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3 Anarchists Accused of Attempt to burn Cop Car in Poland.. Land Occupier Collective Raided

Warsav, Poland: Open letter in connection with the arrest of three anarchists [ENG-PL]p1

On the night of May 23rd, the police in Warsaw arrested three anarchists on charges of an alleged arson attempt of a police vehicle. The three were transferred to a remand prison where they are to be held in custody for three months, awaiting trial. They face up to 8 years in prison. Media frenzy broke out over the arrest in the past few days, with high-ranking politicians and experts on terrorism discussing the matter on TV. Photos and video reruns of the arrested walking with chains around their feet and hands are broadcast on public transportation. The text below is a translation of the statement that was sent out by various groups from the anarchist and wider social justice community in Poland, in response to these arrests.
Open letter in connection with the arrest of three anarchists in Warsaw

The mass media in Poland are releasing increasingly more absurd, one-sided reports about the arrest of three anarchists on Monday, May 23rd. We interpret this as an attempt to intimidate and criminalize social justice movements in Poland….

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Land Occupier Collective Raided   (ROD)

Faces of urban gardening society or the ROD
Faces of urban gardening society or the ROD

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Cynical EU-Turkey deal spells Disaster for Refugees

96084918_FILE__This_is_a_Wednesday_March_16_2016_file_photo_of_a_Syrian_refugee_as_she__hangs_clothe-large_trans++jPAKgJRxicfimPcewMJ7fBLcrmo1mhLKr08jNmJN5TQIn making a deal with Turkey, the EU is entrusting refugees to a government that cares little for their safety – and sponsors the terrorists they are fleeing from, writes Marienna Pope-Weidemann 
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Child refugees in Tobali, Turkey, in a makeshift school they were later forced to abandon. Photo: Nina Aandahl.

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European governments leading the charge in the ‘war on terror’ have bought the right to turn their backs on its casualties for a cool £4.6 billion by striking their deal with Turkey. In exchange for the funds and loosened visa restrictions on Turkish citizens, the European Union has been able to violate its international obligations and outsource its refugee crisis. Continue reading Cynical EU-Turkey deal spells Disaster for Refugees

Expropriated Bank: resistance Continues: Action day Video 1

500 people demonstrate all day, even covering police chief in flour, see video below..amid heavy police charhges and various events….bank

Meanwhile in Gràcia, cops have finally left, and there’s a  sit-in at the door of the ex-occupied bank p/v

Multi-Day ‘Siege of Storms’ Follows Exxon Shareholder Meeting



A multi-day siege of severe thunderstorms morphed into a major flash flood event in parts of Texas, Kansas, and other states late Thursday into Friday, and more severe weather is expected into Friday night.Weather Underground.


It was a stifling hot and humid day that set the scene for the Exxon shareholder meeting this week. There, in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday, oil company CEO Rex Tillerson found himself besieged by environmentalists enraged over his company’s decades-long campaign to misinform the public on climate change and by shareholders concerned about the company’s future prospects. But what the climate change denying oil company CEO, and even NOAA weather forecasters, didn’t know was that an extreme rainfall event worsened by the very smoke and fumes emitted by Exxon was starting to gather over Southeast Texas — not far from where the shareholder proceedings were taking place.

Protestors Ice Sculpture Exxon Knew

(Protesters urge stockholders to dump…

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How ‘Femvertising’ debases Feminism to Sell Stuff

We sold feminism to the masses, and now it means nothingfemvertising

Girl Power—whatever that means.

by  Marcie Bianco  from thanks

These days, feminism is on fleek. Touted by everyone from Dove to Barbie to Taylor Swift, consumer capitalism has made feminism sexy, fun, cool—and remarkably easy to claim as your own. But the price tag has been the meaning of the movement itself.equinox_activist-e1452033891346
Bitch magazine cofounder Andi Zeisler describes this phenomenon as “marketplace feminism.” “Marketplace feminism is in many ways about just branding feminism as an identity that everyone can and should consume,” she writes in her new book We Were Feminists Once: From Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement.

  • ‘Women empowerment’ is just another fad that a lot of brands are cashing into. The agenda is always to exploit the consumer’s psyche and sell more. Let’s not kid ourselves that a soap brand or a diamond manufacturer actually cares about women’s (or any other group’s) issues.

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Gang of Rightwing Robbers Steal Brazil! : to destroy Rights and Biosphere: Huge Resistance!

Leaked Tapes Show Michel Temer’s Henchmen Led Dilma Rousseff Coup in Brazilimpeach her!Michel Temer and his Horrible Henchmen

#DilmaRousseff    Recordings released on Monday tell the world what Brazil already knows in revealing that the political establishment orchestrated a plot to overthrow the democratically elected leader.

On Monday, Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo revealed audio recordings of a conversation between the country’s planning minister, Romero Juca, and Sergio Machado, former CEO of state-owned oil company Petrobras subsidiary Transperto, calling to oust Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, as part of a bid to derail an ongoing corruption investigation under which the two are involved.13230244_128227874251422_7935774295770301905_n

The high-ranking Juca serves as the president of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), the same political party as interim leader Michel Temer and other leading impeachment figures, including deposed lower house leader Eduardo Cunha and senate leader Renan Calheiros.

Juca immediately stepped down from his government post a few hours after the recordings were released, but the ever-unraveling threads of the coup plot threaten to completely dismantle the Temer government.13232901_945240488930976_4320719822212393739_n

The Impeachment Coup

The impeachment proceedings against Rousseff are not a matter of corruption, but rather for borrowing from the federal savings bank to preserve social welfare programs facing short-term budgetary shortfalls caused by an international recession. The effort to impeach was initially led by Eduardo Cunha, who then served as the leader of Brazil’s lower legislative chamber.

amazonUS BACKED RIGHTWING ‘COUP’ TO DESTROY AMAZON  Ecocide in Brazil: new laws to devastate Amazon by Jan Rocha …   via the ecologist with thanks..    Amidst the turmoil of the presidential impeachment, right wing members of Brazil’s Congress are set to quickly pass new laws that would build new roads across the Amazon, open up indigenous reserves to industrial exploitation, and … Continue reading HERE 

Brazilians suspect that Cunha, considered the country’s most corrupt politician, bribed his parliamentary colleagues to advance a vote in favor of impeachment. The politician was featured in the Panama Papers and is known to have several dozen Swiss Bank accounts. Continue reading Gang of Rightwing Robbers Steal Brazil! : to destroy Rights and Biosphere: Huge Resistance!

French Revolution: latest Videos, photos reports 26 May (en francais)

EN DIRECT – Premiers affrontements entre policiers et manifestants à Paris

La manifestation de jeudi dernier, à Paris.

Des affrontements entre les forces de l’ordre et des manifestants ayant dévié du trajet de la manifestation ont éclaté peu après le départ du cortège dans la capitale. Ce matin, Manuel Valls et François Hollande ont tous les deux réaffirmé leur détermination à faire adopter le texte.
à 16:30

Les affrontements continuent place de la Nation. Une journaliste du Monde a été témoin d’interpellations.

Ça s’attaque ça charge ça gaze et ça interpelle place de la nation.

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À Rennes, les manifestants bloquent à nouveau les trains

Selon la radio France Bleu Armorique, des manifestants ont envahi les voies ferroviaires. Le trafic SNCF a été interrompu, 4 TGV sont retardés et 4 TER ont été supprimés.
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À Paris, la manifestation arrive place de la Nation

Les manifestants arrivent finalement, après bien des heurts, place de la Nation. Des jets de projectiles en direction des CRS reçoivent une réponse immédiate : gaz lacrymogènes.