STOP 5G insanity multiplying by 1000s our Radiation Dose, may kill all Life on Earth! download

Arthur Firstenberg is an American author and activist on the subject of electromagnetic radiation and health. He is the founder of the independent campaign group the Cellular Phone Task Force. His 1997 book Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmental Impact of the Wireless Revolution was published by the group.

He is the author of The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life PDF, reviewed below

free download the book here (PDF) The INVISIBLE RAINBOW A History of Electricity and Life…

The fundamental point about all this is simple: The Earth is incredibly delicately balanced with a great many forces making up this balance and thus making life possible.

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life ...

by Robert J. Burrowes
In his recently revised and updated book The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, scientist Arthur Firstenberg has made both science and history comprehensible by explaining the importance and significance to life on Earth of a vital consideration that has long been ‘invisible’: electricity.

Indeed, as Firstenberg makes clear, if we want to understand life on Earth, we cannot do so without understanding the role that electricity plays in making life possible, healing it and, if abused, threatening us all.

Firstenberg’s book is unusual on at least two counts. Based on decades of scientific research, he carefully explains each point in language accessible to the non-scientist while documenting his case with exceptional clarity and detail complemented by a 138-page bibliography.

If you want to really understand this issue, and what is at stake, you will be doing yourself a favor by reading this book.


The Universe, Electricity and Life: In Brief

As Firstenberg’s subtitle promises, his book includes a history of electricity and its role in the Universe but particularly on Earth.

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Turkey demands Twitter delete 8,993 accounts.. Jails more reporters for telling truth

And not only Twitter, Turkey is blackmailing all social media, threatening to ban them from Turkey unless they delete countless thousands of accounts. Like even this wordpress blog, you can’t read this post in Turkey!..(seeTheFreeOnline’ blog banned in Turkey with Dozens more pro Rojava and anti Fascist sites’ ) as well as countless press, news agencies and individuals and still imprisoning dozens of journalists for telling the truth.

Turkey made highest number of removal requests to Twitter in 2019,.

By TM , shared with thanks, – July 5, 2020

A report drafted by the Freedom of Expression Association (İFÖD) has shown that Turkey made the highest number of applications to the Twitter social media platform for content removal in the first half of 2019, according to Turkish media reports.

İFÖD’s report, titled “EngelliWeb 2019” (BlockedWeb 2019) showed that while Twitter received a total of 50,757 removal requests in the first half of 2019, 8,993 of these requests were made by Turkey, the highest number made by a single country.

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A holiday in Turkey funds war crimes, against Kurds, Christians, Syriacs and Arabs.

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100’s of US demos/Portland Revolution/Columbus in River/US Flag burned

Police declared a Riot in Portland for THIRD night this week as protesters besieged federal courthouse amid storm of tear gas..

5 Jul, 2020 07:40

Riot declared in Portland for THIRD night this week as protesters besiege federal courthouse

Follow RT on Portland police used tear gas against protesters who had erected barricades and shot fireworks at the Hatfield Federal Courthouse in the city. Friday was the third riot in Portland this week.

Several hundred activists marched on Friday evening into the streets around the courthouse in downtown Portland, bearing makeshift shields and diverse materials they used to erect some barricades, police said.

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Colombia. Women rise up against rape and femicide by Military .. English/Spanish

leer original en castellano más abajo

By Trochando Sin Fronteras Posted on Jul 4, 2020 translation TheFreeOnline

In Bogotá and other cities on June 27, 2020, women, along with social organizations and communities, mobilized rejecting sexual violence by members of the National Army.
The rape of the minor Embera in Risaralda and the Case of the NukaK Muku girls in Guaviare were the trigger for mobilizations in various cities of the country in front of battalions, military districts and prosecutors .

In Bogotá, one of the mobilizations took place from the Trasnmilenio Flags Station to the Kennedy Town. In it, it was stated that violence against women are not isolated cases; they are systematic phenomena carried out by the armed forces.

