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ECB ‘pulls plug today’. Greece to Default. Euro to crash?

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GREEK CRISIS EXPLODES- ECB ‘to end Greek bank lifeline’

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greek default

If the EU, the ECB and the IMF are willing to treat one of its members, as they have been then it’s time to end the EU experiment.

This is going to be one of those moments we look back on. What did we do when EU tried to overthrow an elected government in ?

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Basque Repression Goes On: 107 Community Taverns to be Seized #herrikoakLibre

CHzXAWwWIAAULk0The biggest State robbery since Franco Dictatorship

..In another  outrageous ruling he Spanish Supreme Court has ratified the closure and seizure of 107 herriko  (village) taverns in Euskadi (Basque Country). The pubs were accused of secretly supporting the Basque resistance 14 years ago. Although ETA has unilaterally ceased fire and disbanded since 2006 the repression by the Spanish State continues against any person or group  accused of giving even verbal support to Basque Nationalism, with no political  amnesty, continuing isolation of prisoners, torture and new arrests. If the Courts actually carry out the seizure it may provoke a new uprising in Euskadi. e

Demos all over Euskadi.. 27TH ,28TH jUNE 2015

Legal state terrorists raid a taverna
Legal state terrorists raid a taverna

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Mass demos for Alfon.. jailed by corrupt High Court as Gag Law looms

Alfon is a young Madrid activist who was arrested the morning of the last General Strike and crudely framed up for his attitude. He was free on appeal but, with just days to go before the scandalous Gagging Laws come into effect, the High Court (neo fascist controlled) has had him arrested to serve 4 years.


#Somos Alfon] Tens of thousands demonstrate in the whole Spanish State to demand Freedom Alfon

By Kaos. Repression   Shouting “! Alfon freedom,” “We are Alfon” or “All / as against repression” more than 15 thousand people marched through the center of Madrid to demand the release of Alfon, arrested on Wednesday, June 17 – despite the protection of a giant human-wall, to serve the sentence of four years in prison. sss
Called by many social groups, assemblies, militant unions, family and friends, the march brought together thousands of people. It was headed by Elena Ortega, mother of Alfon, carrying a huge banner “We are all Alfon ” with dozens of activists, cultural figures, family…. They have also joined other associations like “Mothers Against Repression” and Antidepressant Solidarity Coordination. Continue reading Mass demos for Alfon.. jailed by corrupt High Court as Gag Law looms

Historic Anti-racist demo for Closure of Immigration Prison

racist prisons ( español abajo)   Not all Europe is rife with racism and neo -fascism. Over 2000 journeyed to an industrial suburb to demand the closure of the Immigration Detention Centre in Barcelona as pressure mounts for the Catalan Parliament to demand closure . As wars provoked to fuel Capitalism spread around the world , and millions of destitute refugees are barred from Fortress Europe or die trying to enter, the solidarity cry goes up–NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL..Close Down Europe’s 280 shameful  Immigration Prisons! (CIE’s).    dancers at the March against Immigrant Prisonsdancers at the March against Immigrant Prisons

Historic mobilization to demand the closure of the CIE Barcelona     By David Bou

2,000 people journeyed out to the gates of the center in the Zona Franca industrial suburb in a demo that demanded that the Catalan Parliament come out in favour of the closure of this prison for migrants. A massive and unprecedenteded response from the public last Saturday at Barcelona CIE Immigration Prison. Continue reading Historic Anti-racist demo for Closure of Immigration Prison

Fuchsia Blood.. Sangre Fucsia.. Podcast-Fanzines Feministas


We are the guts, the punch, the bleeding.   Its a Sound fanzine @AgorasolRadio live every Friday from 20 to 21h. and now also on Pikara (in Spanish).       Somos la víscera, el puñetazo, la hemorragia. Fanzine sonoro de @AgorasolRadio en directo cada viernes de 20 a 21h. y ahora también en Pikara.fuschia blood

Fuchsia Blood # 76 Women in community   Sangre Fucsia #76 Mujeres en comunidad    01:05:35 min | hace 17 días | Ir a Escuchar I LISTEN HERE  Julieta Paredes and Adriana Guzman tell us about the feminist community and how they respond to colonial patriarchy.  ( in Spanish)        Julieta Paredes y Adriana Guzmán nos cuentan qué es el feminismo comunitario y cómo responden al patriarcado colonialista.

Julieta Paredes and Adriana Guzman, of the Bolivian feminist community have been touring Europe presenting their book ‘The fabric of rebellion’. What is Community Feminism? Between workshops and talks, they have found a niche to interview with Sangre Fuchsia.       ….Julieta Paredes y Adriana Guzmán, feministas comunitarias bolivianas, han estado de gira por Europa presentando su libro El tejido de la rebeldía. ¿Qué es el feminismo comunitario? Entre taller y charla, han encontrado un hueco para entrevistarse con Sangre Fucsia.

