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Erdogan Screams for Blood..News Blackouts on new Cizre massacres, 73 missing.

More State Savagery in Cizre: 20-25 more  people burned to death

Erdogan's massacres tourism-boycott
It came out that Turkish forces committed yet another savagery in Şırnak’s Cizre district following the savage massacre of dozens in two basements in Cudi neighborhood two days ago.
 While people trapped in basements are being massacred by state forces in Cizre town of Şırnak, dozens of corpses have been taken to hospital and no news is received from many others facing a threat of imminent execution.
Cizre Democratic People's Assembly has called on the people of Botan region to mount total resistance against the 'deliberate policies of massacre'.
Cizre Democratic People’s Assembly has called on the people of Botan region to mount total resistance against the ‘deliberate policies of massacre’.

Out of the 134 people known to be stuck in basements-94 in Cudi and 45 in Sur neighborhood-, 66 have been verified massacred in basements so far.

HDP issues urgent call for action by international organizations

1ST BASEMENT: NO NEWS FROM 15 WOUNDED AND 9 OTHER PEOPLE Continue reading Erdogan Screams for Blood..News Blackouts on new Cizre massacres, 73 missing.

Stop Gentrification: Berlin autonomes ”will do €1m damage per crazy police raid”

lunatic police response to attack on traffic warden
lunatic police response to attack on traffic warden
Activists in Berlin warned on Sunday that they would exact €1m in revenge for any more mass police raids on their squats and other ‘projects’ in the capital, after luxury cars were burned at the weekend.


Burned-out cars  in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. 
  “With the burning up of excessive luxury cars, the destruction of a surveillance camera and the smashing in of display windows, we refer to the call of autonomous groups on January 21st to cause €1 million of damage for any attack on projects in Berlin,” the unknown authors wrote on indymedia.
Yuppies OUT
 On Friday and Saturday nights, dozens of cars were destroyed ar damaged in the capital by hooded attackers, none of whom were arrested.

size=708x398 (2)

The claim of responsibility posted online on Sunday seemed to confirm city interior senator Frank Henkel’s belief that “left-wing slobs” were behind the attacks, with the authors saying they would cause €1m of property damage for attacks on left-wing ‘projects’ in Berlin.

Police reported that between 20 and 40 masked people on bicycles had burned four high-value cars and damaged 24 others on Friday night around the Gleisdreieck park in the south-central Kreuzberg district.

Late on Saturday, a similar incident occurred, with witnesses reporting a crowd of between 50 and 100 masked perpetrators damaging around 20 cars.

More cars reportedly burned over the weekend in the Charlottenburg and Gesundbrunnen districts.

“We won’t leave the streets to this far-left mob,” Henkel said on Sunday, adding that the city’s internal security services – who are responsible for politically motivated crimes – were investigating.size=708x398 (3)

Confrontation in ”danger zone”

Henkel, who is responsible for city security policy, has become a particular target figure after declaring the Nordkiez area in eastern district Friedrichshain a “danger zone” in November.

Friedrichshain remains one of the strongholds in Berlin of the squatter movement, with a number of buildings that have remained occupied since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and German reunification.
Occupied buildings in the district are seen as landmarks in the left and anarchist scene in the capital.

Left-wing activists’ confrontation with Henkel was sharpened in January with a massive raid of 500 police officers on an iconic squat at Rigaer Straße 94, after a police officer was ”attacked” outside while issuing a parking ticket.

Many left-wingers and mainstream politicians criticized the raid as disproportionate at the time and reminiscent of past incidents when squats have been completely cleared to make way for development.

Sunday’s claim of responsibility left no doubt about a link to the raid in Rigaer Straße.demo-014

Left-wing demo mostly peaceful

Anger over the “danger zone” and continuous police pressure were also the basis for a demonstration on Saturday under the title “Rebellious Neighours, Neighbourhoods with Solidarity, City from Below”.

Left-wing activists in Friedrichshain believe that the city is using police and security policy to clear them out in preparation for the area to be gentrified like other nearby districts.(Full of luxury cars).

“For people like Frank Henkel… the Nordkiez is an area which has to be totally pacified or a problem that has to be sorted out,” the organizers wrote.

