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PKK take out Turkish Gas line ..2 new wars begin.

Agri Turkey-Iran gas pipeline and power line blown up. …..

”The pipeline explosion occurred yesterday and was confirmed by the Turkish Energy Minister. Although not necessary, in fact, by evidence of images. It was destroyed as it passes through the Turkish town of Agri. The pipeline has been operating at full capacity since 2014 by an agreement between the Islamist government in Ankara and Tehran. Apart from this, on July 24, a power line was attackedlinking Cizre to Silopi. Self-Defense Forces, the PKK militias, use similar actions in the last phase of the war. The high cost of losses facilitated the peace process initiated by the government of Turkey, a solution they have now decided to unilaterally break.”

comment.   So what’s the deal?.

So… another war, or another two wars begin. It is hard to believe the Turkish leaders are so upset by the slaughter of 32 socialist and anarchist community activists, mainly Kurdish (who they doubly hate, especially the women) nor could they be so irate about the (apparent) revenge killing by the PKK of 2 cops they said were linked to the slaughter, as to abandon a hard won truce of five years and declare war on 18% (or 14million) of their own population. .. It seems this had been brewing for a while and they’ve been waiting for  or making a pretext.

Although the imprisoned PKK leader Ocalan has long renounced Leninism and terrorism and has fomented the ‘Municipal anarchism ‘  of the Rojava Revolution, the Turkish State, led by ‘mad dog’ Erdogan just can’t stomach  any Kurdish authonomy .. So what’s the deal?….seems that in return for the US NOT helping the Kurds (YPG and YPJ) move west, joining with another enclave and usefully expelling the IS forces attacking Aleppo, the US bombers get to use their base in Incirlik..

 For now the furious Turkish military aren’t allowed to just bomb the Rojava Revolution to oblivion  (how they HATE those free women).. but we don’t know what else was in the deal. So IS get to be bombed by the Turks as well in some areas (how much?), but the YPG and YPJ wont be let come and kick them out.

But bombing IS doesn’t work. This means that a 100km stretch of border west of Kobani may stay in IS hands, and they can switch their blocked trade and expand their lucrative supply lines, always tolerated by Turkey, of indoctrinated recruits, money and goods, in exchange for oil. So the wars within insane immoral wars will be ‘lubricated’ and arms profits will further boom Continue reading PKK take out Turkish Gas line ..2 new wars begin.

Can Vies Defenders declared Innocent of Attack on Police.

The sentence condemning three young defenders of Can Vies to 3.5 years in prison has been revoked #EfecteCanVies (en español abajo)
Now the Provincial Court of Barcelona has had to revoke the sentence and absolve them  of all charges.can-vies-resisteix

The police wanted revenge after losing the amazing 4 day resistance and street battles against the eviction and wanted to lock up 84 arrested. These three were accused by police witnesses of throwing bottles from a rooftop , later the alternative paper ‘Directa’ proved the identification was absurd as there was no vision from where the police were.

Other sentences have had to be cut back to avoid accused of having to serve prison time. None are now in jail and the campaign to raise money for fines continues. Continue reading Can Vies Defenders declared Innocent of Attack on Police.

Homenaje a Alper, Anarquista muerto en el atentado de Suruc

Alper Sapan

via..Movimiento de Solidaridad de los Trabajadores (Irlanda)
Esta es Alper Sapan, una de las personas que iban a Kobane para ayudar a reconstruir y se encontró una muerte súbita brutal  esta mañana en un ataque con bomba. Habia escrito el siguiente texto como un objetor al servicio militar obligatorio…

”Hola, soy Alper Sapan. Soy un anarquista de 19 años. Estoy en contra de la injusticia, la explotación y la tiranía del Estado. Condeno la gente matándose unos a otros, la violencia y el estado. Escucho la voz interior de mi conciencia pidiendo la libertad y me niego a servir en el ejército..(estoy en favor de) un mundo sin guerras, sin estados y sin fronteras, donde nadie podría ser un soldado, nadie podría matar a los demás. Antes que el militarismo nos mata, deberíamos matar el militarismo”.

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Usted, Viola Wilkins, Nicky Danesh, Michael Schroeder y otros 501 les gusta esto.
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original en inglés via: Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland)

This is Alper Sapan, one of those people who were going to Kobane to help rebuild but instead met sudden brutal death in this mornings bomb attack. He has written the text below as an objector to conscription:

Hi, I am Alper Sapan. I am a 19 year-old anarchist. I am against injustice, exploitation and tyranny of the state. I condemn people killing each other, violence and the state. I listen to the inner voice of my conscience for freedom and refuse to serve in the military, (I am) for a  warless, nationless and borderless world where no one could ever be a soldier, no one could ever kill each others. Before militarism kills us, we should kill militarism.