The Army is denouncd for the rapes of two girls, one of 12 years of the Embera-Chamí ethnic group by seven soldiers of the San Mateo Battalion in the department of Risaralda (center) , and another of 15 of the nomadic tribe nukak makú by two soldiers of the Joaquín París Battalion, in the Guaviare (southwest). These cases are the tip of the iceberg judging by the revelation made on Wednesday by the Army commander, Major General Eduardo Zapateiro, that there are 118 members of the institution investigated since 2016 for allegations of rape and sexual abuse.

The Network of Urban and Popular Women “Las Amapolas”( The Poppies) denounced the 102 cases that occurred since the beginning of the quarantine, also rejected the actions of the Prosecutor’s Office, who gave the charge of Abusive Carnal Access to the seven soldiers who raped the minor of the Embera ethnic group in Risaralda, assuming that the minor gave consent for the rape. The Poppies wonder “Who gives the consent for seven soldiers to rape you?”. The Prosecutor’s Office with this accusation re-victimizes the minor Embera and reduces the possible sentence that the military.

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‘What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?’.. Douglass’ Descendants deliver Speech.. video

“What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” …. ‘Frederick Douglass and His Descendants’ …. “!!

The U.S. celebrates this Independence Day amid nationwide protests and calls for systemic reforms. In this short film, five young descendants of Frederick Douglass read and respond to excerpts of his famous speech, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” which asks all of us to consider America’s long history of denying equal rights to Black Americans.

FEATURING (alphabetically) Douglass Washington Morris II, 20 (he/him) Isidore Dharma Douglass Skinner, 15 (they/their) Zoë Douglass Skinner, 12 (she/her) Alexa Anne Watson, 19 (she/her) Haley Rose Watson, 17 (she/her).

~~July 4, 2020~~

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Theft of 300,000 Babies by the Franco regime: mothers dying without reaching the truth

ver original en castellano más abajo

From the SOS Association of Stolen Babies of Catalonia it is estimated that there are 300,000 stolen babies. “It started as a eugenic project, improving the Spanish race and eliminating the red genes on the left (1940 -1960), but then from 1960 to 1999 it was observed that it was a business..”

The researcher Carolina Escudero analyzes the systematic plan for the theft of children from 1940 to the end of Spanish democracy and the hendija that was recently opened to try that crime. She notes that women were silenced with medication and manipulation.
By Sonia Santoro, at Periodico Alternativo

In mid-June the Spanish Supreme Court left the door open to the investigation of the cases of stolen babies in Spain from the Franco dictatorship to advanced democracy. A researcher who works with social organizations that ask for justice for her missing children explains how the systematic plan for the theft of babies was and what the current situation is.

Faced with the burden of impunity, there are families seeking justice outside of Spain

“It is necessary to do a great job of reconstructing interdisciplinary historical memory (we cannot stop with what the law says about what these families have lived through) so that contemporaries know that this cannot happen again,” she says.


The ruling of the Spanish high court revised a 2018 judgment that acquitted the retired doctor Eduardo Vela of the crimes of illegal detention, supposition of childbirth and documentary falsification in the case denounced by Inés Madrigal, considering that they were prescribed.

The new sentence dictates that the illegal detention is not proven, but confirms the documentary falsity and the illegality of the adoption of Madrigal, the first victim to go to trial, who denounced having been taken from her biological parents in the San Ramón sanatorium in Madrid. , in 1969. Faced with this, the families are expectant but they are not super gullible either, says the doctor in Social Psychology Carolina Escudero, who has accompanied family members and has been investigating the subject for four years.

The “We in SOS are looking out for you” campaign denounces that from 1940 until democracy was well advanced, babies were systematically stolen throughout Spain. It was a network made up of professionals from medicine, nursing and priests and nuns, among others.

thousands still seek their real families
thousands still seek their real families

From the SOS Association of Stolen Babies of Catalonia it is estimated that there are 300,000. “It started as a eugenic project, improving the Spanish race and eliminating the red genes on the left (1940 -1960), but then from 1960 to 1999 it was observed that it was a business, those babies could be sold to Spanish families or foreign.