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Soldiers’ testimonies from Gaza: Breaking The Silence


Israeli veterans group Breaking the Silence comes under criticism amid boycott threat

An organization of former Israeli soldiers dedicated to shedding light on the dark side of the country’s military is coming increasingly under fire.israelis

 Here are some of the reports:

“The civilian was laying there, writhing in pain”

Either we let him die slowly, or we put him out of his misery. Eventually, we put him out of his misery, and a D9 (armored bulldozer) came over and dropped a mound of rubble on him and that was the end of itcontinue reading ›

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rank: Staff Sergeant
unit: Infantry
area: Northern Gaza strip
period: 2014

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Patio Maravillas 2  EVICTED… Patio Maravillas 3 OCCUPIED

adapted from Diagonal, (original en castellano abajo)Patio Maravillas 3

Patio Maravillas (the Wonder-Full Patio) is a famous occupied  and self-run social centre in Madrid .

Just twelve hours after the brutal eviction of its occupied centre in Madrid, the Patio Maravillas has seized other property to continue their amazing leaderless project in the city.patio maravillas

The eviction came just before the extreme reactionary PP have to hand over power in Madrid Council to a left wing ‘citizens coalition’ led by Manuela Carmena, ( of the Ahora Madrid popular movement),    and is seen as a revenge attack.

The  new Mayoress has called for dialogue with the Okupa movement, and may need to show some action against the mass evictions, privatizations and endemic corruption and looting of public resources, etc.., so things look good.

If the initiative is successful, it will be the third site of the Patio Maravillas since 2007 patio

The occupation of the building, owned by a real estate company since last year, comes straight after the protest demonstrations at the eviction in Calle Pez.

“We have recovered the building of the Calle Divina  Pastor, it’s a public building sold, like many others, to a speculation company that has kept it absolutely empty for more than a year. We Madrid Council hold  responsible for this situation for stripping the city of its resources and assets, “says the statement of Patio Maravillas Assembly after the new occupation.

The group emphasizes their role in political activities in Madrid and demands that the recognition of open citizen initiatives such as the Patio Maravillas . They also warn of what they will do if it is not: “Regardless of who is in power in the city and who is in opposition, the council must recognize the importance of initiatives such as the Patio Maravillas and open a dialogue to get stability and remove them from precariousness. And while it does not, the Courts will  have to continue recovering buildings. “2015032012595825059

As for the next steps for the new headquarters, the Patio Maravillas wants to raise dialogue at various levels to ensure the continuity of the project.

“We want to initiate discussions with the property to guarantee the necessary stability of the project as we begin a phase of dialogue with the political groups making up the new city of Madrid. Also, we will initiate contacts with other areas of the city for the development of a common social spaces and to get the necessary endorsement “, announced in the statement.wonder-full patio

“The city of Madrid can not afford a single day without the Patio Maravillas” summarizes the text referring to individual projects, meetings and courses that are developed under its name. “El Patio is not a resource that Madrid can dispense with. For this reason we decided to continue our project,” they conclude.

Violent Eviction Carried Out

The threat of eviction was finally executed this morning. it has hung over the Patio Maravillas since February, when the judge Raquel Fernandino, from the Court of Instruction No. 45, issued the eviction order for three reasons: evidence that  a crime of theft was occurring, the problems of building security and legal issues , and responsibility for use of the building by different owners of the property.

The Wonder-Full Patio Collective denied  these three reasons and some months before had begun a strategy of negotiation with the City to seek the transfer of a public space in which to develop the center’s activities.

It was not an easy process: just to get the district councilor, David Erect, to undertake to meet with representatives of the group, they had to occupy an office of City Hall.

However, the Council gave no response to requests of the group and, in fact, denied that  public funds in the city existed available to meet the needs of a project like the Patio Maravillas.

In January 2015, the Patio Maravillas exhibited muscle and support after a demonstration attended by over two thousand people, took a public building at the Hermanos Quintero which had been a center of medical specialties until 2005.

The new squat centre lasted only a few hours but revealed that the city had not told the truth: there are abandoned public spaces in Madrid. So there is political will to actually make them public.wonder-full patio 4

The same situation was repeated on May 27. After repeatedly announcing that they would, the Patio Maravillas Collectives entered another publicly owned building completely abandoned.
In fact, the property is within a controversial operation by which the City Council has given it free of charge to the architect Emilio Ambasz.

The action lasted a few hours and again was evicted at dawn with a major police operation.

