Shena Kalo: ‘Kurdish language banned. Growing Genocide in occupied and Turkified Afrin’- condoned by NATO, US, EU and Russia

The Free

If Russia or China did this there’d be a World War already. But Turkey is in NATO and buys a lot of Armaments. So the US shuts up, the UN shuts up and the western media, the right and the left, don’t even want to know.

Erdogan has already taken over Afrin, Al Bab, Azaz, Jarablus and much of Idlib and has openly boasted he will conquer all lands once held by the Ottoman Empire … At home he has gained near total dictatorial control, /destroyed Kurdish areas killing thousands and ordered the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of people on suspicion.

A Western ally has invaded and occupied its neighbor 3 times, illegally expelling the Kurdish population from their homes, lands, and businesses, to internal refugee camps and settling instead Arab Al Qaeda and ex ISIS mercenaries, who survive by meager Turkish salaries, looting, kidnapping and rape.

Shena Kalo…

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