and fear of The Other.The Left and Greens offer a more sympathetic proposition but no political party can honestly claim to represent ‘the people’ or even ‘the many’.No single party can claim support from more than about a third of the adult population. One-party government is therefore a recipe for endless political confrontation, with its own polarizing dialectic.

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Paula Rosero, 596th Human Rights Defender Killed in pro-US Colombia

…” if Venezuela falls to the US capitalist onslaught it will be a new Colombia, with profits for the rich, a genocide against the poor and indigenous and a 50 year long civil war..”
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  • featured image above: Murdered human rights defender Paula Andrea Rosero Ordóñez. | Photo: Facebook /

According to a recent count, just since the signing of the peace agreements in Colombia, in November 2016, 596 social leaders have been killed.

Ordóñez was murdered Monday night by a group of strangers in the department of Nariño, in southwestern Colombia, official sources said.

Rosero Ordóñez, 47 years old, was the representative of the Public Ministry of the town of Samaniego, in Nariño, and had previously warned she was receiving threats against her life.

According to a police report, the lawyer was approached by two hit men, who shot her at close range.

Although she was given first aid almost immediately, it was impossible to save his life, the reports said. The Attorney General of the Nation and the Ombudsman of Colombia, in a joint statement, lamented the crime.

“@PGN_COL and @DefensoriaCol condemn the crime against the person from Samaniego, Nariño. Statement attached”

Both institutions demanded that the government of Colombian President Ivan Duque “take urgent measures” to guarantee the lives of human rights defenders, as well as all social leaders.

Luis Eduardo Dagua, his body was found with clear signs of torture;

According to a recent count made last week, after the signing of the peace agreements in Colombia, in November 2016, there 139 former guerrilla fighters were killed. Also 31 relatives of ex-rebels have been killed, while 596 social leaders and 119 Indigenous people were murdered.

According to the non-governmental organization Programa Somos Defensores, from January to March, 25 more human rights defenders in Colombia were killed.

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The US is blockading and subverting Venezuela to control it like Colombia. Plan Colombia was a counter narcotics and counter insurgency military aid package launched in 2000 by then U.S. President Bill Clinton to put down leftwing resistance to the oligarchy, the ‘Mafia of the Rich’  who have long plagued Colombia, and indeed Latin America, …


Plan Colombia Has Been a Nightmare for Women  Six women were raped every hour in Colombia during the first nine years of Plan Colombia. That figure was taken from a joint survey done by women’s rights organizations, which include Oxfam and other Colombian based groups. The study revealed that some 489,678 women were victims of some type of sexual violence, while 7,752 had been forced into prostitution between 2000-2009—what were integral years for the controversial deal.

As one more example, Colombian Indigenous and campesino leader Alicia Lopez Guisao was killed in Medellin


Giant toxic Garbage dump Found in Mediterranean Sea

A huge dump on the bottom of the Mediterranean

It looks like a sequence of a post-apocalyptic film, but in reality it is the bottom of the Mediterranean. The images obtained by an underwater exploration robot have revealed an underwater landfill where you can find almost everything.

There are kitchen furniture, boats, toilet bowls, mattresses, tables, Christmas trees, clothes, wheels, bricks, dolls, boots, car mats, even a complete car, overturned and half-buried more than 500 meters deep. The sea urchins and fish use the garbage as a refuge and the crabs walk along the bottom dragging shreds of plastic.

Garbage found at the bottom of the Strait of Messina, in Italy.

It is the largest concentration of garbage ever recorded in deep waters anywhere in the world, according to the authors of a study published in Scientific Reports. The dump is at the bottom of the Strait of Messina, which separates the island of Sicily from the region of Calabria, in mainland Italy.

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Trump tweets World War, invites False Flag To Trigger Attack

We don’t support the theocratic Iranian State which, like Israel, is doubly pernicious and especially lethal to women’s, workers and minority rights. But now the President publicly threatens to kill 83 million of us in Iran to prove the US is the biggest bully ! 

And this after personally vetoing a bill that could have stopped the slaughter in Yemen, making him personally responsible for the death of an innocent child every 10 minutes! The USA is legitimizing a whole new level of human depravity.

 by George Galloway  shared from RT with thanks  illustrations added

The global arrogance displayed by the President of the US Donald Trump was not just unbecoming of a great country like the USA, it displayed hubris on an astounding scale.

Amid an ongoing war of words between Washington and Tehran, Trump threatened that if actual fighting breaks out between the two countries, Iran will be destroyed. Continue reading “Trump tweets World War, invites False Flag To Trigger Attack”

Switzerland: Repression and Eviction of #Fabrikool

#Switzerland: Night of rage in the streets of #Bern in response to repression and eviciton of #Fabrikool squat

Bern, Switerland: On Friday May 17 there was a demo against the eviction. On May 18 there was a night of rage and resistance against the eviction and the recent wave of repression started in the Swiss capital.

Originally published by Barrikade Info: Here and here. Translated by Enough 14.