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Jornadas Ecofeministas anti extractivistas por el buen vivir… virtual 4 Y 5 juliol ..

Por Colectivo Mujeres y la Sexta Idioma Español País Internacional 3 julio 2020 Fuente: Enlace Zapatista

Mujeres de diversas latitudes del planeta, nos reunimos para dialogar, compartir saberes y entretejer luchas y esperanzas en defensa de los territorios y las aguas. 


Partiendo de que somos mujeres que luchan, eco-feminismo y en torno a los temas de: migraciones, en el marco de la crisis climática, la soberanía alimentaria, la agroecología, los modelos energéticos alternativos; así como la afectación ecológica de los megaproyectos y el extractivismo a nivel mundial.

Este 4 y 5 de julio de 10 a 16 hrs se llevarán a cabo de manera virtual las Jornadas Ecofeministas Antiextractivistas por el Buen Vivir, a través de las plataformas Facebook y YouTube de Mujeres y la sexta.

Invitamos a las mujeres a construir juntas alternativas a los proyectos de muerte y el llamado «desarrollo» capitalista.




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US buys nearly all stocks of coronavirus drug remdesivir

Yet again the US appears as a terrorist pariah State, using its superpower privilege of infinite unpayable debt to buy up the entire future production, depriving the rest of humanity of life itself. Instead of taking just one month and arranging a temporary patent free regime the US has grabbed the entire next 3 months production by the unscrupulous patent holder Gilead.

Al Jazeera English

The US government has bought a massive stock of the only drug licensed to treat COVID-19, fanning fears there will be shortages of the anti-viral remdesivir in the rest of the world.

But this does not mean that it will be easy for Americans to access the drug, as it is not yet clear what the final cost to the individuals will be.

A report released this week found pharmaceutical companies have raised prices for 245 drugs since January – many of them used to treat COVID-19. Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from the US capital, Washington, DC. – Subscribe to our channel:

US secures world stock of key Covid-19 drug remdesivir

No other country will be able to buy remdesivir, which can help recovery from Covid-19, for next three months at least

Gilead Sciences HQ

Remdesivir is patented by California-based Gilead. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

The US has bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of one of the two drugs proven to work against Covid-19, leaving none for the UK, Europe or most of the rest of the world.

Experts and campaigners are alarmed both by the US unilateral action on remdesivir and the wider implications, for instance in the event of a vaccine becoming available. The Trump administration has already shown that it is prepared to outbid and outmanoeuvre all other countries to secure the medical supplies it needs for the US.

“They’ve got access to most of the drug supply [of remdesivir], so there’s nothing for Europe,” said Dr Andrew Hill, senior visiting research fellow at Liverpool University.

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Bolsonaro Plots openly to be White Fascist Military Dictator of 212 million

Is Bolsonaro Plotting a Self-Coup?

from Raphael Tsavkko Garcia …shared with thanks. Illustrations added

The Bolsonaro government’s recent decision to stop releasing data on the COVID-19 pandemic as the death toll surges above 40,000 has caused an international uproar and deepened domestic discontent. A DataPoder360 survey, published on June 11 showed that the sum of those who see the administration of Jair Bolsonaro as “regular” (22%) or “bad or awful” (47%) have become the large majority.

Bolsonaro has isolated himself internationally and even his main ally, U.S. President Donald Trump, has criticized the way in which he has dealt with the pandemic – not without first sending two million doses of Hydroxychloroquine, a treatment that the global far right has promoted as a miracle cure for the disease despite the lack of a medical consensus. With approval ratings in free fall, but still maintaining a base of about 30% of Brazilians, the Brazilian president has increasingly moved to the far right.

