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Sat 6th: Stop the Global ‘Women Haters’ meetups

Thurs 4th Feb.. late news:..VICTORY…”King” surrenders.. Cancels all 180 ‘Hate Meetups’…  due to the huge wave of  worldwide rejection the pro-rape guru Roosh has cancwlled all events. Time to press home our victory , blocking his execrable site, stopping Google selling his disgusting pro-rape books, etc,
fat hateOn 6th Feb the pro-rape gurus ‘return of Kings’ have called meetings in 160 cities to assert masculine superiority and campaign for women to be subservient sex slaves.

Here in Barcelona the meet-up is called for 8pm under the Arc de Triomf using passphrase ‘where can I find the animal shop?’

A feminist counter demo has been called at 7.30pm, Sat 6th, at Arc de Triomf metro, c/ Napols exit.Changeorg-campaign

la cita a Barcelona ..a les 8 del vespre sota l’Arc de Triomf i per participar-hi cal preguntar als homes presents “on puc trobar una botiga d’animals?” La contra-concentració feminista amb el lema “Fora masclistes dels nostres barris” dissabte a dos quarts de vuit del vespre a la parada de metro d’Arc de Triomf del carrer Nàpols.

Return of Kings’ is one of several ‘macho-fascist’ groups who spend their time making violent attacks on women via social media that get millions of angry responses and create a media frenzy, before selling various by-products and making a fortune.

The call for meet-ups in 180 cities aims to be a self fulfilling goal, cashing in on extreme sexists around the globe who fear losing their privileges to female emancipation.tumblr_inline_nsy9tcjRdF1sjc2hl_1280

Counter demos have been called, especially in Australia, with the slogan ‘no free speech for fascists’ Continue reading Sat 6th: Stop the Global ‘Women Haters’ meetups

Solidarity call for vegan ‘Straight Edge’ prisoner Nahuel

Nahuel is the only one of the 5 Madrid Straight Edge activists who is still imprisoned, with no bail, after being seized in a police raid on 4th Nov 2015.  As usual there is almost no evidence of ‘wrongdoing’. Nahuel is in jail to intimidate other young anarchists, and because the police especially hate their successful vegan, anti-drug,  ‘straight edge’ campaign

Revolución Real Ya ‏@RRYrevolucion Jan 19View translation Lyon: Graffiti en apoyo al presx anarcovegano Nahuel, detenido en Madrid por sus actividades políticas #StraightEdge Anarcofeminismoenpdf, Ecoanarquismo en pdf,

Lyon: Graffiti supporting anarcho-vegan prisoner Nahuel, detenido en Madrid por sus actividades políticas #StraightEdge Anarcofeminismoenpdf, Ecoanarquismo en pdf,

Pretrial detention of Nahuel continues

More than one week after the court hearing on January 18, the court dismissed the bail hearing and Nahuel continues in custody indefinitely. In this situation we call the anarchist solidarity.

On Monday January 18 court hearing took place in the High Court to assess the appeal before the current situation remand fellow Juan Manuel Bustamante Vergara (Nahuel). After over a week of waiting we have reported that the appeal has been dismissed.straight-edge

On February 5 our comrade has been called to a new bail heariung after an appeal. Continue reading Solidarity call for vegan ‘Straight Edge’ prisoner Nahuel

20 Injured still Trapped in Cizre basement by Turkish

Death toll rises among Kurds trapped in Cizre basement amid heavy fighting

More than 20 people with injuries remain stuck in a basement in Cizre, as the government denies emergency amublance access. Turkey’s Constitutional Court even rejected a petition to evacuate the building.


