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Rome:’You Can’t Evict the Feminist City’. video with English subs.

a video by Julia Lindblom. Rome, spring 2018.   ENGLISH SUBTITLES

In recent months, repression towards social centers in Rome has increased. Now also the feminist social spaces and women’s anti-violence centers are at risk of being evicted.Image result for la citta femminista non es sgombrere

In this documentary we follow the feminist struggles in Rome and the feminist movement “Non una di meno”  (Not One Less) in defense of these social spaces.  Continue reading Rome:’You Can’t Evict the Feminist City’. video with English subs.

“The Fire is Catching”: Fierce and Spreading Opposition to Oil Pipelines in the Virginias

Walking The Line: On the Frontlines Against the Pipelines

Image result for stop Mountain Valley Pipeline

via It’s Going Down  ..  The following report details the growing struggle against the Mountain Valley Pipeline on the Virginia and West Virginia border. In the Jefferson National Forest a line is being drawn.

If you turn North from highway 460 on the border of Virginia and West Virginia onto US 641, stay right at the fork, and stop with Pocahontas Rd on your left, you will run right into it. It’s a little gravel road that winds back into the mountain all the way to the AT. On it, a garrison of Forest Service trucks, state police, and private security idle their engines, enforcing the line.

Related image

On December 28, 2017 a line was drawn when Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC obtained authorization to construct a 42 inch pipeline through the forest. The proposed channel would conduct fracked natural gas and disturb many communities opposed to the project and to natural gas infrastructure.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is a proposed 42-inch interstate fracked gas pipeline to run 303 miles from north-western West Virginia to south central Virginia. The project is budgeted at USD 3.5 billion. The MVP would enable significantly more gas to be shipped, which means significantly more gas can be extracted using fracking techniques in the Marcellus shale region. Tech and financial details   HERE

Continue reading “The Fire is Catching”: Fierce and Spreading Opposition to Oil Pipelines in the Virginias

review: Murder, Incorporated: Empire, Genocide and Manifest Destiny.. by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Murder, Incorporated: Empire, Genocide and Manifest Destiny. 
Book One: Dreaming of Empire.

by Mumia Abu-Jamal and Stephen Vittoria. Foreword by Chris Hedges.    Prison Radio, 345 pp., $20.     Reviewed by Todd Steven Burrough

…..  PROUDLY, ABU-JAMAL and Vittoria—unafraid to balance profanity (as seen soon, they literally call America’s bullshit historical analysis bullshit), American mass-media popular culture, and historic racial irony—give the middle finger to America’s view of itself. Continue reading review: Murder, Incorporated: Empire, Genocide and Manifest Destiny.. by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Smart Wristbands and Chips under your skin. STOP Worker Control !


Amazon and Boss Bezos Developing New Ways to Control  and Abuse Workers

By Don Gross     On Feb. 1, Amazon reported its highest ever quarterly profit, bringing in $1.9 billion in profit in the fourth quarter of 2017. The news came a day after it was reported that Amazon had patented wristbands that would track warehouse workers’ movements while they were on the job.

The stunning contrast between these two stories reinforces the fact that Amazon’s massive profits are created by the work of mostly low-paid warehouse workers and delivery drivers who work under slave-like conditions.

Amazon’s quarterly report revealed that the company made $1 billion more than over the same period in 2016. Of that $1.9 billion profit, $789 million was because of the tax “reforms” passed last year. Continue reading Smart Wristbands and Chips under your skin. STOP Worker Control !

Cattails/bullrushes: A Climate-lethal plague that’s also a ‘Super-Food’

Scientists Find New Climate ‘Feedback Loop’ in Lakes

 Warming global temperatures have helped boost the growth of freshwater plants like cattails in the world’s lakes in recent decades. Now, scientists have found that this surge in aquatic plant growth could double the methane being emitted from lakes — already significant sources of methane — over the next 50 years.

The research, published in the journal Nature Communications, reveals a previously unknown climate feedback loop, where warming triggers the release of greenhouse gases, which in turn triggers more warming — similar to what is happening with Arctic’s melting permafrost. Freshwater lakes currently contribute as much as 16 percent of the world’s methane emissions, compared with just 1 percent from oceans.

