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500 Europeans fighting with YPG Revolution: homage to Kevin Jochim

Sunday, August 23, 20154189230429The internationalist fighters are fighting in a troop called “Lions of Rojava” in the ranks of the YPG, while many originally Kurdish Europeans go to South Kurdistan in order to fight in the ranks of peshmerga forces.

Ahmad Mayi, the spokesperson of peshmerga forces in South Kurdistan, who have returned back to Iraq after long years in Sweden, also confirms that many Europeans are fighting in the ranks of peshmerga forces in Iraq. Continue reading 500 Europeans fighting with YPG Revolution: homage to Kevin Jochim

Trashing the Pacific.. Ecociding the Planet

iCyTrkSEven the immensity of the Pacific cannot resist the insanity of predator capitalism.

The ocean is the cradle of life on Earth. In the East and West of the Pacific there are wide seas of gyrating plastic  and a chemical stewn swirls in Asia, ploughed through by factory fishing ships scouring the seas of life.. Yet cheap alternatives to plastic and sustainable fishing practices have always been available.

Since the Fukushima meltdowns every day billions of bequerels of nearly everlasting and life destroying radiation flows into the Pacific. Just for private profit, they built Nuclear Stations on one of the biggest earthquake faults on Earth.

For 200 years fossil fuels have been burnt like there’s no tomorrow, upsetting the delicate balance of CO2 and setting off nearly irreversible climate change. The Pacific is at its hottest since records began, threatening  to kill the coral reefs. Cheaper and safer CO2 free alternative has always existed, but oil concentrates profit for the mega rich. ( co2freefuelexistsnow)

It’s high time to take action , however we can. Nobody really knows the limits of the ocean, or for instance when exactly acidification becomes irreversible and causes a million year climate meltdown. But all these and many more crimes against the planet add up to a giant and  multiplying massacre in the cradle of life…

..check out these ocean horror headlines

Alaska Dispatch News, Aug 13, 2015 (emphasis added): Warm water killing fish in Mat-Su and Anchorage… killing salmon in the Matanuska and Susitna valleys… Arctic char… have also gone belly up…

Juneau Empire, Aug 7, 2015: Herring mystery… dead baby herring in the algae-filled empty squares of the Statter Harbor breakwater. “It’s hard to know why, but there’s a lot of them,” Juneau-based marine ecologist Michelle Ridgway] said. “It’s fairly dramatic.”

  • 27:30 — Roderick Phillip, Environmental Coordinator for the Native Village of Kongiganak, AK: Needlefish, thousands of millions [i.e. billions] of needlefish… For about  a mile there was needlefish and smelts. Dead needlefish… It was just millions of needlefish, piles of them… and also smelts. Last year… same situation… It was thefirst time we heard of needlefish and smeltsbeing flooded out of the river.plastic-albatross
  • 29:30 – M. Tcheripanoff: How did all those fish die? … I’m trying to understand what exactly happened to cause the fish die-off… You haven’t ever seen this kind of thing happen before, other than last year?

See also: US Govt: “We don’t know what’s going on” in Pacific — Many baby seals abandoned; Dozens of walruses dead; Dying whales, birds, fish — “Unprecedented things happening” — Experts: “It’s been a very unusual marine mammal year… I’m really worried, very concerned”

Watch the ANTHC webinar here

Refugees WELCOME…No Borders No Nations

no borderWelcoming refugees is the first step to freedom and justice by Matt Mellen

The fossil fuel agenda doesn’t just deny the perilous state of the world; it causes it. This wilful obfuscation of responsibility has a human face when politicians and media barons outdo each other to dehumanise the desperate people on our borders.


The mainstream right wing press is awash with racist fear-mongering, reminiscent of the darkest periods of human history.

Refugees are abused daily in the popular press – compared to cockroaches in The Sun, and even the Prime Minister has described vulnerable, displaced people in Calais as “a swarm.”

Adam Curtis’s beautiful, gripping film, Bitter Lake, unravels a story of violence, bloodshed and bitter ironies – Beginning with a fateful meeting between President Roosevelt and King Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, Curtis delves into a mass of historical archives to shed light on Afghanistan & the west. Continue reading Refugees WELCOME…No Borders No Nations

Brutal War rages as Turkish army attacks Autonomous Uprising

Peoples' Democratic Party celebration, Diyarbakir
We have dozens of reports, ignored by the West, of towns taken over and self-governance declared, despite shelling, air attacks, bombings, kidnap, torture by the massive army crackdown. The 2 yr peace process has been shattered by the insane power trip of the Turkish president.

Diyarbakır'da Kurban Bayramı'nda ihtiyaç sahiplerine kurban dağıtırken vahşice öldürülen Yasin Börü, Hasan Gökgöz ve Hüseyin Dakak mezarları başında anıldı. (Ömer Yasin Ergin - Anadolu Ajansı)
Diyarbakır’da Kurban Bayramı’nda ihtiyaç sahiplerine kurban dağıtırken

The popular democratic Kurdish uprising in Varto sparked by Turkish State atrocities continues, the governor has declared a state of emergency. #VartoWatch The city streets are barricaded and it is surrounded by a huge army buildup, including Cobra helicopters. 4 killed by army on 2nd day. Suburbs shelled. Electricity, water and telephone services have been cut off. Western press silent.