“For those of us who live, reside and work here, the Nordkiez is above all one thing: a place of resistance with a long history and the most variied ways of life based on collectivity and solidarity.”


The demo went ahead under heavy police control, with dozens of police vehicles and around 1,200 officers flooding the streets of Friedrichshain.

While it was mostly peaceful, some bottles and rocks were thrown at police. Five police officers were reportedly injured and two people were arrested.


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sink the rich

This week we examine the contradictory notion of “Anarcho-Capitalism” and dismantle this illogical concept by illustrating current examples of why free markets have nothing to do with freedom. On the music break, San Diego based MC Odessa Kane with “GPT”

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Noam Chomsky on War against ISIL… most viewed post

-Al Jazeera English ..MOST VIEWED
  1. Noam Chomsky on the war against ISIL….


click here to see video: noam-chomsky-isil-

ln this episode of UpFront, Mehdi Hasan speaks to the renowned American academic Noam Chomsky about his public spat with the Turkish president, the war against ISIL and Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Continue reading Noam Chomsky on War against ISIL… most viewed post

Nobody is illegal: Anarchists Welcome Refugees



The walls of the Greek capital’s Exarcheia neighbourhood are The anarchist food collective EL CHEf uses the image of the infamous Che Guevara as a symbol of their project [Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera]cloaked in political graffiti, with slogans denouncing authority and others pledging solidarity with new arrivals as the refugee crisis continues to shake
Europe.Established by seven activists in 2008, the collective is run on a volunteer basis and feeds hundreds of people each month. Originally created for hungry and homeless locals, EL CHEf changed its focus to refugees as the crisis grew this year. EL CHEf is staunchly ideological. As anarchists, the volunteers reject funding from either the government or humanitarian organisations. “Empty places should always be used as housing for people without it, or as social centres, or serve a good for people who need them,” Stathis adds.Even the decision to choose this neighbourhood was born from deeply held political convictions.


A few hundred metres away on the corner, the Notara refugee solidarity centre provides temporary housing to refugees stopping over in Athensc983c34c3d6b44bbae1839172a45a9be_6

Refugees at home with Greek anarchists

Manan, 30, who gave only his first name as he has family back in Afghanistan, fled home in early 2014 as fighting raged and the Taliban made gains in many parts of the country. He was stuck in Iran for several months waiting for a smuggler to organise his trip, then Turkey for a year while he worked and saved money to continue the journey.

Arriving in Greece more than a year ago, Manan says that the warm welcome he found among solidarity activists in places such as Exarcheia prompted him to change his mind and not go on to other European countries, as he originally intended.


In Exarcheia, a graffiti-daubed neighbourhood which the locals have dubbed an independent republic within the Greek capital, anarchists are squatting in the former tax administration building.

They call the place “Notara”. It lies on Notara Street and has now become a home for some of the refugees in the city. Many are Iranian, others from Algeria or Morocco. Some Syrian and Afghan refugees who have problems with their documents or are awaiting money from home have also found shelter here.

A huge banner reading “Refugees Welcome Home” is draped across the front of a derelict building in Exarchia, Athens – a district that’s generally regarded as the spiritual home to the city’s anarchist movement. On Tuesday morning, members of the Anti-authoritarian Movement Athens (AK) occupied a former university dining hall, with the aim of transforming it into a temporary residence for refugees.

No Borders No Nations!

(A-Radio) Mediterranean 3: The self-organized refugee squat Orfanotrofeio in Thessaloniki

  • Posted on: 16 January 2016     By: Anonymous (not verified)

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we publish an audio by the self-organized refugee squat Orfanotrofeio in Thessaloniki.

The entrance to the EL CHEf food collective in Athens' Exarcheia neighbourhood [Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera]The entrance to the EL CHEf food collective in Athens’ Exarcheia neighbourhood [Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera


New International Refugee Occupation


In the evening of Sunday, January 10th 2016, we occupied the empty building on Themistokleous St. 58, in Exarchia, Athens. The intention is to open up a place where migrants who are blocked here in Greece, because of the European migration policies, can live and self-organize free from state control. We are a group of individuals from different places and of different contexts, connected through the fight against States, nations, borders, lager, prisons, capitalism; eventually against every part of this rotten system of domination that oppresses us. We are open to anyone who agrees with our basic principles and wants to participate in the project without a hidden political agenda.

