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Turkey violated Greek airspace 2,244 times in 2014

 Turkish claims that the downed Russian Su-24 jet “violated” its airspace have sparked outrage among Greeks, who took to social media to say it is a clear-cut case of double standards as Turkish jets breached Greek airspace 2,244 times in 2014 alone.

They wondered what would happen if Greece had authorized engagement of Turkish aircraft, which breach the country’s borders on a regular basis.

comment: The ultra nationalist Turkish government under ‘Emperor Erdogan’ is also accused of collusion with and support for ISIL in Syria, of breaking a ceasefire and massacring peaceful Kurdish protestors, of climate crimes, of openly blackmailing Europe with threats of dumping refugees and of stealing recent elections with a terror campaign of bombings, shootings, curfews, torture and manipulation of voting results.

 On Wednesday, the Protothema newspaper released the numbers of breaches saying the Turkish Air Force is usually reluctant to share any details when it comes to such violations.

The newspaper quoted University of Thessaly statistics based on the Greek military’s count – there were 2,244 violations in 2014, an increase from 636 in 2013. Continue reading Turkey violated Greek airspace 2,244 times in 2014

Declaring war against Monsanto and Corporate Criminals

March Against Monsanto Worldwide. May 21 2016


Activists are furious and many now advocate the ‘Burning French’ Solution. Just weeks after The World Health Organisation finally and unanimously declared glyphosate, main ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup, to be ‘probably cancerous’, a tame EU body has declared it ‘probably safe’. Billions of dollars and untold suffering are at stake as it’s the most popular herbicide and ‘works’ with Monsanto’s GMO seeds.

fires began at various locations in the Monsanto R&D Center
Monsanto Burning in France. On Oct 28 a Monsanto research facility in France was heavily damaged  fire Monsanto and investigators suspect an arsonist was responsible for the blaze. The fires began at various points in the R&D center, suggesting an arson attack

For decades Monsanto has made billions while knowingly murdering and maiming thousands of people. Selling carcinogenic pesticides worldwide using the tactics of commissioning dozens of heavily biased and partial reports from their own corrupted researchers, and infiltrating safety agencies with their compromised scientists.

The decision by the World Health Organisation to declare glyphosate to be ‘probably carcinogenic’ is the latest in an epic battle between corporate greed and horrific human suffering. After extensive review of the evidence, all 17 of WHO’s leading cancer experts said glyphosate is a “probable human carcinogen.”glyphosate

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Millions of bodies washed up: Mass Extinctions in Oceans Imminent,

sealionswashedup-400x224Due to Global Overheating in the context of predator capitalism the oceans have never been hotter or more contaminated in human history, causing the death of coral reef ecosystems, spreading dead zones, lethal acidification, nuclear radiation damage, etc. In this context it is not surprising that beaches on the US west coast and worldwide are becoming sadly littered with the bodies of our fellow creatures on an unprecedented scale.

Rw4hwUnGiant whales found dead on west coast beach — Second largest animals on planet — Official: “It’s never happened… Extremely unusual… Very rare and odd… We want to know why” — Gov’t scientists testing for Fukushima radiation — Backlog at lab due to so many recent deaths s Continue reading Millions of bodies washed up: Mass Extinctions in Oceans Imminent,

Barcelona City Council sues for Fascist War Crimes

The city council has been won by ‘Barcelona in Common’ a radical new group stemming from the ‘Indignant’ occupiers, the feminist and the anti eviction movements.

00-intro-pla-xoc-castLed by a young activist mother Ada Colau the activists have not yet been corrupted, promising like the Zapatistas to ‘govern obeying’, ordering police to stop evictions of mortgage defaulters, paralysing the plague of luxury hotel building and the rightwing liberal  cuts offensive., etc.. and…

Barcelona City Council supports two Court Cases for crimes in the Civil War and Francoism

By Kaos   The City Council will support institutional criminal complaints by Italian bombing of Barcelona during the Civil War and the alleged crimes committed by the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. The deputy mayor of Citizen Rights, Participation and Transparency, Jaume Asens, announced that the city of Barcelona will take part in the process of the criminal complaint filed in the bombardeos-de-barcelonaCourt of Barcelona by the anti-fascist association AltraItalia condemning the bombing of Barcelona they made the Italian troops between 1937 and 1939, in which nearly 5,000 people died.

“We are in times of bombings and we have to remember what happened in Barcelona. Time does not erase the responsibility for what has been committed, “Asens said at a press conference . Continue reading Barcelona City Council sues for Fascist War Crimes

David Graeber – American Anarchist – See Part 1 here



When I say the word anarchist you probably have an image of a bomb-throwing skinhead shouting slogans and facing down riot police.This week’s London Real guest David Graeber is going to change that image forever.A self-proclaimed anarchist, David is far more the picture of the soft-spoken, thoughtful academic than a combative activist.

 the interview starts around minute  7.


But David’s credentials as a campaigner and anti-capitalist thinker speak volumes. In the first part of our enlightening discussion David recounts his intrinsic role in the 2011 Occupy Wall Street campaign. These protests saw THOUSANDS of people descend on New York City’s Zuccotti Park to create a political alternative to debt culture and corruption. Continue reading David Graeber – American Anarchist – See Part 1 here

sTOP kING cOAL: Oakland Fossil Fuel Resistance


photo (1)

Coaltastrophe Threatens Oakland

The current focus of this campaign is to stop the threat of coal being transported into Oakland by rail for export overseas.  Despite the opposition of the City Council, the Mayor, and numerous other politicians “saying” they don’t want this new threat, the proposal remains on the table

Coal Rally picturesWe need a massive uprising of concerned residents, not only but mainly in Oakland, to “buck up” our political representatives to effectively challenge the coal terminal developer.  If they cannot use their political muscle to stop the coal, then going to court, backed by the overwhelming majority of Oakland residents, will be the inevitable next step. Continue reading sTOP kING cOAL: Oakland Fossil Fuel Resistance

Cherán K’eri:: Building a party-free Autonomy

cherán gThis post is also available in: Spanish

Cherán K’eri: Political parties are dead to us in this town

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