Black lives and favelas matter

As his popularity wanes, Bolsonaro relies more and more on the support of ultraright groups and social media activists. Several of the most prominent among them are being investigated by Congress and the Supreme Court for spreading fake news and hate speech and attacking institutions. They advocate for violent repression of left-wing activists and count among their ranks growing fascist and neo-Nazi activists and groups. Some have openly called for a military coup d’état and a regimen of violent repression of Brazil’s black and indigenous populations.

“In these past two years we have seen a gradual erosion of Bolsonaro’s support base,” says David Magalhães, International Relations professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. “When he was elected in 2018 he had the support of various groups within the Brazilian right wing, the anti-middle class vote, the vote of those who seemed to have an allergy to politicians, but opted for Bolsonaro in the wake of the Lava Jato [Car Wash] operation, the ‘liberals,’ etc. The majority of this electorate moved away from Bolsonaro for a number of reasons, leaving a hard, ideological and increasingly fanatical core,” he says.

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The five pandemics that plague the Ass of the World. by María Galindo, English/español

The five pandemics that plague the Ass of the World. By María Galindo at Mujeres Creando/ Bolivia. translation TheFreeOnline shared with thanks

original en castellano más abajo

In another provocative and essential text, the Bolivian activist María Galindo proposes to think and act on 5 emergencies that, she says, cannot be justified by the advance of the coronavirus: fascism, colonization, corruption and state neglect, male violence and hunger .

How each of these other “pandemics” plague the Latin American countries that she baptizes “Culo del Mundo (The essof the world)”, “in the ambiguous sense of a place of pleasure and contempt at the same time.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bolsa.jpg

Body Bags, wirh zip. On Sale Here in La Paz

Fear and hunger as a control formula; financial loans as a method of colonization; the ancestral views of health, closer to health care; the role of non-institutional popular ‘pots’ (communal funds) managed by women; the question of whether the exits are going to come from the broken and corrupt states; sexist violence, care crisis and the phrase of George Floyd translated by Galindo: «In the center of the pandemic the movement I CANNOT BREATHE is born, which in Andean code means.. I Can Take NO MORE ».

By María Galindo, life-long inhabitant of the abnormality. Women Creating / Bolivia.
Grateful for the critical reading of Claudia Acuña and the edition of Helen Álvarez.

La Paz, Bolivia.

In this part of the world from where I write, it is urgent to say that we are not facing one pandemic but five, and at the same time. Or, if you prefer, to a pandemic then multiple layers, attached to each other, where the visible and external layer is that of the coronavirus. That layer functions as the obvious surface behind which the five pandemics hide and legitimize themselves, namely:

1) The fascism pandemic that affects democratic structures and freedoms and that mobilizes all the prejudices around the disease, contagion and the “protection” of the population.

2) The colonial pandemic that affects the North / South relations, and the relations with the south of the world present in all societies, the relation with the knowledge and management of the disease and the over-indebtedness of the entire region for the intensification of a more severe global colonial debt contract.

3) The pandemic of corruption and state apathy.

4) The pandemic of sexist violence that directly affects the place of women and the care crisis.

5) The pandemic of pandemics, which is that of hunger.

continues below…

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The Floyd rebellion: pathway to a revolution?

Posted on by enough14 .. shared with thanks

The Floyd rebellion: pathway to a revolution? | Autonomies

The Floyd rebellion, if followed by a general strike and People’s Assemblies, can blossom into an instrument of dual power that could radically transform society.

Originally published by Roar Mag. Writtn by Kali Akuno.

The Floyd rebellion is changing the world before our very eyes. What type of change and to what degree it will shift the balance of forces between rulers and ruled, haves and the have-nots remains to be seen. What is clear is that there is an active and open political contest to shape the outcome.

For the moment, the right wing and the Republicans have been relatively sidelined in this debate. The real contest as it stands is between the liberals and Democrats on the one hand and the radical mass that has taken the streets all over the country and the world, which is increasingly examining and advancing critical left demands emerging from anarchist, communist, revolutionary nationalist, and socialist analytical and organizing traditions, such as police and prison abolition, economic democracy, and decolonization. This debate is being played out in the streets, in mainstream media, and through social media.

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