This squat isn’t meant to be a public service. We aren’t “volunteers” and we don’t see migrants as victims. One of the challenges of this project will be to overcome in practice the separation imposed on us by borders and citizenship. This house seeks to become a place where people organize themselves and learn from one another mutually, regardless of their origins.

This is an act against the system and the migration policies. It is not our intention to assist the humanitarian aid provided by the State. The integrated and/or assimilated, non-critical humanitarian aid is in fact helping the State to focus on repressive measures in order to persecute and control migration. We strongly refuse to cooperate not only with the State and political parties, but also with NGOs and other organizations or formations that do so (officially or unofficially). All of these scumbags take advantage of the situation of migrants either to profit, protect their interests, gain political power, or to build a social profile.

The control of migration is a tool in the hands of those in power. Right now the Greek State uses the situation of migrants stranded here to put pressure during negotiations for better conditions enabling the implementation of the third memorandum. At the same time, European States regulate migrant flows according their need for cheap labor force, and the rest of migrants are murdered (in land and maritime borders and the streets of European cities), incarcerated or deported. The European Union upgrades its repressive border policies and negotiates deals with States at the inner and outer European borders to continue and intensify the war against migration by more effective means. Those in power hope to secure their property and privileges from those who are being exploited by the capitalist system and suffer their wars. Private and public corporations try to make as much profit of this situation as possible. NGOs represent the interests of their employers, mainly the State, and are well paid for their job.

Because of property rights, people are sleeping in the streets while thousands of houses remain empty. There are enough goods for everyone. We just have to take what we need ourselves.

We declare our solidarity and support to all forms of action that attack borders, nations, prisons, the critical infrastructure that reproduce the existent, and all those who directly or indirectly defend the status quo!

No racism
No sexism
No homophobia
No discrimination
No exploitation
No oppression
No hierarchy
No authority
No patriotism

NOT welcome are:
All organizations that cooperate with the State

We welcome people willing to self-organize, regardless if they have papers or not, and regardless if they have a refugee status or not. Priority in housing is given to those who have no chance to stay somewhere else.

We call people in solidarity to support the squat outside of the building. Soon enough we will announce the date and time for the administrative assembly of the project.

Translation in Greek, German
Contra Info

Athens: Update from Themistokleous 58 squat in Exarchia

At about 10pm on January 10th 2016, a few hours after we occupied the empty building on Themistokleous 58 St. in Exarchia, a guy appeared outside the premises who claimed to represent ‘ANASKEVI M EPE’ and said that the building belongs to this real estate company.
What he pretty much told us is that, if we don’t evict ourselves from the building until tomorrow, he will call the cops.
We make clear that we do not acknowledge private property, and we have no intention of leaving the squat.
We call for continued presence of people in solidarity, inside and outside the building, to defend the project by all available means.

Themistokleous 58 squat

Translation in Greek

Docu: Ingobernables: Trip round anarchist Catalonia (in Spanish/Catalan)


The full length documentary, UNGOVERNABLES tries to approach the present reality of the anarchist or anti-authoritarian movement in Catalonia. It deals with the social unrest of recent years: general strikes, blockade of “parlament”, the indignant movement, self-organization processes in neighborhoods and workplaces, the revolt of Can Vies. As well as the vision of the ruling classes and the media of what they themselves have called the “anti”.

The State’s response to the struggle has focused on repression and criminal hardening as demonstrated by the adoption of the “gag law” or the application of the antiterrorism law to anarchism in different cases and in the operation called “Pandora”. Continue reading Docu: Ingobernables: Trip round anarchist Catalonia (in Spanish/Catalan)

US cops start to get your ‘Threat Score’ data


Authorities are harvesting your data to calculate your “threat score.”

Police have found a new way to legally incorporate surveillance and profiling into everyday life. Just when you thought we were making progress raising awareness surrounding police brutality, we have something new to contend with. The Police Threat Score isn’t calculated by a racist police officer or a barrel-rolling cop who thinks he’s on a TV drama; it’s a computer algorithm that steals your data and calculates your likelihood of risk and threat for the fuzz. Continue reading US cops start to get your ‘Threat Score’ data

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