Can Vies Defenders declared Innocent of Attack on Police.

The sentence condemning three young defenders of Can Vies to 3.5 years in prison has been revoked #EfecteCanVies (en español abajo)
Now the Provincial Court of Barcelona has had to revoke the sentence and absolve them  of all charges.can-vies-resisteix

The police wanted revenge after losing the amazing 4 day resistance and street battles against the eviction and wanted to lock up 84 arrested. These three were accused by police witnesses of throwing bottles from a rooftop , later the alternative paper ‘Directa’ proved the identification was absurd as there was no vision from where the police were.

Other sentences have had to be cut back to avoid accused of having to serve prison time. None are now in jail and the campaign to raise money for fines continues.576_1405064884canvies-manifestacio


There is no way the State can lock up 84 people for defending a peaceful anarchist community center against an immoral and unprovoked attack.
Our hope is that all these sentences will eventually have to be withdrawn due to public resistance, just as the attack on Can Vies had to be cancelled, and that false accusations will be prosecuted instead.

So What Happened..How Could The Squatters WIN

CanVies (pronounced ‘vias’) is an Occupied Assembly-Run Social center (CSOA), set by the railway tracks in a workers area in what was once a CNT Union Center 80 years ago. The occupation has lasted 17 years, surviving multiple eviction attempts due to strong local support.WE ARE CAN VIESLast year Barcelona City Council decided on frontal attack, enraged that there were growing autonomous communities they didn’t control. Thousands stood in front of the riot police, who finally broke through and the demolition began.Then the unthinkable happened.the community took the streets, and fought the police for 4 days, the demolition was paralyzed.can-vies-dia-3-g

When 10,000 angry youths approached the Ramblas , the tourist money-pot, at midnight on the 4th day, the police got the order to back off and not fire gas. The police cordon round the partly demolished center was alreaady withdrawn, and suddenly a demolition excavator went up in flames.1401228970865
Can Vies was reoccupied, the next day thousands arrived in party mood  and incredibly, rebuilding immediately began. A human chain over 1km long was formed and rubble passed along it, delivering tons of it to the doorsteps of the local council offices!can-vies-day-6-rebuilding
Builders donated material. advice  and labour, 90,000 euros were collected, all sorts of groups helped out, a new cafe has appeared in the ruined part and many activities are in full swing, despite legal and bureaucratic attacks and new eviction threats by the enraged authorities.cadena-humana-can-vies-30-mayo

84 people were arrested defending Can Vies, and dozens were injured by the police, luckily there were no deaths. These citizens should get rewards but the State wanted revenge.

 Support the Accused


The ruling was made public in late March was appealed by the defense, now the Provincial Court of Barcelona has revoked the prison sentence of 3 youths and absolved them of all charges.

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Revocada la sentencia que condenaba a 3,5 años de prisión a tres jóvenes por el #EfecteCanVies

x La Haine
La sentencia fue recurrida por la defensa, ahora la Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona da la razón a los acusados revocando la sentencia y abosolviéndolos de todos los cargos.

La Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona ha revocado la sentencia por la cuál se condenaba a tres jóvenes a tres años y medio de prisión por atentado a la autoridad durante las protestas del Efecte Can Vies.

La primera sentencia daba por probado que los tres jóvenes lanzaron botellas de cristal a los agentes de los Mossos de Esquadra desde una azotea y les imputaba un delito de atentado a la autoridad con uso de instrumento peligroso y otro por desórdenes públicos.

La sentencia que se hizo pública a finales de marzo fue recurrida por la defensa, ahora la Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona da la razón a los acusados revocando la sentencia y abosolviéndolos de todos los cargos.

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