You, Viola Wilkins, Nicky Danesh, Michael Schroeder and 501 others like this. 248 shares ..Nicky Danesh ..In his loving memory heart emoticon United we will win !…See More    HERE….




Originally posted on The Rojava Report:

The victims of today’s ISIS bombing attack had traveled from Ankara and Istanbul to Pirsûs (Suruç), on the Turkish-Syrian border, in order to help with reconstruction of Kobanê. They had planned to cross over into Kobanê with humanitarian aid, as well as books and toys for local children, says an article in the Turkish-daily Radikal.

The suicide bomber struck around 11:00 am local time as members of the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (SYDG) gathered in the garden of the Amara Culture Center for photographs and a press statement before crossing into Kobanê. At least 28 people have been killed and over one hundred wounded.

The youth had planned a number of projects for Kobanê, including the construction of a library in the memory of Suphi Nejat Ağırnaslı, a member of the Turkish MLKP martyred during the defense of Kobanê last October. They had also planned to bring musical…

continues here :

Suruç Bombing Victims Were Bringing Books And Toys To Kobanê


Bolivia: Potosi Miners Total General Strike ..Day 11

Bolivia: Potosi General Strike Paralyzes Mining Town

11 days now since a general strike began in Potosi, Bolivia, called by 2 Citizens platforms and the anarcho-syndicalist union COB against impossible criminal exploitation. .

the total blockade of the mountainous area continues
the total blockade of the mountainous area continues

The Civic Committee Potosina (Comcipo) after walking for 12 days, arrived in La Paz on July 7 asking for an audience with President Evo Morales. Meanwhile in Potosi, massive marches are ongoing and a general strike is in effect which has paralyzed the Bolivian mining town.
Continue reading Bolivia: Potosi Miners Total General Strike ..Day 11

street children in Melilla: stop the repression!

en castellano abajo/ Spanish below

 these are the banners in memory of Oussama who died here when he fell from the cliff trying to 'jump a boat' to Europe, the  'Prodein' kids rights group were fined 1500 euros for the action. 
these are the banners in memory of a child,  Oussama, who died here when he fell from the cliff trying to ‘jump a boat’ to Europe, the ‘Prodein’ kids rights group were fined 1500 euros for this action to honour him.

Melilla and Ceuta are  Spanish enclaves in Morrocco, remnants of colonialism, like Gibraltar in Spain. As well as the 1000’s of adults impaled or trapped on the 5 metre fences some children manage to slip through into Europe’s shameful fortress. The group Prodein is trying to help them.


PRODEIN statement against repression in Melilla

About 60 children live in the streets of Melilla hoping to catch the boat to take them to Europe, where they believe that a better future awaits them. Unaccompanied Alien Minors (MENA) are subjected every day to different types of violence that violate their rights and undermine their dignity and destroy their ‘childhood’. Continue reading street children in Melilla: stop the repression!

Interview With An Anarchist Warrior (Kurdistan)

Kobane: interview with an anarchist fighter


Via 325.

War against ISIS/Daesh: ‘From Tuzluçayır to Kobane’ – Interview With An Anarchist Warrior (Kurdistan)

The following article is an interview with an environmentalist, vegetarian anarchist from Turkey who is a member of Sosyal Isyan (Social Insurrection) fighting as part of Birleşik Özgürlük Güçleri (United Freedom Forces) alongside the YPG / YPJ in Kobane, Rojava. The interview was conducted by H. Burak Öz and originally appeared on the website. We would like to thank the comrade Ece for translating the interview into English for us.

Environmentalist, vegetarian, anarchist combatants who fight in Kobane. Continue reading Interview With An Anarchist Warrior (Kurdistan)

Three Common Beliefs That Make Abuse Innate to Our World


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1. Teasing my children or spouse and pointing out their flaws repeatedly  in jest makes them stronger. It toughens them up for the “real world” where people treat others like shit. It teaches them to take a joke.

Repeated verbal abuse chips away slowly at self-esteem and undermines a person’s base of inner power. It does not make you stronger. It sets up the lesson that people treat others like crap and teaches your children to expect abuse as normal from other people. It elevates accepting abuse to a prideful status. It also creates abusers who tease and degrade other people and then pretend they are doing others a favor in the process.

Think this myth is true? Tease back. Not one single person I have met, and I have had a perfect record of being attracted to abusive intimate partners well as abusive friends, has had the “strength” to take their own medicine.  This is passive aggression, i.e. gutless aggression where the aggressor wants to hurt you but come out smelling like a rose. This behavior is a deeply entrenched pastime in our society and culture. Continue reading Three Common Beliefs That Make Abuse Innate to Our World

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