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US backs Saudis (and Al Qaeda and IS) to bomb BomB BoMB YEMEN

Bomb Iran? Not now: bomb Yemen

‘Operation Decisive Storm’ – the Pentagon-style House of Saud glorifying of its ghastly ‘Bomb Yemen’ show – could be summed up in a single paragraph.

The wealthiest Arab nation – the House of Saud petro-hacienda – supported by other GCC petro-rackets and also the wealthy “West”, has launched an – illegal – bombing/war/kinetic operation against the poorest Arab nation in the name of “democracy.”

And this absurdity is just the beginning.

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Bienvenidxs a Sieso!

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DSC_0163-0676897502Sieso de Jaca és un poble okupat a Huesca , on els dies 14 i 15 de febrer es desenvolupà unes jornades de treball comú per fer llenya. A la cita hi van assistir diferents col.lectivitats de Catalunya, invitades per l´ocasió.

jornadas de leña!

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Dissabte 18 Abril: Calçotada a Kan Pasqual‏

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Amics i amigues de kan pasqual

encara sou a temps de fer la darrera calçotada amb un clima subtropical.

2015 Calçotada kp

Podeu afegir algo de pica-pica, postres i/o beguda.

Si voleu venir caminant: Sortim amb el GMC a les 10.30h de la biblioteca de Vallvidrera.

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A Fond Farewell to a Rebel Poet and Historian

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Eduardo_Galeano_-_conferenza_Vicenza_2Today saw the sad passing of Eduardo Galeano, the acclaimed author of TheOpenVeins of Latin America, a chronicle of the region’s history spanning five blood-soaked centuries. It was the same book that Venezuela’s once-bombastic and now silent president Hugo Chavez gave to President Obama during the 2009 Summit of the Americas.

Did Obama read it? Who knows? The important thing is that more than a million people have, even though it was banned on publication by many of Latin America’s military dictatorships, including in his home country of Uruguay.

The following are a few brief passages excerpted from Galeano’s recent history of humanity, Mirrors (Nation Books). The full excerpt can be read at TomDispatch.

Rest In Peace Eduardo.



He learned to write in the language of Georgia, his homeland, but in the seminary the monks made him speak Russian.

Years later in Moscow, his south Caucasus accent still gave him…

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Greece: rare video of Nazi war crimes backs reparations demand

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The above video, extracted from film archives and only just made available by the Greek Ministry of Defence, shows footage of the consequences, including malnutrition, of Nazi war crimes committed against Greeks during World War 2. The voice-over states that more than 300,000 citizens died from starvation in Athens alone. 13% of the Greek population was lost during the war, mainly as a result of starvation and massacres (over 1,700 villages were destroyed in reprisals – see below for details). The release of the video coincides with the latest demand by the Syriza-led Greek Government for war reparations from Germany – see below for an update.

The video also explains that the agreement of 14. March 1942 foresaw that Greece paid to its occupiers 1.5 billion drachmas per month, a total of 3.5 billion USD, according to the Dollar value of 1938. The current value of that enforced loan is…

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sQUAT tHE rICH!..London Crew Foil Hired Thugs

London: Siege of Aylesbury estate security thugs against St James Square ANAL squat


The squatter crew Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians (A.N.A.L.) have occupied a number of high profile buildings in central London in recent weeks.

These have included the former Institute of Directors (corporate fatcat club) HQ, Admiralty Arch (state power icon due to be turned into hotel), and now 24 St James’ Square, a flash office building on one of London’s most expensive squares, empty for ten years.

They have been getting big picture splashes in corporate media rags like the Evening Standard and Daily Mail.

On Friday evening (10 April) the St James’ Sq squat came under siege by a mini-army of security guards. The heavies used similar tactics to those seen recently on the Aylesbury Estate and other squat clashes recently: unable to retake the building, they forcibly block entrances and exits to lock down the occupation, keeping out supporters and supplies.

This tactic is not usually successful, as many times our side can mobilise bigger numbers to come down and break the siege. Several dozen people responded to a call for back-up from ANAL on Friday evening, and the security thugs were forced to back down, after a few

Police also came along, and in this case didn’t give the security any support, but instead warned them for not displaying their SIA (Security Industry Authority) registration badges, as her majesty’s law demands.

A number of the security guards present on Friday are regulars from Southwark Council’s security operation at the Aylesbury Estate. As a matter of course they do not wear any company insignia or registration numbers. They have been repeatedly violent and offensive to occupiers, estate residents and passers by.

If you have any further information on these characters and their employers, please share it. Email to rabble(at), and/or to the Aylesbury Estate occupiers at aylesbury(at) Or you can contact ANAL via their facebook page, where there are some photos.

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Explicación del Anarquismo Municipal: La Alternativa Práctica de Rojava

 La municipalización de la Economía

por Janet Biehl.. traducción ..The Freerojava-revolutionA medida que la revolución Rojava continúa, la naturaleza de su economía ha sido muy discutido. Como he escrito anteriormente, Rojava aspira a una economía social basada en las cooperativas. En las últimas semanas, varias personas me han preguntado por las ideas de Murray Bookchin sobre la economía: ¿cuáles son los aspectos económicos del municipalismo libertario? He creado un resumen de su pensamiento aquí, sobre la base de los recursos enumerados al final de este artículo. -Janet Biehl

Anarquía en Rojava: Una revolución libertaria en el Medio Oriente desde en Vimeo.

En una economía capitalista, los medios de producción, la industria y al igual que la tierra, las materias primas y acabadas, la riqueza financiera se concentran en manos privadas. La alternativa es una economía social, en el que la propiedad de dichos bienes, en todo o en parte, se desplaza a la sociedad en su conjunto….. Continue reading Explicación del Anarquismo Municipal: La Alternativa Práctica de Rojava