Turkish State attacks Kurdish liberation movement in acts of political genocide 

Political genocide operations conducted by security forces across Turkey and North Kurdistan in order to eliminate the Kurdish struggle are continuing increasingly as part of the war policies recently put into practice by the AKP government.Dozens of people are being detained and arrested in many cities and towns across North Kurdistan and Turkey on a daily basis.

Here are  posts  in English Kurdish

‘Kurdish people have no option but self-governance’


A suicide attack with an explosive-laden truck was carried out in Qamishlo city of West Kurdistan, Rojava, at 09:20 local time today.The explosives were detonated at a crossroads between the Asayish (Public Security) Headquarters and the industrial area in Enteriyê neighborhood. Nine civilians including a child and one member of asayish forces have lost their lives in the suicide attack which was conducted with tons of explosives. […]

NEWS CENTER – KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a statement about the recent developments in North Kurdistan, the Kurdish region of Turkey. […

Continue reading Brutal War rages as Turkish army attacks Autonomous Uprising

Oxitec plans to release Genetically Modified Olive Flies in Catalonia

Plans to release genetically modified fly in Cataloniastop gmo flies
Up to 1,825,000 flies with their DNA mixed with marine organisms, bacteria, viruses and other insects could be released near Tarragona.  en español abajo

This week we have known the plans of the British company Oxitec to release to the environment  genetically modified olive flies in Catalonia. It is a manipulation that makes female larvae die within the olive. The intention of the company is to release transgenic flies up to 5,000 per week in Spain for one year (1,825,000 in total) near the city of Tarragona. Continue reading Oxitec plans to release Genetically Modified Olive Flies in Catalonia

2 new Anarchist Social Centres Occupied: Rubí and Transformadors

Confront Capitalist Chaos with Anarchist Order
Confront Capitalist Chaos with Anarchist Order

In parts of Spain it’s a good moment for social occupations . In Barcelona, Madrid and other cities local council elections have suddenly swept street revolutionaries into power, with a mandate to slow down mass evictions by the predator banks, etc.

Strange things can happen. For example in her 1st days in power Barcelona’s mayoress Ada Colau turned up at a family eviction herself and just ordered the riot police to go home.  We translate here the  press release of a more traditional anarchist  takeover in a traditionally communist workers town of 70,000 in Catalonia…… Continue reading 2 new Anarchist Social Centres Occupied: Rubí and Transformadors

PKK take out Turkish Gas line ..2 new wars begin.

Agri Turkey-Iran gas pipeline and power line blown up. …..

”The pipeline explosion occurred yesterday and was confirmed by the Turkish Energy Minister. Although not necessary, in fact, by evidence of images. It was destroyed as it passes through the Turkish town of Agri. The pipeline has been operating at full capacity since 2014 by an agreement between the Islamist government in Ankara and Tehran. Apart from this, on July 24, a power line was attackedlinking Cizre to Silopi. Self-Defense Forces, the PKK militias, use similar actions in the last phase of the war. The high cost of losses facilitated the peace process initiated by the government of Turkey, a solution they have now decided to unilaterally break.”

comment.   So what’s the deal?.

So… another war, or another two wars begin. It is hard to believe the Turkish leaders are so upset by the slaughter of 32 socialist and anarchist community activists, mainly Kurdish (who they doubly hate, especially the women) nor could they be so irate about the (apparent) revenge killing by the PKK of 2 cops they said were linked to the slaughter, as to abandon a hard won truce of five years and declare war on 18% (or 14million) of their own population. .. It seems this had been brewing for a while and they’ve been waiting for  or making a pretext.

Although the imprisoned PKK leader Ocalan has long renounced Leninism and terrorism and has fomented the ‘Municipal anarchism ‘  of the Rojava Revolution, the Turkish State, led by ‘mad dog’ Erdogan just can’t stomach  any Kurdish authonomy .. So what’s the deal?….seems that in return for the US NOT helping the Kurds (YPG and YPJ) move west, joining with another enclave and usefully expelling the IS forces attacking Aleppo, the US bombers get to use their base in Incirlik..

 For now the furious Turkish military aren’t allowed to just bomb the Rojava Revolution to oblivion  (how they HATE those free women).. but we don’t know what else was in the deal. So IS get to be bombed by the Turks as well in some areas (how much?), but the YPG and YPJ wont be let come and kick them out.

But bombing IS doesn’t work. This means that a 50km stretch of border west of Kobani may stay in IS hands and they can switch their blocked trade and expand their lucrative supply lines, always tolerated by Turkey, of indoctrinated recruits, money and goods, in exchange for oil.  The border held by IS So the wars within insane immoral wars will be ‘lubricated’ and arms profits will further boom.

. (The Jarablous area and crossing could easily be taken by the Kurds, with air help, but this is now ruled out by the Turkish/US agreement. Equally it could be taken by the Aleppo rebel groups from the West… ruled out because the US would be seen aiding Al Nusra.)

Continue reading PKK take out Turkish Gas line ..2 new wars begin.