Cattails are nutrient-rich, containing beta carotene, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin C. (Cattail flour can cause discomfort for those individuals with a gluten-intolerance, and should be avoided by people with Celiac disease. ) Cattail Information, Recipes and Facts

Reeds in a lake near Sudbury, Ontario, in the Canadian Boreal Shield. Andrew Tanentzap

Lakes produce methane when plant debris is buried in sediment and consumed by microbes. The scientists studied differences in methane production from biomass that originated in lakeside forests and from dead aquatic plants growing in the water. They found that forest-derived biomass helped to actually trap carbon in the lake sediment, reducing methane emissions. Continue reading Cattails/bullrushes: A Climate-lethal plague that’s also a ‘Super-Food’

Save Internet vote is Today.. add your Protest #RedAlert Urgency for Net Neutrality

#RedAlert Urgency for Net Neutrality Ahead of ‘Most Important Vote for the Internet in History of the Senate’

“We can send a clear message to American families that we support them, not the special interest agenda of President Trump and his broadband baron allies,” says Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.)

May 16

On Wednesday May 16, the Senate will vote on a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to restore federal net neutrality rules. (Photo: @SenMarkey/Twitter)

Kicking off a 48-hour countdown to what he described as the “the most important vote for the internet in the history of the Senate,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) announced Monday that the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to restore federal net neutrality rules gutted by the GOP-controlled FCC last year will be officially brought to the floor on Wednesday.

“By passing my CRA resolution to put net neutrality back on the books, we can send a clear message to American families that we support them, not the special interest agenda of President Trump and his broadband baron allies,” Markey said in a statement. “From the GOP tax scam, to attacks on the Affordable Care Act, to rolling back fuel economy standards, and to net neutrality, the Trump administration has repeatedly ignored the needs of everyday American families.”

In spite of overwhelming GOP opposition, Markey’s resolution (pdf) has the support of the entire 49-member Senate Democratic caucus, plus a pledge from Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) to vote in favor. If Collins keeps her promise to help pass the resolution—and considering that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is expected to remain absent while he battles brain cancer—the Democrats currently have the edge over the 49 Republicans who support the FCC’s effort to hand the web over to powerful corporate telecom interests.

With so much on the line and leaving nothing to chance, advocates for federal net neutrality protections, which prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from prioritizing certain online content, are maintaining the urgent tone of their #RedAlert digital campaign and asking constituents nationwide to keep the pressure on their elected officials.

Advocates are encouraging constituents to continue contacting their senators—particularly those seen as likely candidates to rethink their opposition, such as Republican Sens. John Kennedy (La.) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska).

That urgency was echoed by Markey, who <p%20lang=”en”%20dir=”ltr”>On%20Wednesday,%20the%20Senate%20will%20vote%20on%20my%20resolution%20to%20save%20<a%20href=”;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#NetNeutrality.%20We%20need%20you%20to%20take%20action%20TODAY.%20<a%20href=”″>

&mdash;%20Ed%20Markey%20(@SenMarkey)%20<a%20href=””>May%2014,%202018%20%20″>tweeted to constituents on Monday, “We need you to take action TODAY.””Will we stand with the American public, who understand why net neutrality is vital, or will we side with those who wish to control how we use the internet?” posed Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.). “The choice should be clear—the American public should always come first.”

Although the majority of Americans across the political spectrum support net neutrality protections, major ISPs such as AT&T and Verizon have threatened to “aggressively challenge” efforts to impose such regulations at state and local levels, and have lobbied federal Republican regulators and lawmakers to keep open internet rules off the books.

Even if the the CRA resolution does pass the Senate, however, the fight will not be over. It will also have to pass the House, where it will need support from over two dozen Republicans.

As Common Dreams has reported, “lawmakers only have 60 legislative days from when FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s repeal plan was published in the Federal Register to void the rollback, meaning they face a June 12 deadline.”

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Justice For Noura…Stop her Execution!

Activists in last-ditch effort to save 19-year-old condemned to death for stabbing the man she was forced to marry as he assaulted her

A Sudanese woman in silhouette

A social media campaign has been launched in support of Noura Hussein, who says she was shocked to receive the death sentence for killing her husband as he tried to rape her. Photograph: Amr Nabil/AP

Noura Hussein, a 19-year-old Sudanese woman, has been sentenced to death for stabbing her husband, who she was forcibly married to. Within a week of being sent to live with the man, Hussein was held down by his relatives while he raped her.

When her husband tried to rape her again the next day, she stabbed him and he died from his injuries. Hussein’s legal team has 15 days to appeal the decision.

According to her supporters – including the activist group Equality Now, which is backing a petition organised on her behalf – Hussein had been with her husband for six days when he raped her with the assistance of his brother, a relative, and a witness, who held her down.

“She would not have sex with the man,” Sarah ElHasan, an activist supporting Hussein’s case, told al-Jazeera. “He recruited some of his cousins and brought them [to his] home where they held her down while her husband raped her.” Continue reading Justice For Noura…Stop her Execution!

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