Full Text:

El Patio Maravillas ocupa un nuevo edificio en Madrid

x Diagonal   Ha vuelto a ocupar un edificio en el barrio de Malasaña, apenas 13 horas después del desalojo su sede de la calle del Pez

Apenas doce horas después del desalojo de su espacio en el número 21 de la calle del Pez en Madrid, el Patio Maravillas ha ocupado otro inmueble, en el número 9 de la calle Divino Pastor, para continuar con su proyecto colectivo en la ciudad.

Si la iniciativa prospera, será la tercera sede del Patio Maravillas desde que en 2007 ocupara el colegio de la calle del Acuerdo número 8.

La ocupación del edificio, propiedad de una inmobiliaria desde el año pasado, se ha producido tras la manifestación de protesta convocada por el desalojo de la sede de la calle del Pez.

“Hemos recuperado el edificio de la calle Divino Pastor por ser un edificio público vendido, como tantos otros, a una constructora que lo mantiene absolutamente vacío desde hace más de un año. Hacemos responsable de esta situación al ayuntamiento de Madrid por despojar a la ciudad de sus recursos y patrimonio”, explica el comunicado de la asamblea del Patio Maravillas tras la nueva ocupación.maravillas

El colectivo subraya cuál es su papel en la actividad política de Madrid y exige que desde el Consistorio se abran vías de reconocimiento de iniciativas ciudadanas como el Patio Maravillas y otras similares. También adelantan lo que harán si no es así: “Independientemente de quien esté en el gobierno en la ciudad y quien esté en la oposición, el ayuntamiento tiene que reconocer la importancia de iniciativas como el Patio Maravillas y abrir un diálogo para conseguir que se estabilicen, sacarlas de la precariedad. Y mientras no sea así, el Patio seguirá recuperando edificios”.

En cuanto a los próximos pasos a dar desde la nueva sede, el Patio Maravillas quiere plantear diálogo a varias bandas para asegurar la continuidad del proyecto.

“Queremos iniciar conversaciones con la propiedad para garantizar la estabilidad necesaria del proyecto mientras iniciamos una fase de diálogo con los grupos políticos que componen el nuevo ayuntamiento de Madrid. Asimismo, iniciaremos contactos con otros espacios de la ciudad para la elaboración de un estatuto común de espacios sociales y que cuenten con el necesario aval ciudadano”, anuncian en el comunicado.

“La ciudad de Madrid no se puede permitir un solo día sin el Patio Maravillas”, resume el texto haciendo referencia a los distintos proyectos, asambleas y cursos que se desarrollan bajo su nombre. “El Patio no es un recurso del que Madrid pueda prescindir. Por este motivo hemos decidido continuar con nuestro proyecto”, concluyen.

Desalojo consumado

La amenaza de desalojo finalmente consumada esta mañana pendía sobre el Patio Maravillas desde febrero, cuando la juez Raquel Fernandino, del juzgado de instrucción número 45, emitió la orden de desalojo por tres motivos: los indicios de que se estaba produciendo un delito de usurpación, los problemas de seguridad del edificio y los problemas de responsabilidad judicial derivados del uso del edificio por parte de personas distintas a las titulares del inmueble, la inmobiliaria Nivel 29.

El colectivo del Patio Maravillas negó esos tres motivos y ya unos meses antes había iniciado una estrategia de negociación con el Ayuntamiento para tratar de obtener la cesión de un espacio público donde desarrollar las actividades del centro. No fue un proceso fácil: para conseguir que el concejal del distrito Centro, David Erguido, se comprometiese a reunirse con representantes del colectivo, tuvieron que ocupar una oficina del ayuntamiento.

Sin embargo, desde el Consistorio no dieron ninguna respuesta a las peticiones del colectivo y, de hecho, se negó que en la ciudad existiesen dotaciones públicas disponibles para satisfacer las necesidades de un proyecto como el del Patio Maravillas.

En enero de 2015, el Patio Maravillas exhibió músculo y tras una manifestación de apoyo a la que acudieron más de dos mil personas, se hizo con un edificio público en la calle de los Hermanos Quintero que había sido un centro de especialidades médicas hasta 2005. La nueva okupación duró tan sólo unas horas pero puso de manifiesto que el Ayuntamiento había faltado a la verdad: en Madrid hay espacios públicos en desuso. Lo que no hay es voluntad política para hacerlos realmente públicos.

La misma situación se repitió el 27 de mayo. Tras anunciar repetidamente que lo haría, el Patio Maravillas entró en otro edificio de titularidad pública en completo abandono.
De hecho, el inmueble está dentro de una controvertida operación por la que el Ayuntamiento lo ha cedido de forma gratuita al arquitecto Emilio Ambasz.220px-Patio_Maravillas_-_2009-12-10_-_Antonio_González_Tajuelo

La acción duró nuevamente unas horas y fue desalojada en la madrugada con un importante dispositivo policial.

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