At least 20 injured people have been trapped in the basement of a building in Cizre for almost a week, with six people dying of their injuries. Faysal Sariyildiz, a member of parliament from the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), told the dpa news agency that the death toll was rising almost daily, saying that ambulances intended to help those trapped had been denied access on 11 occasions.CZ6NMUgWYAAmB2Q

“The wounded are confined in a tight space along with those who have died,” Sariyildiz said, pointing out that he had been in contact with the basement’s occupants via text messages. Leyla Birlik, HDP legislator for Sirnak province, which the embattled town of Cizre is part of, confirmed that the bodies of the dead had not been removed. Continue reading 20 Injured still Trapped in Cizre basement by Turkish

How Men profit from Women’s “Invisible Labour”

womens' workAt work as at home, men reap the benefits of women’s “invisible labor” (by @schemaly)


“Women’s work” and its benefits for men. (Reminded me that someone said to me again the other day: “behind every great man stands a great woman”. We all know what that’s meant to mean but let’s unpick it…)


On any given day, one fifth of men IN THE US, compared to almost HALF OF ALL WOMEN DO SOME FORM OF HOUSEWORK. Each week, according to Pew, mothers spend NEARLY TWICE AS LONG as fathers doing unpaid domestic work. But while it’s important to address inequality at home, it’s equally critical to acknowledge the way these problems extend into the workplace. Women’s EMOTIONAL LABOR—which can involve everything from tending to others’ feelings to managing family dynamics to writing thank-you notes—is a big issue that’s rarely discussed. Continue reading How Men profit from Women’s “Invisible Labour”

Marisol judged for calling Royals ”swindlers, drunks and murderers”

  marisol1--644x362the royal family is comprised of “swindlers, drunks and murderers”.

King Juan Carlos, sacked as president of WWF for hunting elephants, and forced to abdicatebe as King for blatant family Corruption
King Juan Carlos, sacked as president of WWF for hunting elephants, and forced to abdicatebe as King for blatant family Corruption

en castellano abajo…  Councillor  Marisol Moreno ,was fined 6000 euros for insulting the King. on Facebook. the prosecution had demanded 10 months jail but since her crime Marisol has been elected to Alicante Council and she also offered many excuses and apologies.

She claimed for instance she ‘meant to say’ hunters in general, and not the Royals, and that she wrote in the heat of the moment, after King Joan Carlos ( since abdicated) had been caught out on a secret trip hunting elephants in Botswana, despite being honorary president of the World Wildlife Fund. Continue reading Marisol judged for calling Royals ”swindlers, drunks and murderers”

6,000 euros Fine each for Blocking Torture of Bulls

30The Prefectures of Castellon has imposed a fine of 6,000 euros on each of the 35 activists who prevented a bull  from being set on fire for ”sport” in the town of Olocau del Rey. This is the highest penalty imposed on Spain for such a crime and has been possible thanks to the new so-called ‘gag law’.(see related posts below) We publish the testimony of one of those people, unsigned for fear of further reprisals.

One of the people fined 6,000 euros in Olocau recounts the facts and assaults

en  Castellano abajo  On the evening of December 5th I went with a group of activists for the defense of animal rights to the town of Olocau del Rey in Castellon  with the intention of preventing an innocent animal being tortured by placing balls of fire on his head, something considered inconceivable outside borders of this country is , as is logical for any civilized mind. Continue reading 6,000 euros Fine each for Blocking Torture of Bulls

Men don’t kill women out of ‘love’: stop Femicide!

stop femicides

 reblogged from Feminist Current with thanx
Early Sunday morning, Colin Kingston showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s house, angry and equipped with a large knife. He allegedly let himself in through a back door* and went up to 21-year-old Kelsey Annese’s room, where he found her and Matthew Hutchinson, 24. He and Annese had dated for three years until she broke up with him and moved on. Finding Annese in bed with what he presumed to be her new boyfriend, Kingston stabbed them both, then called his father, saying that he’d murdered his girlfriend and that he planned to also to kill himself. When the police showed up, all three were dead.


Why? Well, according to the media, he was heart-broken.

“We believe Mr Kingston was distraught over the breakup, which led to the events yesterday,”Officer Szczesniak told reporters at a media conference. Dozens of media outlets happily picked up on this angle. Continue reading Men don’t kill women out of ‘love’: stop Femicide!

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