How Trump Stole 2020: The Hunt for America’s Vanished Voters, by Greg Palast

Rise Up Times

Racist voter roll purges of the kind done in Georgia two years ago are a fundamental threat to democracy.

Book Excerpt by Greg Palast / With illustrations by Ted Rall Posted on  July 8, 2020

Adapted from the publisher, Seven Stories Press:

Election day is still five months away, but have Republicans already stolen it? Vote theft was once considered to be a marginal issue that no one wanted to talk about, but as the stakes have risen and the facts have become known—in large part thanks to journalist Greg Palast — it is now recognized as one of the central issues deciding our presidential elections.

What follow are the first four chapters of Palast’s latest investigative masterpiece, a propulsive deep dive into the story of the racially poisonous schemes to steal the 2020 election, the political operatives behind the trickery — and the hard right billionaires funding…

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