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Dublin: Grangegorman Mega Eviction Fails!

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International Callout: Help us resist eviction of SquatCity

    see video here

We are putting out an international callout for support, to help us resist the eviction of our homes, and to defend squatting in Dublin. We have been subject to a large scale eviction attempt over the last couple of days, and we are currently resisting, and appealing for help and support. Many of you would have stayed there during the International Squatters Convergence, and saw the space for yourselves.

Solidarity Times – Free the Media, Be the Media

GRANGEGORMAN -An Inspirational Beauty is Born

Occasionally events happen and you fail to realise the significance until much later. But the recent events in Grangegorman and the violent and oppressive attempts to evict the thirty young people from the home they’ve built for themselves in the ruins of terraced houses and a warehouse is such a significant moment.

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Jailed Greek anarchists hospitalised: Hunger Strikes Continue.


Greece: prison hunger strike goes on, as comrades hospitalised    A round-up of recent developments in the mass hunger strike of anarchist and other rebel prisoners in Greece. Sources: Act for Freedom Now, ContraInfo, 325, InterArma. Also check this new updates blog:

Anarchist and other Greek rebel prisoners have been on hunger strike since the end of February, demanding the abolition of the new “Type C” maximum security prison regime and other repressive measures. The hunger strike started with prisoners in the new “Type C” maximum security prison of Domokos on 27 February. Captives in a number of prisons joined on 2 March, and issued a shared set of demands. Continue reading Jailed Greek anarchists hospitalised: Hunger Strikes Continue.

Cancer Cure.. Drug Destroys Tumours in Mice, Human Trials Begin

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 cancer cure(( UPDATES 2015 : People for CD47 Cancer Cures | Facebook…CD47.           Clinical trials have already begun and many teams and companies are scrambling to develop anti-CD47 therapies and variants. So far it’s all GREEN LIGHT for the cure to work in humans, but it may not be available to the public for at least 5 years.))

A biomedical research team at Stanford University School of Medicine reported yesterday the results of mouse  experiments using an antibody molecule to treat various types of tumorous cancer cells — with results showing significant tumor shrinkage and slowed tumor growth in all cancer cell types tested. In some cases, the tumorous cells were completely destroyed by host immune cells with no recurrences four months after the treatment was stopped.weissman-150-11

This breakthrough results from the application of an earlier discovery by Irving Weissman some ten years ago showing that a certain cell…

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Contrainfos 98. (from the Hospitalet Anti-Fascist Demo).

Contrainfos 98.(Gravat l´11 de març a la manifestació Untiat contra el Feixisme d´Hospitalet)

1.- Esmorzar contra el desallotjament Llamborda..Breakfast meeting against eviction of LLamborda squat centre

2.- Prou Complicitats amb Israel…STOP agreements with Israel

3.- Convocatòria Vaga de Totes,,call for new  ALL WOMENS´ STRIKEwomens strike

4.- Mani nocturna feminista  Feminist Night time Demo

5.- Concentracions Leonard Peltier  Pickets

6. Comunicats Zapatistes Communiques

7. Occupy Banking

Fascist council smashes Ofelia Nieto 29, neighbours try to rebuild

thumb__67U2594#‎ReconstrucciON29‬ ‪#‎Madrid‬: People are rebuilding the evicted and demolished house at 29 Ofelia Nieto st right now. Here is a video with english subtitles about the house: A documentary of Michele Cristofoletti & Hugo Atman. Synopsis

Six square meters. That’s enough for the city of Madrid to take the family Gracia Gonzáles away the ownership of their house, in which they live. Father, mother, two daughters and their families who have been struggling for 10 years to see recognized their right to live in the very same house in which they grew up. Continue reading Fascist council smashes Ofelia Nieto 29, neighbours try to rebuild

Property is theft.. Squat the Lot


London: Squat the lot (Aylesbury Estate)

london-live-400x225[Posted on their website Feb 20]

*We wondered where our wages went*

*We wasted most by paying rent*

*Since, we’ve learnt to change our lot*

*Now we’re living in a squat*

Two weeks ago we occupied the Aylesbury estate. The first block we took was violently evicted and we opened a new block, one the council had smashed up to prevent us from occupying. We are doing it up and plan to stay.

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Greece. Don’t accept more Fake Bail-Outs!

263041-cant-pay-wont-pay-play(…update: after various threats and deadlines by the ECB, Germany, IMF, etc. have passed, and with Syriza openly threatening to get a loan from Russia and China,  leaked rumours of a a deal and partial Greek victory are in the air, causing the euro to rise briefly. We hope Syriza will NOT back down and sell out, Greece wants and needs a revolution!…  …….thefreeonline   )10947208_787185401356145_465179737588896753_n

 With a sane (and apparently honest/legitimate) government achieving election in Greece, the past six years of European “bail-out” fraud is about to be fully exposed. Indeed, the recent history of Greece, alone, is little more than a road-map of fraud, conclusively illustrated by a concise summation of events.

a) In 2009 and early 2010, the ECB “bailed-out” Greece on several occasions – and then it immediately went bankrupt, defaulting on 75% of its national debt.

indexSyntagma Square..11th Feb

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