Fabrikool Demo on May 17

On May 17 about 400 people marched through the streets of Bern loud and self-determined. It was a strong and clear sign to oppose the decision of the canton and shows that free spaces like the Fabrikool are necessary and must be fought for. During the whole demonstration we were fed with the finest food.

AGG, f*ck you!
Hebeisen und Vatter: You really f*ck up!

Ps. Full speech on (German)

Some words on the events of May 18

In the night from Saturday to Sunday we participated in the offensive actions against the police in the area around the Reitschule (riding school). We see today’s move as a necessary response to the recent repression in the Bern area. Today our anger was so big that the police had to withdraw several times. We see this as a sign of success and as an emerging motivation to continue to stand in the way of the state and the police.

We are people who show solidarity with the evicted Fabrikool. We would like to point out that the Fabrikool was fought for within the militant actions around the Effy29 eviction. The state’s fear of a new conflict ultimately led to the Fabrikool not being evicted. Today’s actions should recall the time around the Effy29 eviction. Every eviction has its price!

We place the Fabrikool eviction in the context of a repressive armament that has taken place in recent months. Thus, raids were repeatedly carried out around the riding school, people were threatened and harassed by the police, and almost political sprayers and guests of the riding school were run over by a plain police patrol. The state is also trying to strike with legal means. Thus, dozens of people are currently receiving orders of punishment for the Afrin demo that was surrounded last year. With the new police law, more repressive arrows are waiting in the quiver of the judiciary and police.

As desperate as the state tries to oppress and smash us, resistance to the recent repression manifests itself in various ways. Today it was with stones and burning barricades, for months it has been flowers on the orphanage square for the murdered K. and soon it could be new occupations.

The power and energy we have experienced today will be carried into our future struggles. At the same time such attacks need a phase of reflection and criticism. So we cannot fight for a world free of domination if on such evenings sexist expressions and actions of some are displayed and self-staging is seen as the central reason for such actions.

We greet the arrested in Indonesia.
We greet all who are currently affected by the repression of the Afrin demo.
We greet all people with whom we show solidarity far too rarely.

“Rhubarb affinity group”, May 19, 2019

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The anarchist squat center Puntales II is being evicted

The anarchist squat center Puntales II is being evicted for the second time.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the building at daybreak, 21 May 19 in the working class Clot area as 18 van loads of riot police sealed off the barrio. Due to the original and heavy fortifications the dozen young people inside were still resisting at the time of writing with elite pplice attempting entry from neighbouring buildings. The Collective plan to set up house in the middle of a neighbouring street. The occupied center was one of several dozen in Catalunya.

Fort dispositiu per a desallotjar . Intenten entrar pel balcó sense èxit, ara han pujat al balcó d’una veïna per intentar accedir al terrat. Puntales II resisteix!


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Marxist Dogma makes State Dictators .. But Anarchy Works

Understand Marxism  vs Anarchism in just 20 minutes!

A Case for Anarchist Class Analysis: Why it Works Better than the Marxist Approach and What it Means for Struggles

The purpose of this pamphlet is giving a coherent, comparative analysis on how anarchists and Marxists view the concept of “class,” and the political implications of each approach.

Class is the nucleus of both Marxism and anarchism; however the conceptualisation of class is different for both. In pointing out these differences, it is my hope that I will convincingly show how and why the anarchist conceptualisation of class is more comprehensive and more useful, providing a more holistic analysis of many related aspects of class, and a more practical political guide..

by Leroy Maisiri (ZACF)    shared fromZABALAZA, with thanks  .. by  Leroy Maisir

First published April 2019 as a Zabalaza Books (South Africa) pamphlet, here

The purpose of this pamphlet is giving a coherent, comparative analysis on how anarchists and Marxists view the concept of “class,” and the political implications of each approach. Class is the nucleus of both Marxism and anarchism; however the conceptualisation of class is different for both.

In pointing out these differences, it is my hope that I will convincingly show how and why the anarchist conceptualisation of class is more comprehensive and more useful, providing a more holistic analysis of many related aspects of class, and a more practical political guide. In particular, the anarchist approach – which stresses ownership and control of administration and coercion, not only means of production, as with Marxism – allows us to develop an effective analysis of why the state simply cannot be used to emancipate the popular classes i.e. the working class, the poor and the peasantry.

Theory Matters

The use of theory within the Left has serious implications in our lived experiences and political praxis. Theory has been deployed for, and many times profoundly shaped, political action. Simply put, how we analyse the problem shapes what we see as the solution.

It is therefore essential that activists and the Left, in general, not only know and understand the differences between anarchists and Marxists, but remain cognisant of the implications these differing views have for day-to-day struggle.

Like the Marxists, our theory as anarchists is, from the outset, not developed by arm-chair reasoning, or by intellectual work for the simple pleasure it brings, but as a means of change. Anarchism was designed by and by, the working class in its struggles, and so, it must be tested and regulated by everyday struggles.

If we have bad theory, we have bad practice; we need theory to understand what we are fighting and to understand how it can change.

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